Saturday, December 31, 2011

Utterly mental

I often watch the antics of the pc brigade with a slightly amused if jaundiced eye as they frequently tie themselves in knots over certain phrases, blackboard, chairman etc, though it's not so amusing when it is applied in our legal system to discriminate against native whites. Still every so so often they break cover with something so stupid you just have to assume that the people behind it are utterly mental.
HE has been helping pedestrians cross busy main roads for more than 40 years.
But now the “green man” on pelican crossings seems to have fallen victim to the politically-correct brigade.
The light indicating when it is safe to cross the road has been renamed the “green figure” by road chiefs at Lincolnshire County Council.
Although some crossings retain the original labelling, the highways department has replaced many with the new gender-neutral version.
Yesterday, Lincolnshire’s decision to change the signs was described as “political correctness gone mad”.
Ossy Snell, a councillor in Boston, Lincs, said: “It seems a little bit like it’s seen as sexist.
Women might think men are controlling if a green man helps them to cross the road.”

Tbh, I don't know of any woman save the more rabid feminists in political parties and who haunt the pages and columns of the Guardian who might think such a thing. Most people will take a look at what you have just said Ossy and think you're having a laugh, at least until they realise that you aren't and then the view will sway to my God! The man's an utter moron. The thing is Ossy and I know you won't be reading this, but bear with me, the thing is, the green man isn't a real person, it's just a stylised image in a certain colour to tell people that it's safe to cross the road, there's no control factor at all, he doesn't leap from his flashing sign to actually prevent ladies crossing the road, that's a personal decision on their part, the sign itself just tells people that the lights for road traffic are at red and it may be safe to cross, not is safe to cross, only maybe, so stay alert and look both ways.
You have to wonder just what Ossy and his band of political lunatics have been smoking to come up with the following statement.
“There’s so many of these silly things that people are bringing up, which nobody has ever thought about being offensive to anybody when they were brought in.”
I wonder which people they are and how they've managed to get the ear of a lowly councillor in Lincolnshire. He's a Liberal Democrat according to Google, which I suppose makes him a pseudo socialist with delusions of bandwagon jumping (vote Lib Dem, a different policy for every household, at least until we get into power then we become mendacious little overspending Hitler's)
To my mind Ossy, most women have the sense not to be bothered over political correctness, most will think you're an idiot for even having the nerve to defend this.
About the only good thing about this is of course, if the likes of Ossy are doing this sort of thing, at least they're being kept away from the levers of real power...

Well we can hope.

Damn, I should have had some money on this.

Last year I made some new year predictions, giving out the usual caveat of how crap I am at making predictions.

Politics will be riven by scandal (as ever) and at least one big name in the Tories will be forced to resign and the Lib Dem popularity in the polls will continue to nose dive though the coagulation will survive the year.
Liam Fox... Check
The EU referendum petition will get the required number of signatures and the government will be forced to debate the issue. The difference in opinion between what the government think and what the people want will become clearly apparent and Cameron will use the Tory whips to crush any motion for a referendum causing a massive party row and weakening his leadership though not fatally (unfortunately)
Check... Though the number of rebels was encouraging.
The EDL numbers will continue to grow as will the number of cases of Muslim Grievance Syndrome. Society tensions will also continue to grow as multiculturalism, diversity and equality prove to be hollow shells for keeping society happy.
Well, the EDL has not grown as well as I'd hoped they would, but the Islamic cat in the bag is well and truly out  and the failure of multiculturalism was shown up by the flagrant abuses of the law when it came to justice for Rhea Page and Emma West and the current ongoing media trial for the Stephen Lawrence murder.
Sport, haven't got a clue who will win the premiership, but West Ham will be relegated.
Global Warming and the mean Green environmental machine will finally be exposed for the charade it is, expect politicians to move onto the next biggest cash cow/tax raiser aka biodiversity, still green and still a charade.
Well, they are still hanging in there with global warming, but I suspect they know the games up.

So, not bad at all, though they were all very, very predictable.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Multicultural, but not multi faith

Interesting event up in Scotland where a college head and his wife have been sacked for ostensibly being white Christians in a college which is supposed to have at the centre of its ethos a multicultural agenda.

A college which aims to promote multiculturalism has been thrust into a race row amid allegations that its principal and his wife were sacked for being white Christians.
Professor Malory Nye, 47, claims he was dismissed from his job at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland, because its hierarchy viewed his race and religion as a threat to its Muslim values.
His wife Isabel Campbell-Nye, 42, alleges she was also forced out of her position as head of the college’s English language centre because she brought in too many students who were not Muslims or Arabs.
The independent college, sponsored by the Dubai royal family, advertises itself as a research-led institution “that promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context, for the benefit of the wider community”.
However, the couple allege that its claims of multiculturalism were a charade and that Prof Nye was dismissed to make way for a Muslim replacement.
They are taking the college to an employment tribunal claiming racial and religious discrimination, and unfair dismissal.
Mrs Campbell-Nye is also claiming sex discrimination on the grounds that she was allegedly suspended and later dismissed because she is married to Prof Nye.
“Multiculturalism and respect for cultural and religious differences are, I had thought, core values of the college.
“However, I believe that such inclusive multiculturalism no longer fits the particular type of multicultural vision of certain managers and the chairman, that is accepting of different cultures, so long as the majority of students are Muslims and/or Arabs and the ethos is distinctly Islamic.
“My face and lack of Muslim faith no longer fit.”
Mrs Campbell-Nye claims Mr Abubaker also sought to remove her because she had attracted too many non-Muslim, European and Asian students to study English at the college.
Despite a waiting list to get on its English language courses, the college abruptly closed the department last month, leaving its two remaining tutors redundant at Christmas.
It's noticeable as usual there is yet again a Labour link with the Labour peer Lord Elder, Chancellor of the college and a close friend of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown having decided the couples fate, no doubt approaching it from the only whites can be racist and all other faiths are superior to Christianity. Islam itself is however multicultural, Muslim is not a race, however as far as Islam goes multiculturalism only goes as far as anyone within Islam, all others need not apply. Even then there's a hierarchy within the Islamic community, with Arabs, particularly Saudi Arabs dominating the top of the tree, after all, they have the major Islamic holy sites on their territory.
Islam may be one of the fastest growing religions, but that's mostly down to Muslims treating their women as brood mares, it does not cope well with criticism (often becoming violent) and the brighter the students the more enquiring the mind, the more likely the student will move away from Islam if they come across other religions or cultures. This is why Muslims often ghettoize areas and try to create separate communities as contact with other cultures is often corrosive to its beliefs. When it comes to winning converts, the Islamic record is far poorer often attracting the hard of thinking rather than intelligent smart people. I often think that's why the powers that be protect Islam, it's unlikely to ever be an intellectual threat to them after all. The fact that Islamists will behead or enforce conversion upon them matters not, so long as they remain in control.
So this will be a one to keep an eye on, I don't think the full story is out there by a long shot.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Compare and contrast

Admittedly its a target rich environment though in this instance it's our idiot governments determination to give away our cash to foreign governments which again has piqued my ire.
Mail. (usual caveats)
Taxpayers are funding aid to Brazil even though it has become richer than Britain, Whitehall officials admitted yesterday.
Millions has been handed over in development aid in recent years despite the rapid rise of Brazil to the top rank of world economies.
And money is still going to the Latin American powerhouse in the week it was revealed to have overtaken Britain in the world’s economic league table.
This is the same Brazil who wont allow Falkland flagged vessels entry to their ports anymore too. Yet it remains an enigma as to why we give money away to a country who is richer than we are, other examples are India (space program) and Pakistan (nuclear power) if they can do those, they don't need help!
Yet we have this going on at home.
Cuts to social care services mean that Britain’s elderly are facing an ‘absolute crisis’, according to the head of a leading charity.
Age UK’s director Michelle Mitchell said increasing numbers of older people with considerable care needs were ‘getting absolutely no support at all, or poor quality and limited support’ as a result of cuts to local authority provision.
She said research by the King’s Fund health charity showed that the number of older people who need significant care support but receive no assistance will reach almost 900,000 in 2012, rising to one million by 2015.
I think it's about time UK cash was spent on UK people, then (and only then) if there's any left over we can throw it at countries with real problems and Brazil does not seem to have a real problem.
How we treat the elderly in this country is an absolute disgrace, we let them freeze to death, starve, pile them into out of sight out of mind care homes and generally treat them with contempt or as an afterthought. They're generally people who have spent their whole lives paying into a system only to be slighted and shorted when they actually need it, many of them would actually be better off in prison.
Yet the overseas aid budget continues to rise above the rate of inflation and is ringfenced to protect it from cuts. Money that could well be spent on our people giving our pensioners a deserved happy retirement in comfort if that's what they desire.
Too many politicians are obsessed with the wrong things, perhaps an obsession to protect the weak vulnerable and elderly in this country would be no bad thing, rather than foreign aid and subsidising bird mincers by additional tariffs on fuel.
The priorities of our political classes are inhuman, selfish and an abomination in a supposed civilised society, yet there are fools out there who would still vote for them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's illegal and it won't work, but just watch them try

It comes to something when the head of the UK region of the EU (Aka David Cameron) steps into the realms of fantasy by asking his apparatchiks to come up with proposals that are counter to EU regulations and since they border on prohibition will probably have the opposite effect to the one they are looking for.
The Prime Minister has ordered officials to develop a scheme in England to stop the sale of alcohol at below 40p to 50p a unit in shops and supermarkets.
Ministers could copy Scottish proposals, which would ban the sale of alcohol below 45p a unit, or bring in a more sophisticated system of taxes based on the number of alcohol units contained in the drink.
Both options would cost drinkers an estimated extra £700 million a year, with any extra tax revenue potentially going to the NHS. The Daily Telegraph understands that the Prime Minister personally ordered the radical “big bang” approach, which will be included in the Government’s forthcoming alcohol strategy. It was due for release next month, but has now been delayed until February.
A recent official study found that setting a minimum price of 30p per unit would prevent 300 deaths a year, 40p about 1,000 deaths, and 50p more than 2,000 premature deaths.
The Downing Street diktat has led to intense Whitehall discussions and disagreements over how the minimum price, which has widespread support among the medical profession, can be introduced. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is said to favour taxing drink on the basis of alcoholic units. The Business Department has warned that forcing firms to charge a minimum price could be illegal under European law. 
The kicker really is in the last sentence, minimum pricing is not allowed under EU law, something that has also escaped the Scottish government and I suspect the first legal challenge will bring it tumbling down.
However lets assume they get their way, what do they think is going to happen when they try to block access by price fixing a product that the public want? Booze cruises will suddenly become very, very popular and very, very lucrative for some again. At the moment it's not as cheap as it used to be to get your drinks and cigarettes from the continent, but it's still cheaper than getting them here if you are within easy driving distance and buy in bulk to offset your fuel costs. Make the price of booze higher in this country and the only people rubbing their hands will be the ferries and the good Burghers of Calais (and other continental retail outlets) That's assuming of course that those whose vice of choice is booze just don't simply move onto something else that's probably worse and more addictive. Still you just know they are going to try as the government will try and persuade the hard of thinking out there that it's for their own good, whilst most of us will see it for what it really is, a cash grab. After all, it's well known that the figures for a supposed safe daily intake per unit of alcohol were just plucked out of thin air as the Pub Curmudgeon points out here back in 2008.
Nor will the proposed levy help out pubs, the damage there was done by another piece of invidious legislation in the smoking indoors ban, smokers simply stopped going top pubs and their non smoking mates stopped going with them, preferring to buy cheap supermarket specials and drink around someone's house rather than go somewhere a third of their mates (at least) are pretty much banned from.
It is not the job of the government to legislate away our pleasures, they can (try to) advise but that is all but using legislation as a form of social engineering is doomed to failure as it simply plays into the hands of the criminal elements. People like a drink, the government makes the price of drinks too high, people will find other outlets, it really is as simple as that, yet the ptb cannot grasp it, or simply don't care.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We already give too much.

I am sick and tired of politicians of all parties deciding that they can just dip into taxpayers pockets and taxpayers goodwill to help fund problems abroad that likely don't concern us or can be resolved by other means.
Rich countries are failing to contribute to an international emergency fund leaving the world "dangerously unprepared" for future disasters, the International Development Secretary has warned.
Andrew Mitchell said the United Nations' disaster response funding system is expected to be left severely underfunded.
Mr Mitchell's warning comes after a wave of large-scale disasters over the last year, including famine in the Horn of Africa, the Japan tsunami, the New Zealand earthquake and floods in Pakistan and the Philippines.
Growing numbers of people living in vulnerable areas means the number of those affected by major tragedies is expected to increase in future, he added.
The Government is giving £20m to the Central Emergency Response Fund (Cerf) next year, in addition to £40m already pledged, and has called on the international community to "wake up" to the challenge ahead.
It said many rich countries wait until a disaster strikes before responding, which means critical emergency first response work could be put at risk.
The fund - set up following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami to provide a coordinated international response - is expected to have a shortfall of £45m next year.
It rather looks like the main contributor at the moment is the UK government with £20 million this year on top of £40 million already pledged, yet there is a £45 million shortfall. Which rather suggests someone (that being the UK taxpayer) are being taken for mugs again by a government determined to keep spending our income on something that could easily be covered by charitable giving at home and not involuntarily filched from our pockets by politicians who clearly don't have a clue as to how the money might be spent by the bureaucrats running it. No I don't accept the premise that somehow or other a co-ordinated response will be better than a patchquilt response either, I've seen far too many cases of government aid going to the wrong areas, terrorist groups and various other ne'er-do-wells to trust a co-ordinated response group who are far too likely to be doing far too well for themselves at doing well.
Charity begins at home when it comes to government spending (or it should) any spending on international aid should be done by direct appeal to the public and we'll see just which causes actually appeal, if any.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Well I've had a most wonderful Christmas, family and friends have been around, copious food and drink has been consumed and there have been no fights, spats or general unpleasantness that sometimes seems to follow in the wake of some family get together's I've heard of, though fortunately never witnessed.
One thing though that I did enjoy was my main present. Unlike a lot of guys I'm amazingly easy to buy for, books or technology will do (socks and undies at a pinch) and this year my good lady came up trumps with one of the new generation of Kindle's. To say I was delighted would be an understatement as I'm an avid reader of books in one form or another including online novels, articles. blogs and various other sundry written words. It's not as if I even have to shell out and buy stuff from Amazon, there are masses of DRM (Digital Rights Management) free novels out there in a format that the Kindle can read and it's not as if I'm going to stop buying books either as for as good as the Kindle is, I still love the feel of a real novel in my hands too and many novels aren't available as Kindle books (including for some reason all the Harry Potter stuff) and possibly never will be. So it's a bit of a trade off, though my quieter moments at work will no longer be free from reading material, or rather I won't have to carry my own weight in books around with me any more.
As for my good Lady, well she thinks she's doing well with a gold necklace with pink sapphire and diamond gems, I think I came out the better of the exchange.
Serious blogging will return probably on the 28th,not sure what I'll do for tomorrow, but I still have a lot of family stuff to be getting on with.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I'm not a religious person, though I did used to be, nevertheless, I prefer to see the Christ in Christmas even though I no longer live by the way Christians do. Too many in our so called society have done their level best to try and denigrate, remove or deride the values he stood for and his people believe. Christianity however is preferable to many other religions for the values it espouses, particularly hating the sin but not the sinner, as a belief system it makes Islam look like the barbarous, totalitarian, misogynistic, thought control, fascistic political system masquerading as a religion that it truly is. Not that Christians are perfect by any means, just better in a lot of cases than most Muslims.
So enjoy the day, but spare a thought for its founder, who deserves so much better than the world gives him.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

The righteous days of Christmas

On the 12th day of the Eurocentrically imposed midwinter festival,
my potential-acquaintance-rape-survivor gave to me:

TWELVE males reclaiming their inner warrior through ritual drumming.

ELEVEN pipers piping (plus the 18-member pit orchestra made up of members in good standing of the Musicians Union as called for in their union contract even though they will not be asked to play a note...)

TEN melanin-deprived testosterone-poisoned scions of the patriarchal ruling class system leaping,

NINE persons engaged in rhythmic self-expression,

EIGHT economically disadvantaged female persons stealing milk-products from enslaved Bovine-Citizens,

SEVEN endangered swans swimming on National Park protected wetlands,

SIX enslaved fowls producing stolen nonhuman animal products,

FIVE golden symbols of culturally sanctioned enforced domestic incarceration,
(NOTE: after member of the Animal Liberation Front threatened to throw red paint at my computer, the calling birds, French hens and partridge have been reintroduced to their native habitat.
To avoid further animal-enslavement, the remaining gift package has been revised.)

FOUR hours of recorded whale songs,

THREE deconstructionist poets,

TWO Greenpeace calendars printed on recycled processed tree carcasses

and Swampy the activist chained to an old-growth pear tree.

H/T for the original

Friday, December 23, 2011

What about this surcharge then

You'd think MP's would have something better to do (like running the country) rather than trying to claim credit for repealing excessive credit surcharges, which is more to do with an EU directive rather than anything they've actually done. They also seem to forget that these credit companies are adept at finding loopholes in the system so will (easily?) find a way around this.

"Excessive" fees for using a debit or credit card to buy items such as travel or cinema tickets will be banned by the end of 2012, under government plans.
The move comes amid complaints that airlines, booking agencies and even councils were imposing excessive charges for using a card.
However, firms will be allowed to levy a "small charge" to cover payment processing costs.
The regulator has been investigating some airlines over surcharge clarity.
Of course not one of the buggers at Westminster have mentioned the £80 surcharge being brought in by the EU as a carbon tax on air travel, after all it's for the green religion
HOLIDAY costs are set to soar following a controversial EU green tax being levied on airlines. A family of four now face an extra £80 to fly to the US following a Brussels ruling on carbon emissions, set to come into force on January 1. Yesterday the European Court of Justice imposed a new carbon-trading rule on airlines using any airport within the European Union.
This comes on top of Government plans to increase Air Passenger Duty departure levy - known as "the poll tax of the skies" - from April by an inflation-busting 10 per cent.
So it's perfectly ok to go after private companies, yet ignore the excessive taxation and levies imposed by government, either Westminster or Brussels. Of course their claims are that they are saving the planet or paying off the deficit, but anyone else making a profit can go to hell. No, I don't like paying extra for cinema tickets etc. if I order online and use a credit/debit card I doubt I'd like paying a few extra quid for air flights either, but I'm assuming that they have to pay some sort of administration charge to the credit company for the use of the facility, I know big stores write it off, but I see no reason for others to do so if they don't want too. Lot of small shops wont allow you that facility unless you spend over a certain amount anyway.
Yet the government and the EU see no problem with applying ludicrous charges for their own pet projects themselves.
Then they wonder why we call them crooks and hypocrites.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A real Balls up

You can always rely on Ed Ball's to, well, balls things up. It's pretty typical of the guy as he really does seem to have the reverse Midas touch to everything he says or does.
Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has expressed distaste at politicians doing photoshoots with their children - the day after Ed Miliband was pictured at home with his family.
In an interview, Mr Balls said he would ''never ever'' allow such images to be used, no matter how ''short term, tactical and tempting'' it might be.
The Labour leader was seen on the front page of the Daily Mirror yesterday cuddling younger son Samuel, while wife Justine held two-year-old Daniel.
Further pictures inside showed the parents playing with their children in front of a Christmas tree.
The highly personal portraits emerged with Mr Miliband under pressure over poor opinion polls and badly-received showings in the Commons.
Way to go Ed (Balls)
Yep,Mr Popular strikes again, I'm only surprised that he didn't mention the possibility of it being an attraction to paedophiles.
Oddly enough Balls was not sacked for this
I can imagine that the Tories see Balls as a major advantage in their attempts to be re-elected, because for the life of me I cannot see why Labour think he's any advantage to them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One of the biters bit

I cannot help but sympathise with the parents of Darren Deslandes who wish to know if the man scum sucking excuse for a human being serving 37 years for the murder of their son is actually an illegal immigrant. They've been told (of course) that they don't have a right to know as his details are protected by the odious Human Rights Act and its data protection addendum, which for ordinary folk is fine, though I doubt that most people would think it ought to apply to prisoners save only in the abstract of not revealing personal details about their families. But a wry smile was raised at the antics of their MP, Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks, a former Labour business minister, who was outraged at the Home Office and UKBA's decision not to tell the family whether the man was a foreign national  illegally resident or not.
A murder victim’s family who want to know if the man who shot their son is in Britain legally have been refused the information – to protect the killer’s privacy.
Wintworth and Lurline Deslandes are desperate to confirm suspicions that Saturday Hassan is a foreign national so they can ensure he is deported if he is released from jail.
But they have been told the killer – who shot their public schoolboy son Darren in the head after being thrown out of the family’s pub – must agree to details of his immigration status being handed over to their MP.
Last night Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks said: ‘The logic of that answer is that I should write a nice letter saying, “Dear murderer, would you give me permission to find out if you are a foreign national, so I can make sure in the future you are deported”.’
The former Labour business minister added: ‘It’s ridiculous. The family of the murdered man had a suspicion for some reason he might have been a foreign national and it didn’t come out in court.
‘My experience as an MP is that if you find out some criminal is a foreign national, I do my best to pressure the Home Office to check the person out. That’s one reason an MP should be able to find out.’
David Wicks, seems to be rather forgetting just exactly which government and which party actually foisted that odious bit of legislation upon us in order to give their leaders wife a nice little earner.He's also forgetting an old maxim that "common sense has nothing to do with the law or how rules are implemented." You give a bureaucracy a set of rules to work from and you can be pretty much sure that there will be unintended consequences, the more complex the rules, the more likely it becomes. Common sense tells us that someone serving 3 life sentences for murder does not need his immigration status shielded, but common sense and simple decency have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the way rules are applied. There's a lot of Hoo Hah in the Mail about the fact that Immigration Minister Damian Green wont give out the details, but Green's hands are tied as well, if he told the family, He would be likely to be sued by Hassan and frankly giving scum like that any money from the public purse goes completely against the grain too.
As for David Wicks, well, this is the result of your party when in government deciding that an overriding HRA was necessary to supersede the rights of freeborn Englishmen and women. Had your party not meddled with our vague constitution we would have known Hassan's status and we could have thrown him and others out without recourse to their right to privacy and a family life.
That you cannot find out Hassan's details is entirely the fault of your miserable excuse for a political party.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

History a forgotten subject

I love history, I love reading up on various aspects of both world, English and local history I find it endlessly fascinating and will occasionally indulge in what ifs as in what might have happened if things had gone differently. But history is also important if we are to remember who we are and how we got here which is why the latest figures on the number of schools who failed to enter a single pupil in GCSE history are so disturbing.

More than 150 comprehensives failed to enter a single pupil in GCSE history exams last year amid fears the subject is becoming limited to private and grammar schools.
In Knowsley, a Merseyside local authority, just 11 out of 2,000 pupils took A-levels in the subject, with only four passing their exams.
The figures in a report published today suggest that pupils in areas like Knowsley are 46 times less likely to gain A-level history than more affluent places like Cambridge, where 665 out of 6,038 candidates sat the exam, 557 of whom passed.
Ministers are increasingly concerned about the pupils' level of historical knowledge when they leave school, with a recent study showing half of English 18 to 24 year olds do not know Nelson masterminded the British victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.
The report was produced by Chris Skidmore, a Conservative MP on the Commons All-Party Group on History.
It shows that fewer than 30 per cent of 16 year old state school pupils took GCSE History exams last year, while the figures in grammar and private schools were 55 and 48 per cent respectively.
In more than half of all state secondary schools, fewer than a quarter of eligible pupils take the exam, the report said.
I had the feeling that the socialist stranglehold in the teaching sector along with the previous governments wholesale dumbing down of education standards was quite deliberate when coupled with its multicultural and diversity driven agenda in order to destroy the English as a people. After all if we didn't know where we came from or why, then we could be moulded (in theory) to believe what they wanted. Not that the current government with its pseudo socialist Lib Dem minority has done much to reverse the trend until now and it may actually be too late to repair the damage for a generation or two at least and there's always the chance that people might be foolish enough to re-elect Labour again at some stage, after all the bribes to certain sectors of the populace were big enough. That coupled with simple spite and a calculating manipulation of the media always seems to put the Tories on the back foot and the liberal/socialist agenda over the last decade is still being slavishly followed by the current government, rather than by hacking away root and branch at the malaise caused by socialisms poisonous doctrines and removing its placemen from positions of power.
We forget who we are at our peril, it may be too late for the current generation, but it might not be too late to stop it for the next one.
We can but hope.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Trusting technology

As an engineer I have a healthy respect for technology coupled with a great deal of cynicism with regard to what it can do and where it can go wrong. Take satnavs for instance, great if they work, but there are a worrying number of cases where people have been killed or injured by following the instructions given to the letter and ended up driving down the wrong way on a dual carriageway. Use of common (or what seems to be not so common) sense is a requirement. If anything they just increase the probability of someone getting it wrong, though a lot of people don't really need technology to help with that when out driving.

MOTORISTS are turning back to traditional maps because satnavs are so unreliable.
A third say they have become lost while using a satnav and no longer trust them to help get them to their destination.
And 81 per cent in a survey said they preferred to find their own way, if necessary using traditional maps, rather than rely on the hi-tech navigation gadgets.
They also said they became frustrated over the complexity of satnavs and preferred to listen to music or the radio rather than to their satnav’s voice instructions.
Many also complained they do not always find the most direct route.
Research by Kia Motors found that around four in 10 drivers will clock up an additional four hours of driving to visit relatives over the festive season.
But only 21 per cent said they would not need help with directions to get them to their destination.
Speaking as someone who drove all over the South-East in a previous job without the aid of a satnav and just a series of A to Z's roadmaps I can see their point, though reading one whilst on the move is not recommended. Any technology is only as good as its programming and many peoples idea of what's best or what works doesn't seem to quite fit in with what the satnav programmer's ideas are, that's of course assuming they have the right data programmed in the device in the first place, I passed a turn off up near the Scottish Border which has a hand made sign stating that they live on a private no-through road no matter what your satnav says. Nor will the same program be suitable for cars and lorries as many a trucker stuck under a low bridge will tell you.
Guess I'm just old fashioned, I like to plan my route out in advance using a map book and/or an online aid, I still don't trust technology to run my life, for all I use and fix it when at work. I doubt I'll ever get a satnav, I don't enjoy prattle when driving, the exception being my good Lady and I doubt she'd care for me calling her conversations prattle either. It comes down to trust in the end, I don't trust satnavs as useful as they might be, simply because the roads and conditions change and I'm damned if I'll let a machine tell me what to do, hence also my disdain for auto exchanges when dialing a company, I prefer to deal with people.
A lot of engineers are like me, perhaps it's because they deal with machines and technology day in day out.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jollies and junkets

Politicians and their party members have never shied away from milking the system often enough cadging a free holiday by way of a study visit, lasting a fortnight with a quick visit to some sort of edifice with photo shoot to show that they didn't spend all their time on the beach or partying. Pretty much the same went on at local government level with town twinning. So it's not too surprising that this goes on at EU level too and in the classical EU way there are few checks and balances within the system as according to the it would be “complex and time-consuming”, though in reality it's more down to them not giving a damn about our money as to the average politico it's actually their money.
Well now they are extending their largess to their political supporters...

Even as it grapples with the financial crisis, the European Union is paying almost £25 million this year to subsidise the trips, arranged through MEPs.
The BNP, which has two Euro-MPs, has made heavy use of the scheme to thank some of its most prominent members at taxpayers’ expense. One BNP official boasted that it was “a good way of rewarding our activists” that “didn’t cost the party a penny”.
The trips are ostensibly “study visits” to the European Parliament buildings in Brussels or Strasbourg, but the holidaymakers need spend only a fraction of their time at the parliament to claim the full subsidy, which can be collected in cash without the need for receipts.
One subsidised trip to Strasbourg last week, promoted by the Labour MEP Peter Skinner, lasted six days, with only a few hours spent at the parliament. 
The rest of the visit, according to a programme seen by The Sunday Telegraph, included a river cruise, a tour of the cathedral, a visit to the city’s Christmas market, champagne tasting, a battlefield tour in Ypres and sightseeing in Reims. Like most MEPs, Mr Skinner did not join the party, but hosted a free dinner for the participants.  
Politicians of all parties help to arrange the trips. Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Association advertised a break to Brussels, including return travel by Eurostar and a night in a city centre hotel, for £80.
“We have almost a whole day to sight-see, wander around the Christmas market and pick up inspiration for gifts,” said the association’s website.
Bill Newton-Dunn, the Liberal Democrat MEP, promoted a three-day weekend break in Brussels this month for £205, advertising it on his website as a “Christmas shopping” trip.
The article is mostly an attack on the BNP, though it's fairly obvious that all the political parties are rewarding their loyalists at taxpayers expense, these being the same political parties who are looking at taxpayer funding rather than individual funding for themselves as well. Problem is, they don't see what they are doing as wrong, that those who pay for subsidising their little junkets are struggling to make ends meet too.
Mr Butler defended the visits, saying: “Everyone had fun and it didn’t cost the party a penny. The trips are a good way of rewarding our activists for their hard work and dedication. Should we feel guilty for the Euro taxpayer? Certainly not.”
Conveniently forgetting that UK taxpayers are also EU taxpayers by various means as well, £9.2 billion at the last count.
We really do need to get out of the EU to stop this sort of thing, however as Richard North at EUreferendum points out, leaving will not work without a proper plan. But getting out of the EU will just be the start, we need to root out this sort of peculation and profligacy root and branch. I don't have a problem with politicians being paid a decent wage and recompense for genuine expenses, but I do have a great anger at them digging into the public purse for frivolity and junkets for their hangers on and political supporters. No-one should be getting any sort of subsidised holiday courtesy of the state as a reward for being attached to a political party.
The fact that they don't see anything wrong with it tells you all you need to know about the scum elected to represent us.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Questionable costs

Translation services, that which are used by public services (and charged to us) are coming under increasing scrutiny as the real cost of them comes to light. After all no other country is insane enough to translate anything from its native languages without charging those who want it or requiring them to do their own translation. Try getting the French local or national government to translate anything for you into English and you'll see what I mean, they simply don't do that, you're in France, learn French.
COUNCILS are spending more than £1.1million a month helping residents who do not speak English, new figures reveal.
Taxpayers in England have had to foot a bill of £27million for translation and interpreting over the last two years – a staggering £37,000 a day
The total covers face-to-face interpreters, document translation and telephone assistance and comes as councils across the country are being forced to lay off tens of thousands of staff and cut back vital local services.
Some areas are seeing their bills soaring despite official guidance calling on local authorities to find ways of helping people learn English.
Figures provided by 354 local authorities in England show that over two years the bill for interpreting and translating was £26.5million.
Kent is the highest spending single authority in the country with a two-year bill of £1.9million.
However, the combined cost for the multi-cultural London boroughs is at least £10.3million.
These are totally unnecessary costs, if people want or need an interpreter, the cost should come out of their own pocket. The only areas I can see such services not doing so would be for emergency medical treatment and law enforcement where the police need to interview someone. Other than that, it's an unnecessary expense to the taxpayer and ought to be removed from any public service budget, if people come to England/UK then they should learn the language or if they wont learn the language then they pick up the tab for a translator. Personally I wouldn't dream of emigrating somewhere and not making a hell of an effort to fit in with local customs, this would include becoming fluent in the local tongue. The only alternative translations should be Welsh and Gaelic in the UK and then only in areas where they are spoken, I see no reason for Kent to provide a Welsh or Gaelic translation on any documents for anyone, though I would not charge a Welsh or Scots Gael for a translation service if required, being a native UK tongue, it would have to be asked for, but that's ok.
All in all I'm with Nick de Bois, Conservative MP for Enfield North,
I would argue that even if we were not living in tough economic times, the use of taxpayers’ money in this way is very questionable indeed. 
This is an area where taxpayers should not be paying the bill and should never be picking up the bill save in exceptional circumstances. It's not our problem and local government and public services were very wrong to make it theirs.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Credo quia absurdum

It strikes me as totally absurd that the small band of thieves* prosecuted over the expense scandal in Westminster should not face the full cost of their thievery as well as the full legal cost of their ridiculous attempt to use parliamentary privilege to exempt them from prosecution.
Yet that is what appears to be happening...
A RULING that expenses-cheat MPs will only have to pay just over a third of their £345,000 trial costs met with fury yesterday.
The decision means taxpayers will have spent more than £200,000 both to prosecute and defend former Labour MPs David Chaytor, Elliot Morley, Eric Illsley and Jim Devine.
The first three have asked to pay back £125,000 between them in legal fees while Devine, who cost £108,000 in legal aid and prosecution costs, was spared because he has been declared bankrupt.
Legal aid paid to the four totalled just over £245,000 while prosecution costs were estimated at nearly £100,000. The Commission which administers legal aid had applied for all its money back.
But judge Mr Justice Saunders said at Southwark Crown Court it would not be reasonable to demand repayment of costs incurred by Morley, Chaytor and Devine when they went to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court to argue that Parliamentary privilege exempted them from prosecution.
I somehow doubt, though I may be wrong, that anyone else would be treated so leniently (Well save if they weren't white angle Saxon, where different standards and rules apparently apply) Fact is, these people were crooks who took advantage of a lax expenses system to systematically loot the public purse, their only bad luck seems to be the fact that they were the only ones prosecuted. Their good luck (and all the other porcine purloiner's) is the fact that it wasn't me handing out a sentence of death pour encourager les autres. I'm not saying that those who run the country should not get adequately recompensed for doing their job, what I am saying is that those who run the country should also face some fairly extreme penalties for robbing the public and abusing their position. Though it became fairly obvious in the Blair years that the dishonourable members were looking after themselves first, middle and last, hence the removal of the death penalty for treason.
It's now long past time that our parliament needs to be reformed root and branch along with the civil service and various other public services, though unfortunately until we take to the streets and force them to reform at the point of a gun we have to rely on them doing it themselves, which essentially means never.

*Out of the rather larger band of thieves who got away with it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Justice? For whom?

Sometimes I wonder if the powers that be are deliberately trying to cause massive civil unrest in this country so they can step in with a brutal authoritarian regime, remove what few bits of democracy we have left and leave themselves as (very rich) kings of the hill lording it over an impoverished underclass who are grateful that the trains run on time and naughty people vanish without trace*. Other days like today I'm certain of it.
An asylum seeker who raped a woman and dumped her on a rubbish tip when he was 'finished' has been freed despite Home Office attempts to deport him.
Alphonse Semo, 54, was jailed for eight years for the rape and at the end of his term was due to be sent back to the Congo.
However two hours before his flight he was given permission to marry his girlfriend and stay in the country.
Now a judge has allowed the father-of-five to be released from an immigration detention centre.
He has been fitted with an electronic tag and is required to check in regularly with the authorities.
The Home Office is still fighting to have Semo removed but he has applied for judicial review and the case could take the courts years to resolve.
Semo was told three years ago that he would be deported after serving the prison sentence he was handed in 2002.However, a Home Office blunder meant he was granted permission to wed his girlfriend, another refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo who became a German national, hours before he was to be sent back to Africa.
In any sort of civilised system, the question and various appeals wouldn't even arise, he committed a violent sex crime, was found guilty, he should go. Married or not, his Mrs could go with him if she wanted too (at her own expense) But no, this is the UK today where views which appear to be common sense to me are regarded by the liberal leftist elite morons pervading the various institutions of the state as being somewhat akin to those of Attila the Hun, save only that Attila being a foreigner would have more rights than you or I would. Most of this boils down to Labours introduction of the most divisive and subversive legislation aka the Human Rights Act, which is all about protecting the rights of criminals rather than honest folk. Yes I know the same rights (supposedly) apply to all, yet when the law is used to uphold an injustice and an affront to decency (the rights of the criminal as opposed to the rights of the victim) then there is something seriously wrong with the law. What rights you hold should be equated to what responsibilities you have, in that a law abiding immigrant need have no fear of being victimised or thrown out of the country whereas a criminal immigrant should fear such an outcome as it would be inevitable.
Alphonse Semo should not be here, end of. In any just society he wouldn't, which says a lot about the society Labour created for us.

* Unless they really are idiots

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here we go

One of the more interesting aspects of Cameron's non-veto of the non-treaty is the reaction of the EUphiles pervading the evil empire. Instead of persuasion they immediately go to threats. The main one being the UK rebate, though the insults flying were mostly generic and empty threats.
EUROCRATS sparked fury last night by calling for Britain’s annual European Union rebate to be scrapped in revenge for David Cameron’s defiance of Brussels.
In an angry European Parliament backlash, foreign Euro MPs called for massive financial penalties for the UK in response to the Prime Minister’s refusal to back EU treaty revisions.
One even claimed ending the rebate was a suitable alternative to “a declaration of war” involving tanks and Kalashnikov rifles.
In a further salvo, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso accused Britain of risking the “integrity” of the EU’s single market.
The people who actually risked the integrity of the EU's single market were those in the various EU government and bureaucracy who allowed the poorer members of the EU to borrow against German economic stability. Though I suspect any attempt to remove the UK rebate would put Cameron in a position of being forced into a referendum on the EU, so goodness knows what the EUrocrats are thinking.
Yesterday cracks in the anti-British alliance began to show when Sweden’s government signalled it may not back the new eurozone “fiscal compact”. Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said: “It is very clear that we do not have all the facts and unless we have that, it’s tough to make a final verdict.”
Very predictable, the moment Cameron said no (to whatever he said no too) nobody else had too, making us the scapegoats for the whole farrago. Though again events today suggest that whatever agreement they came too would never be enough as the markets have already moved on and don't like the idea of a "fiscal compact" probably because it's unworkable.
I suspect though at the moment these are just words, people just taking the opportunity to do a little political bigotry under the pretence that somehow or other a political decision from one country is a personal affront to the rest of them. Still, if they keep it up, sooner or later the pressure on Cameron will force him to act, so I guess it's a case of "bring it on!"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally someone in the MSM gets it?

Anti-white racism reared its ugly head recently, with the cases of Rhea Page and Emma West, both victims in differing circumstances (you might not agree with what Emma said, but to lock her up on remand and remove her kids would not happen to anyone who wasn't white or English) Yet apart from the storm of protest about the non existent lenient sentencing over Rhea Page, the MSM have ignored the real issue that's getting people in the majority ethnic group in the UK so enraged, the blatant double standards in justice for whites and anyone else.
Well, until now,

By Leo McKinstry

THE dogma of political correctness is dangerously weakening Britain’s traditional concept of justice.
Our ruling elite are so deluded by the ideology of cultural diversity that they have lost the ability to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.
That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the outrageous leniency shown by a court this week towards a gang of Somalian Muslim women who savagely beat up a white woman in Leicster city centre. In a brutal, unprovoked assault, the thugs knocked Rhea Page to the ground, then repeatedly kicked in the head while calling her a “white bitch” and “white slag”.
Ms Page, who was so traumatised by the incident that she has lost her job as a carer for people with learning disabilities, later said: “I thought they were going to kill me.”
Incredibly, despite the ferocity of the attack, the judge gave the girls only suspended sentences, even though he could have jailed them for up to five years.
His bizarre decision came after the defence told him that the Muslim assailants had been drinking and were “not used to being drunk” because of their religion.
As a cause for mitigation, this is absurd. Why on earth should Muslims be treated any differently to other offenders, simply on the grounds of their faith?
If they are so pious, so respectful of Islamic rituals, why were they drinking in the first place? And shouldn’t their drunkenness in public, an offence in itself, have added to the seriousness of their crime rather than lessened it?
The disgraceful message of this episode is that Muslims can get drunk and maim almost with impunity because the state is so craven about their creed.
The case makes a mockery of the idea of equality before the law - one of the cornerstones of liberal democracy.
The reluctance to imprison Ms Page’s attackers is so indicative of the supine, guilt-ridden mindset of our modern ruling class, where cowardice is dressed up as cultural sensitivity and self-loathing masquerades as tolerance.
This mentality, which is tearing apart the moral bonds of our civilisation, can be seen all around us. A classic recent example was the police’s initial paralysing feebleness towards the rioters last August because of fears about accusations of racism.
The same is true of the hesitancy in tackling so-called “honour” attacks on women in Muslim communities.
Only last week, it was revealed that the total of these appalling incidents, some of them fatal, is approaching 3,000 a year.
In a similar vein, the police and social services have long been terrified of talking openly about the growing problem of Pakistani gangs preying on white girls in northern towns.
As Detective Inspector Alan Edwards, an expert in the field, has said, “Everyone’s been too scared to address the ethnicity factor.”
In the twisted world of our civic institutions, minorities are always seen as victims.
Tremendous double standards are at work over race crime. Racial killings of whites are frequently downplayed or forgotten.
The name of Kriss Donald is almost unknown today, yet the circumstances of his death could hardly have been more horrific.
In March 2004, while walking through Glasgow, the 15-year-old schoolboy was kidnapped by a Pakistani gang, dragged to open land, tortured, stabbed 13 times and set on fire while he was still alive.
Fortunately the gang was caught and convicted, but this monstrous crime provoked no great outpouring of moral anguish.
Peter Fahy, one of Britain’s leading chief constables, once said that political correctness means it is “harder to get the media interested” when the victims are “young white men”.
The British establishment is guilty of nothing less than reverse racism. Their members, from judges to politicians, think
they are enlightened and compassionate. But in truth they are filled with prejudice.
For often they refuse to expect the same standards of civilised behaviour from certain minorities that they demand of the indigenous population.
Such a perverted outlook is the opposite of equality. In the name of anti-racism, they have ended up in the bizarre position of promoting discrimination.
That is no way to achieve the integration and cohesion that our society so badly needs.
Of course McKinstry ignores the one major contributing factor in all the other cases he mentions in that the perpetrators of all the crimes are of the Islamic faith. It's not just ethnicity, there's a religious factor too, one that promotes an uber menschen view of us and them with Muslims being at the top of the tree and everyone else being scum. I suspect that's one of the reasons that comments are not available for the article, the MSM know what's going on, but until now have not really raised the issue. Besides all the positive comments for the article plus the additional tales and names mentioned by the punters might just harm community cohesion.I suspect though like their anti-EU credentials that the Express is just dipping a toe into the water to see what happens (a smack down from the government or censure from the liberalist shills who have got us into this mess in the first place) if they get away with it perhaps we'll see the whole can of worms opened to the full view of the general public who know something smells rancid but who probably (unless they've researched the subject) don't know the full extent of the betrayal of this country to barbarians by the powers that be in the name of multiculturalism, diversity and community cohesion.
Will this be a case of too little, too late? Will the liberal elite take a blind bit of notice unless it affects them directly (unlikely)  Or will they suddenly go through a Damascene conversion with the mob baying for blood outside their doors?
We live in interesting times, inflicted on us from above by those who do not have to live in the mess they make. Well I have news for them, payback when it comes will be a bitch!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blinkered pygmies

No, not just about the Lib Dems, but EUphiles in general. The problem being that they appear to define the UK's relationship with the world in strictly defined terms as seen from our relationship within the EU. They don't see that with the imminent collapse of the €uro that the UK was wise (or lucky) to stay out of it, they just foresee a day when we'd join it and they cannot understand why a nation with the fifth largest economy in the world should view itself differently from the European Union states who don't share our history, laws and culture (and vice versa) Hence the boy Clegg's outburst on the Andrew Marr show when he said "I think a Britain which leaves the EU will be considered to be irrelevant by Washington and will be considered a pygmy in the world when I want us to stand tall and lead." forgetting that the UK does not lead (and never has) the EU.

NICK Clegg provoked outrage last night by claiming that quitting the European Union would turn Britain into a “pygmy” on the world stage.
In an extraordinary live television rant that intensified the coalition war over Europe, the Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister vowed to fight “tooth and nail” to stop the Government loosening its ties with Brussels.
His anger follows the Prime Minister’s veto of EU proposals to overhaul its rulebook in the wake of the euro crisis after David Cameron’s demands for safeguards for the City were rejected.
And Mr Clegg infuriated Eurosceptic Tory backbenchers by condemning them as “spectacularly misguided”.
But he caused most offence by suggesting that Britain’s international standing rested entirely on its membership of the EU.
He said: “I will fight that tooth and nail because I think a Britain which leaves the EU will be considered to be irrelevant by Washington and will be considered a pygmy in the world when I want us to stand tall and lead.”
Perhaps Washington will consider us irrelevant (until they need an ally to fight alongside them) though I suspect once Obama bites the dust the USA will get back on track with its economy and view the over taxed, over regulated EU with mild amusement. There's also the problem of the imminent collapse of the EU, despite all the grandstanding by the governments, a new “fiscal compact” will not resolve their problems but simply exacerbate them delaying the inevitable perhaps, though the markets will move on far more quickly than the EU governments can react. There's also the greed factor, particularly as shown by French President Sarkozy who came out with this astounding statement “You can’t have an offshore centre taking Europe’s capital.” forgetting that it isn't Europe's capital at all, it belongs to companies, individuals, pension funds and various other investors, not the EU and not the UK either for that matter, it provides a means to invest money and allocate it to areas where it will produce profits (and loss if they aren't careful) and it does it far better than the other financial centres of Europe, hence the French hatred of it.
No, the only pygmies are those who see the EU as some sort of ideal structure to be worshipped and adored and slavishly obeyed. They are the ones who have no vision of a free economy and a vibrant UK outside the constraints of an over regulated, corrupt and greedy system. That's why we need to get out, but they are too blinkered by their own beliefs to see that there's a better way for the UK.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I predict a riot

Well, wouldn't you know it, the Home Office and the Police want to try out a new device that temporarily blinds rioters. A good idea in theory I guess, though their idea of temporary and mine might not gel too closely and you can bet the first person permanently blinded by it will be heading towards compo heaven.
A shoulder-mounted laser that emits a blinding wall of light capable of repelling rioters is to be trialled by police under preparations to prevent a repeat of this summer's looting and arson.
The technology, developed by a former Royal Marine commando, temporarily impairs the vision of anyone who looks towards the source.
It has impressed a division of the Home Office which is testing a new range of devices because of the growing number of violent situations facing the police.
The developer, British-based Photonic Security Systems, hopes to offer the device to shipping companies to deter pirates. Similar devices have been used by ISAF troops in Afghanistan to protect convoys from insurgents.
The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.
Looking at the intense beam causes a short-lived effect similar to staring at the sun, forcing the target to turn away.
"The system would give police an intimidating visual deterrent. If you can't look at something you can't attack it," said Paul Kerr, the firm's managing director, told The Sunday Times.
I wonder just what it would take for some bright spark to think that a rowdy demo is in fact a riot (in their mind) or for some pissed off copper to decide that a bunch of kids playing loudly need to be dispersed. Not saying it will happen of course, but for every tool that the police bring out, the frustration of those who do not like what the state gets up too at times grows as well.
Not that I approve of rioting or civil disruption, I just feel that in a lot of cases heavy handed policing and ridiculous laws along with a serious attitude problem in both the police and certain groups adds to a very heady brew at times and I really don't want the police to be thinking of these methods or have them deployed for use where they aren't needed. Certainly the recent riots in Tottenham and elsewhere could have been prevented or reduced in scope by the police cracking down hard initially rather than standing back. This, and 3 water cannon plus the increased training of police officers in plastic baton round training suggests simply that the government expects a lot more trouble in the future, but from whom and where remains a bit of a mystery, but if the powers that be have it, you can be sure at some stage they'll use it, probably on the wrong group at the wrong time.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can someone please do something about this moron?

Why is it that politicians can't seem to grasp just whose money it is they are giving away with their ridiculous beliefs? Take Chris Huhne (please, please, somebody!) Who believing in the fairy story of man made climate change has decided that it's ok to give away £6 billion of our cash whilst our pensioners look forward to a bleak cold winter with the stark choice of eat or heat the house.

Climate talks hung in the balance last night with Britain pushing for a global deal to cut emissions in poorer countries which would cost British taxpayers £6billion.
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne told world leaders to commit to binding targets for greenhouse gases to keep global warming within 2c by the end of the century.
Yesterday he said he was hopeful that the ‘high ambition’ group would win out as talks continued late into the night on the last day of the United Nations climate summit in South Africa.
Britain and the rest of the EU want the world’s biggest polluters – the U.S., China and India – to agree for the first time to ‘legally binding’ caps as they account for nearly half the world’s emissions.
If they refuse to accept a ‘roadmap’ for a deal, the EU – which accounts for only 15 per cent of emissions – will not commit to a second period of the Kyoto Protocol which expires next year.
As well as a deal which Mr Huhne admitted ‘may go pear-shaped’, world leaders are expected to outline the details of a £64bn package to help the developing world cope with climate change.
The Green Climate Fund is set to cost Britain £1billion a year, or £6billion by 2020, to fund solar panels, flood defences and technology.
Imagine what the government could actually do with £1 billion? As in actually do something for the people in this country rather than give it away to kleptocratic dictators in foreign climes. But there seems to be no way of dealing with those in power who are fanatics in the green cause, the damned police wont even arrest Huhne over his alleged driving offences till after Christmas.
Instead we're left with the sickening sight of the imbecile doing his political posturing on the world stage for a failed, dis-proven, shambolic con trick foisted upon us by enviroloons, lying scientists and crooked politicians in another attempt to wreck our economy and give away taxpayers cash to the truly undeserving!
To paraphrase King Henry II "Will no one rid us of this turbulent politician?"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Saying no

Well, as predicted, Cameron used the UK veto to prevent the UK from being drawn into negotiations on a new Eurozone treaty (there is no treaty as yet, despite claims by Cameron and the MSM), which from his point of view was probably the least worst option open to him. If he'd accepted the offer he would probably not be PM this time next year, if he'd called for a referendum, the Tory party would likely split down the middle (well more likely an 80/20 split) As it is, the only people he really upset were the Lib Dems and the odd few Tories who believe that some how or other being ruled by Brussels is better than actually doing their jobs.
As it is, Cameron opted for the only way to keep his job and keep himself marginally onside with the EU even if it huffed Sarkozy, still no doubt the EU will plan its revenge, though in this instance Cameron does hold a trump card in that if they pressurize him too much he can simply call an in or out referendum and ban any EU funding from being used for advertising.
What happens now though is anyone's guess, the rest of the EU have voted to start negotiations to hand control of parts of their economy to an EU regulator on financial services something which is unacceptable to UK interests and the financial centre of the UK in London if only because the way the EU does business is not the way we do and our model works very well creating massive profits and income for the UK. This essentially is at the nub of all EU attempts to regulate finance, the French and Germans want the "City" to play under their rules and transfer some of its business to France and Germany and so grab some of the profits for themselves. That was the reason behind the recent EU attempt to administer a Tobin tax on financial transactions, not because it would increase revenue for them, but because it would seriously impede the UK's financial markets where most of the financial transactions in the EU take place.
So, what's next?
Well Cameron is still under pressure from the EU and EUphiles, even if his popularity in his party has risen. Sooner or later the stresses this creates will force the Tories to decide if we really want to be in or out. Then they'll ask us or make an announcement to ask us and then, all hell will break loose.
To which I say, bring it on.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It might be inevitable, but don't expect it to be easy

It does say something about politicians that sooner or later (usually later) they get the message about something the UK public has wanted for years. You can only lie, obfuscate and change your mind so often before an election before stuff comes back to bite you after all.
So it is with referenda and the EU and certain missed opportunities for a Tory leader who increasingly is looking ineffectual and out of touch with the national wishes. We want a referendum on the EU, he wont allow it and with the possibility of a new set of EU treaties being brought in to set up another doomed project of EU countries Cameron instead of saying we'll ask our people, has indicated he'll veto the procedure. Something that is going to make him very unpopular with both groups.

AN EU referendum on Britain's membership is now 'inevitable', a senior cabinet minister has claimed. Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson claimed proposals for closer fiscal union in the eurozone made it crunch time for Britain's future in Europe.
It came as Prime Minister David Cameron came under renewed pressure over Europe today on the eve of the latest summit, with London mayor Boris Johnson also demanding a referendum if the talks result in a new EU-wide treaty.
Mr Cameron promised the House of Commons during PMQs that he would safeguard Britain's interests at the European Council summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, when leaders of the 27 EU states will discuss a Franco-German plan for closer fiscal co-ordination between the 17 countries which use the euro.
The Euro is of course pretty much doomed, the politicians don't seem to realise as with the Exchange Rate Mechanism crisis of a previous Tory Administration, that it is now the markets who will decide if a fiscal union will work, certainly not the politicians, after all, their pronouncements are often too little too late as they seek to conserve their power rather than do what's right.
Many of us predicted this outcome years ago, though mostly we take no pleasure in it as lives will be ruined, pensions lost and businesses ruined, though admittedly the EU seems to be perfectly capable of managing that quite well by over regulation anyway.
So will we get a referendum?
Don't hold your breath, chances are we'll only get one if the politico's know they'll win, at the moment though they know they'll lose. So if we do, expect the question not to be a simple in or out, more of a "Do you wish to remain in the EU with all the benefits to you that it confers" and "Do you want the UK to go to hell in a hand cart if we leave the EU"
That's what we can pretty much expect, well that and the EU pouring millions (which it hasn't really got) into buying us off, like they did with the Irish, who probably now wish they'd voted no a second time.

Mind you, it might all come to nothing if the Dutch have a referendum

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An unlikely political prisoner

Tram woman Emma West is probably the most unlikely political prisoner in the UK, now world famous for her so called racist rant on a Croydon tram (11 million views so far) she has apparently been locked away on remand for her own protection after her magistrates appearance on Tuesday, in stark contrast to the Gravesend couple accused of child cruelty and abuse who had vigilante's outside their house and were oddly granted bail.

Eye witness account.
Up date on Emma West’s predicament, eye witness account, first hand from me , Frank.
Emma was advised by her council today to plead not guilty, much to the relief of the 30 odd people who had sat through the courts proceedings since 10 am this morning. This “racist woman” has elected to be tried in front of a jury, much to the frustration of the prosecution.
As a spiteful retaliation to her defiance, the crown opposed her bail, on the grounds that she has received death threats on fb. and twitter, so must remain in protective custody until her case comes up in the crown court in one weeks time. The prosecution also stated that the police were informed that Emma had received death threats on her mobile and her landline. Her family deny this.
Her defence argued that, even if her address was compromised by the media, her family, several of whom were present, could ensure her safety at any one of their homes.
The ethnic woman representing the crown insisted that fb. and twitter were a reliable source of evidence, and to the astonishment of the public witnesses, this was accepted as fact. Despite the magistrate in the middle, patronisingly informing the defence council that he was familiar with both media.
The defence then went on to say that even in the event that she was found guilty in the crown court, the maximum she could receive is a fine and a community service order, and that, after the week she has already spent in prison, she has already suffered more than her alleged crime prescribes.
The head honcho on the bench was not English, by his accent he was obviously north of the border, a Calvinist perhaps.
His annoyance at Emmas’ refusal to accept his judgement was ,,,, well you could almost taste it.
The magistrates then went out for a theatrical amount of time, and came back with the decision that was horribly predictable by now, That she be refused bail and remain in custody until her crown court appearance, for her own protection.
The press, her family, and many other interested parties arrived early to be sure to get admission to those proceedings today. We sat patiently through several cases, waiting for Emma to appear, including one of a white man in his 20s, early 30s, who was arrested out-side a primary school while he was masturbating. He was released on bail,with an exclusion order to stay 50yards from the school in Carshalton, and not to enter Short Lane, where the school is. I've not google earth it yet, but suspect that Short Lane is about 50 yards long. The magistrates were seemingly unaware of how many schools there are in the Croydon area.
So if I don’t sound like I’m more phukt off than anything I’ve ever been phukt off about before, then I’m proud of my self control.
There’s so much more to this, I trust you will be able to see it and point it out to me. I’m still partially blinded by a red mist.
The fiasco continues. I'll stay on the case. IT wasn't just to punish her, you can take this personally, it was done to cow the rest of us. Another own goal from the libtards. Every one who was there to witness that travesty just got out of their seats and walked out in contempt of those gutless dhimmis. None of that "The court will retire. All stand!" bollocks, we just walked out in disgust and left the class monitors sitting at the bench. Spontaneously.
I'm told on good authority that what started the rant was one of the other passengers spitting on the floor at her feet, there also appears to be a chunk missing from the middle of the video too, though we'll have to wait until the trial perhaps to find out what actually happened assuming the case isn't simply dismissed.
What the Crown Court will have to do is judge Emma's intent and that is the critical matter here, watching the video a few times it seems to me that for all the language, she never actually specifically targeted any one person and what the jury will have to decide is the intent of what Emma said and was it specifically racist. It is the intent that has to be judged. It may be that the jury will simply find her not guilty of intent, the full circumstances are still not known, but whatever happens a gross miscarriage of justice by the minions of the state is already in action, Emma will be denied a Christmas with her family all for a "crime" that would normally only have gotten a small putative fine under normal circumstances at worst and probably a simple ban from travelling by tram.
As it is Emma is now as far as I can see a political prisoner and this whole case has taken on a life of its own, get the popcorn in for January 3rd and lets see just what British justice is made of.

If you wish, you can send a Christmas card and personal support gift direct to Political Prisoner and English mother:

Emma West, c/o HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ

(Please remember the authorities open all post) 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Doesn't add up

According to the "experts" the UK could be heading towards a water shortage by the end of the century, conversely we'll also be at greater risk from flooding, which of course prompts the question, which is it?

A QUARTER of Britons could be short of water by the end of the century if climate change is not tackled, experts said last night.
The UK could also be at three-and-a-half times greater risk of flooding by 2100, says a report by the Met Office.
Projections for the impact of global warming on 24 countries were revealed during talks in South Africa.
Around 160,000 more people could be at risk of coastal flooding due to sea level rises, while 18 million could face water shortages.
The warnings come as parts of Britain suffer the driest 12 months on record. Global warming already means the UK has 35 more warm days a year than in the 1960s.
The report says most agricultural land will be more suitable for crops due to fewer frosts.
These experts from the Met Office, the same Met Office which cannot predict the weather next week can't have it both ways, even rising sea levels wont exactly be flooding as it will be an accomplished fact. Yes, it has been a warmer drier year, but that as the ecoloons often claim is just "weather" not climate (though only it appears when it suits their cause)  And this warming? Well they've already admitted that the planet is going through another cooling phase like the one which lasted 300 or so years starting in the 1600's so what will it be like in 2100? Well, I don't know, I suspect they haven't got a clue either, but they're following an agenda which is not in yours or my interest anyway otherwise they'd not be doing what they're doing in squeezing us for money or adding additional taxation onto energy and fuel bills.
If they are worried about the possibility of a quarter of the UK population being short of water, then do something about immigration, reduce the population naturally rather than keeping the floodgates open and watching our population soar.
But then again, they wont get any cash from us for doing that.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Further inequality ?

Further to yesterdays post on the inequalities in our legal system lets do another compare and contrast. In one corner we have Emma West, she's the woman who gained notoriety for (drunkenly?) mouthing off racist abuse on a train, whilst having one of her kids on her knee, unfortunately for her someone decided to film this and post it on Youtube, I'm sure you can still find it somewhere. As a result, there's a media/twitter frenzy and she's found, arrested, remanded in prison without bail and her kids taken away by social services. Normally you'd only end up on a section 5 public order offence, which in normal circumstances (assuming they even bothered arresting you) would get you a spot fine of £80. Now I don't know Emma West, it might be that she's exactly what the Youtube video portrays her as, though I would like to know what set her off and why there appears to be a chunk missing out of the middle of the video. I do know remanded in custody and your kids taken away from you is a disproportionate punishment for saying what you think, however warped your views are, but Emma was caught abusing a group protected by the state and for the temerity of saying what she did the full (unequal) weight of the law came down on her.
However yesterday the main horror story was of a 1 month old baby (rumoured to be a boy) who ended up in hospital with a broken arm, a broken collarbone, punctured lungs and severe bruising. and fractured ribs, with all the signs of a sexual assault too. On this too, people are up in arms, even vigilante action has been threatened. Yet the people arrested were bailed and released.
You can see the hypocrisy in our legal situation in its full measure here say some hateful words on video about a group of people the state for some reason or other gives special protection too, get remanded in custody and your kids taken away. Be arrested for a horrific assault on a 1 month old baby, get released on bail, with the possibility of a Christopher Jefferies situation developing.
(On December 30, Jefferies was arrested on suspicion of murder.He was questioned for three days and then released on police bail, an indication that he remained under suspicion. Three weeks later a Dutchman, Vincent Tabak, was arrested and charged with the murder, but it was not until March 4 that Jefferies’ bail was lifted and police confirmed he was not a suspect.)
No, I'm not saying that the people arrested for doing this are guilty, that's for an investigation and prosecution to determine and yes Emma West was caught bang to rights, although with the proviso's I mentioned. Yet the way the law has treated the people in these two cases is entirely different. The reaction by law enforcement for saying something and doing something is seriously out of kilter here.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bet this doesn't go down as a hate crime

One of the things I occasionally rail at is the double standards in the law in which if a violent crime is committed by a white person against someone of a different colour it's treated differently if the positions were revered. A case of if you're white you have to prove an attack against you was racist, whereas if you're the perpetrator you have to prove it wasn't, for as we all know, only white people can be racist..
A teenager has been viciously stabbed to death as he tried to flee a gang of youths.
Police launched a murder investigation after 18-year-old Danny O'Shea was found bleeding from stab wounds in Gill Avenue, Newham, east London last night.
A police spokesman said earlier that next of kin had been informed but formal identification had not yet taken place.
There have been no arrests.John MacDonald, detective chief inspector of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: 'We believe that the victim may have been chased from Butchers Road at the junction of Hooper Road down into Boreham Avenue, E16. The people chasing him comprised of a group of black males.
I'd also care to place real money that if the police do not catch the perpetrators, this poor young man will not be another Stephen Lawrence and have millions spent over him trying to prosecute again and again just to make yourselves appear not institutionally racist.
Danny O'Shea, if he were any colour other than white have a publicity campaign whipped up by a media frenzy if he had been stabbed by a group of white males. No stone would have been left unturned, public enquiries would have been instituted and the state would have spent millions on investigating the causes and trying to place the blame on the indigenous (racist) English.
I do hope the ones who did this are caught, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be almost impossible to prove this was a race hate crime, whereas if the colours were reversed, it would be almost impossible to prove it wasn't.
Such is the hypocrisy built into our social and legal systems, where only those who are not white English get the full benefit of the law and our legal system.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Without honour

There were over 2,000 so called "honour" attacks last year in the UK, mostly against vulnerable women and all committed by members of the other than white multicultural parts of our society.

UK police recorded at least 2,823 so-called honour attacks last year, figures from 39 out of 52 forces show.
A freedom of information request by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (Ikwro) revealed that nearly 500 of these were in London.
Among the 12 forces also able to provide figures from 2009, there was an overall 47% rise in such incidents.
Honour attacks are punishments on people, usually women, for acts deemed to have brought shame on their family.
Such attacks can include acid attacks, abduction, mutilations, beatings and in some cases, murder.
Ikwro said its research, carried out between July and November, is the best national estimate so far of the extent of honour violence in Britain, although the charity says the figures do not give the full picture.
A quarter of police forces in the UK were unable or unwilling to provide data and communities have often been reluctant to talk about the crime, Ikwro said.
Its director Diana Nammi said families often tried to deny the existence of honour attacks and those who carried them out were "very much respected".
She told the BBC: "The perpetrators will be even considered as a hero within the community because he is the one defending the family and community's honour and reputation."
 The Western concept of honour was always to protect the weak and defenceless and the worst thing that used to happen in the occasional case of a knocked up daughter was a shot gun wedding. No, I'm not saying that we're saints or anything of the sort, just that our concept of honour never included mutilation, acid attacks, abductions or murder, certainly not these days. Nor can you escape the hypocrisy of the situation where many of the men in these communities see white western women as whores to be used yet will kill their own sister/daughters if they even attempt to live the same lifestyle as the men.
We really ought to change the wording of this sort of activity, there is no honour in it at all, though I'm a bit stumped as to what we could call it, something that when charged would bring ridicule and shame on the perpetrators would do, perhaps honour violation will do.
We'd probably have done this country a lot more good if we'd just allowed the ladies to come here and not their men. It seems we have opened the gates to barbarians in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


We all know the MSM and the leftist National Union of Journalists suppress certain articles or alters them for the publics perception to fall generally in line with left = good, right = bad. Which is why when you know how to read media "code" you know that to tag right wing onto anything is to imply racism, fascism, or just plain evil in a way that to tag anything as left wing does not impute the amorality, greed, envy, corruption, evil and plain stupidity that that particular doctrine promotes as a matter of course. Which isn't to say that all left wingers are evil, simply that those who rise to the heights in the "left" (basically those on the extreme left as normal people really can't afford the time to do so having real lives) are generally corrupt mendacious control freaks and pretty much the mirror image of the authoritarian "right" those who would seek to control the general mass of humanity for their own selfish ends.
Still it's always interesting when someone in the media blurts out a home truth as opposed to the official line, which is what former Daily Star journalist Richard Peppitt did during the Leveson enquiry into press standards and ethics, which is currently being held in the High Court in London. ...

Seems the Daily Star deliberately suppressed information by which support for the EDL could be gauged with over 2,000 calls to an online survey (they usually only get 10) and 99% in favour of the EDL's (unstated) policies and this was deliberately suppressed by the MSM and the NUJ
As far as I'm aware other than the recent Demos survey (downloadable here), there has never really been any attempt to try and estimate just what level of public support an organisation like the EDL might have or just who or what their membership such as it is contains, even the Daily Stars heavily edited response to the poll was attacked from every angle.
No, I'm not suggesting that the EDL has 99% public support, but and it's a big but, there seems to be an active collusion in the MSM and government to cover up what level of support it has, along with increasing vilification in the press over its activities as well as attacks by the police when they weren't doing anything unlawful along with attempts to ruin its leaders business and wreck his and his families life.
The EDL are only one of a number of such groups who seem to have their activities misrepresented in the MSM by the NUJ and their infamous and insidious "guidelines" in which they seek to suppress the truth and the feelings of the general public to the previous governments attempts to rub the rights face in multiculturalism.

H/T Vlad Tepes blog for the find.