Friday, December 23, 2011

What about this surcharge then

You'd think MP's would have something better to do (like running the country) rather than trying to claim credit for repealing excessive credit surcharges, which is more to do with an EU directive rather than anything they've actually done. They also seem to forget that these credit companies are adept at finding loopholes in the system so will (easily?) find a way around this.

"Excessive" fees for using a debit or credit card to buy items such as travel or cinema tickets will be banned by the end of 2012, under government plans.
The move comes amid complaints that airlines, booking agencies and even councils were imposing excessive charges for using a card.
However, firms will be allowed to levy a "small charge" to cover payment processing costs.
The regulator has been investigating some airlines over surcharge clarity.
Of course not one of the buggers at Westminster have mentioned the £80 surcharge being brought in by the EU as a carbon tax on air travel, after all it's for the green religion
HOLIDAY costs are set to soar following a controversial EU green tax being levied on airlines. A family of four now face an extra £80 to fly to the US following a Brussels ruling on carbon emissions, set to come into force on January 1. Yesterday the European Court of Justice imposed a new carbon-trading rule on airlines using any airport within the European Union.
This comes on top of Government plans to increase Air Passenger Duty departure levy - known as "the poll tax of the skies" - from April by an inflation-busting 10 per cent.
So it's perfectly ok to go after private companies, yet ignore the excessive taxation and levies imposed by government, either Westminster or Brussels. Of course their claims are that they are saving the planet or paying off the deficit, but anyone else making a profit can go to hell. No, I don't like paying extra for cinema tickets etc. if I order online and use a credit/debit card I doubt I'd like paying a few extra quid for air flights either, but I'm assuming that they have to pay some sort of administration charge to the credit company for the use of the facility, I know big stores write it off, but I see no reason for others to do so if they don't want too. Lot of small shops wont allow you that facility unless you spend over a certain amount anyway.
Yet the government and the EU see no problem with applying ludicrous charges for their own pet projects themselves.
Then they wonder why we call them crooks and hypocrites.

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RyanAir have already done it, QM ..

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