Thursday, December 22, 2011

A real Balls up

You can always rely on Ed Ball's to, well, balls things up. It's pretty typical of the guy as he really does seem to have the reverse Midas touch to everything he says or does.
Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has expressed distaste at politicians doing photoshoots with their children - the day after Ed Miliband was pictured at home with his family.
In an interview, Mr Balls said he would ''never ever'' allow such images to be used, no matter how ''short term, tactical and tempting'' it might be.
The Labour leader was seen on the front page of the Daily Mirror yesterday cuddling younger son Samuel, while wife Justine held two-year-old Daniel.
Further pictures inside showed the parents playing with their children in front of a Christmas tree.
The highly personal portraits emerged with Mr Miliband under pressure over poor opinion polls and badly-received showings in the Commons.
Way to go Ed (Balls)
Yep,Mr Popular strikes again, I'm only surprised that he didn't mention the possibility of it being an attraction to paedophiles.
Oddly enough Balls was not sacked for this
I can imagine that the Tories see Balls as a major advantage in their attempts to be re-elected, because for the life of me I cannot see why Labour think he's any advantage to them.

2 annotations:

Captain Haddock said...

One can see immediately why Balls & McSnot got on so famously well ..

Everything either of them touched or touches goes to ratshit ..

Both about as unpleasant as Herpes .. and as much use as candy floss door-knockers ..

Barnacle Bill said...

But didn't Blinky use his children in a less public but rewarding way?
I seem to recall it was the question of where they went to school that played a part in the Testicles first/second home fiddle.