Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Death and taxes

The saying goes nothing is certain but death and taxes though it appears the Labour party in the UK intends to make (another) attempt to screw your family over once you've gone...
Labour has resurrected plans for a 15 per cent “death tax” to pay for people’s care in old age.
Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said he wants Labour to “embrace” a system where social care is funded by imposing a tax on estates when people die.
Labour abandoned plans for a 10 per cent levy on estates to pay for social care before the 2010 general election following a wave of criticism.
However, at the Fabians Summer Conference in June, Mr Burnham said he was personally in favour of a new tax on estates.
Labour as ever thinking that the solution for anything is a tax grab. The never think cost savings, they never think ridding themselves of inessential services though to be honest their idea of inessential is not the same as anyone else's, they see cuts in bin collections and streetlighting as positives, rather than translation services and aid to minorities/gender/sexual preference groups.
But if Labour are bad, what the Tories are up too is even worse...
HMRC was accused yesterday of taking ‘a smash and grab’ approach with its demand for new powers to seize money directly from people’s bank accounts.
Britain’s leading tax experts warned the taxman risks being ‘unconstitutional’ with the controversial plans, which could come into force within months.
The proposed new powers - which were published in the Budget and subject to a public consultation which closed yesterday - have triggered an outcry among tax experts.
If HMRC believes anyone owes money to them, they will be able to take the cash directly from current accounts, joint accounts or tax-free Isas to settle an unpaid tax bill.
Around 17,000 people a year will have money seized under the proposed new powers, known as the ‘direct recovery of debts’. Each will typically owe £5,800.
Note the key word 'believe' you may well be innocent, there may be a mistake, but if HMRC 'believe' you owe them over £1,000 then they have the option to raid your account, possibly impoverish you, perhaps get you crucified by bank charges and walk away in their mask and striped jersey laughing at your misfortune and knowing that the person who authorised it will not pay the consequences if there is a mistake.
Welcome to modern Britain...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bit of a waste of time and effort

Apparently the Bible has at long last been translated into Cornish a language so dead that it makes Welsh look positively vibrant and useful. As far as I'm aware the number of people who can speak or read Cornish is about at maximum 1.3% of the population and that's just a small area at the tip, huge swathes of the county cannot speak it at all and don't bother, bit like Wales, but without the silliness of having it foisted upon them by the government. In total there are an estimated 500 fluent Cornish speakers and between 3,000 and 4,000 people who can hold a conversation in the language.
It has already been translated into 1,800 languages around the world, including some of mankind’s most obscure tongues, making it easily the best selling book in history.
But next year, after an epic linguistic project lasting more than 20 years, a team of translators is expected to complete what they say will be the first full and authentic version of the Bible in Cornish.
It comes more than 400 years after the completion of the King James Bible, the best known English version, and represents a landmark for Cornish identity just months after it was officially recognised as a minority on a par with Irish, Scottish and Welsh communities.
The translators, whose work was overseen by the Bible Society, say it will also finally right a historical wrong dating back 465 years.
There are lots of historical wrongs out there, doesn't mean we have to go around correcting them, although try telling the morons in Whitehall that apologising for slavery is unnecessary or the state of Africa  (currently) is now our problem. Still, if you like that sort of thing translating the Bible into a nearly dead language is a challenge and no doubt kept the scholars of the Bible Society busy and employed.
Still, no doubt this will keep the Cornish Nationalists happy until they achieve the dream of an independent Cornwall and EU status as a country.
It's certainly more than England will ever get...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hate and spite

I rarely comment on things abroad, if I do it's usually that we mind our own business and not get involved. In particular I usually avoid comment about the situation in Israel because I have my views and other people theirs and it's not worth the effort to try and deal with them. Yet as ever the trouble over there has a tendency to translate itself over here if only because the left and islamists have forged an unholy alliance over Israel and their desire to see it wiped from the face of the Earth. Hence unlike islamophobia which appears to be cases of muslims feeling victimised, there has been a rise in anti-semitism which in this case means attacks on the Jewish people living here.
Jewish people in Britain are enduring a backlash of attacks, bomb threats and anti-semitic insults fuelled by the bloodshed in Gaza.
More than 100 hate crimes have been recorded by police and community groups this month, more than double the usual number.
Community safety groups fear the total could be the second highest ever recorded, after an explosion of violence during the 2009 Gaza war.
In several disturbing cases attackers have invoked the Holocaust and even shouted: ‘Heil Hitler’ at victims.
A rabbi was attacked by four Muslim teenagers outside a Jewish boarding school in Gateshead in one of the most serious incidents.
In Belfast, bricks were thrown at the city’s only synagogue, smashing windows on two consecutive nights.
Groups of Asian men chanted 'Heil Hitler’ as they drove through a Jewish area of Manchester, throwing missiles at passers-by.
In north London, one pro-Israel organisation received a telephone bomb threat and a Jewish boy riding a bicycle had a stone thrown at his head by a woman in a niqab.
Makes you wonder why we fought WW2
 Wonderful is it not? Just a few reasons why we should never have allowed islam to take root in this country nor allow its pernicious influence any headway in a supposedly civilised country. Essentially these people are in group form a bunch of savages aided and abetted by the moronic left and various groups who call themselves right wing, but are basically nothing of the sort simply authoritarian racists. Sure the left have tried to define the language to the extent that they claim it's anti-zionism not anti-semitism hatred of Isael not Jews, but I'm pretty sure the article above isn't to do with Israel, not really, it's always been about the Jews, language sophistication or not. With the left it's down to Israel's support by America, they still haven't got over the death of the Soviet Union. With muslims it's because they hate everyone who isn't a muslim but espescially Jews who were given a country they felt was theirs and had the temerity to hold it despite 5 invasions by Arab forces and the utter humiliation the Israelis piled upon their pride.
Yes I have my views and my take is the enemy of my enemy etc. But, they should not be bringing these troubles over here and behaving like barbarians. If they want to peacefully protest fine, but both my grandfathers fought Hitler's armies one was at the liberation of Belsen. That muslims believe Hitler was right or didn't go far enough is just another reason in my eyes why they cannot remain here.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The biter bit...

It made me smile to an extent the Labour Party candidate for Tower Hamlets complaining about electoral fraud in the recent mayoral vote for that islamic republic London Borough. After all, Labour basically gerrymander the entire Parliamentary process to the extent that you need far less votes to be a successful Labour MP than any other MP of any other party.
The other part is of course the hypocrisy in Labour complaining about the result when the winner in a sense was invited along with his Bangladeshi cohorts in to shore up the Labour vote by rubbing the 'Right's nose' in Multiculturalism and diversity.
The extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, benefited from “industrial-scale” postal ballot fraud and may also have been helped by “organised fraud in the counting of the votes”, according to his Labour Party rival.
John Biggs, who was narrowly defeated in May’s highly controversial election, said he and party colleagues had seen a number of ballot papers at the count where a vote for him, or candidates supporting him, had been crossed out and a different vote written in.
He accused Mr Rahman’s supporters of a “considerable amount of election fraud, principally centred around the manipulation of postal votes” and said there were “very significant doubts about the integrity of the ballot”.
The accusations form part of a damaging dossier of evidence, some of which will be submitted to the High Court tomorrow as part of an attempt to overturn the election result.
In a separate article for a local newspaper Mr Biggs said: “I remain a good loser, provided it was a good competition. But I am becoming clearer by the day that, remarkably in this mother of democracies, it could ultimately be declared that the election was bent.”
Thing is, Labour, Parliament, the Electoral Commission et al, were warned of this likelihood years ago, by the Bangladeshi government of all people who consider our voting system lax and susceptible to fraud. The bringing in of easily accessible postal voting by Tony Blair's government was simply the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake in which the supposed votes accruing to Labour went to parties supporting islamic beliefs and faith systems after Labour cast Rahman out of the Party because of alleged corruption and extremist views.
When you invite uncontrolled immigration in from areas which have no respect for the indigenous population, have a history of electoral corruption, who are encouraged not to integrate and have supremacist tendencies owing to a perverted form of religion, you're asking for trouble and indeed it appears we have it.
It's hypocrisy writ large for Labour to complain about what happened, they invited it in despite warnings and even today try to cover up their involvement in this type of dirty politics.
Yet people still vote for them believing that they support the working class, a class whom they've betrayed almost at every turn.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Tesco tax

In ever desperate attempts to avoid cutting Council Tax in order to keep their executives and non essential services high on the hog (whilst being perfectly prepared to get rid of weekly bin collections, street lights, sports fields etc.) Derby council and others in England have proposed a Tesco tax to fill their coffers using the excuse that they'll filter the proceeds back into the local community.
A group of local councils in England is formally asking the government for new powers to tax large supermarkets.
BBC News has learned that Derby City Council has called for the right to bring in a levy as a "modest" effort to ensure supermarket spending "re-circulates" in local communities.
Some 19 other local authorities back a so-called "Tesco tax" on big retailers, which could raise up to £400m a year.
The government said additional taxes on supermarkets would push up food prices.
A similar tax already operates in Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Derby City Council is of course a Labour run council and probably haven't run across a tax they didn't like.
Others hinting that they'd like the tax are Oxford (minority Labour run), Brighton and Hove (Watermelon  Green run), Preston (Labour run), Southwark (Labour run)and Sefton (Labour run) councils. Basically it's all socialist driven and sounds good till you realise just who will suffer and trust me it won't be the likes of Tesco, it will be those who shop there. As with other taxes proposed by socialists, expect the money as ever to go into a bottomless pit to pay for things that they think the public want such as translation services, diversity officers, out of pocket expenses, community support (so long as you aren't white and working) and of course attempts to prevent anyone enjoying themselves in an unapproved manner.
Expect calls for such taxes to grow, particularly as the government are looking at just what it is Councils actually are spending money on (and telling them to stop it)
Labour Councils are notorious spendthrifts on unessential services such as translation and equality services, they'd rather keep them going rather than collect the rubbish on the streets.
Let's hope the government has more sense than to give way on this.

Friday, July 25, 2014


The campaign to outlaw alcohol appears to be gathering pace, rather than deal with irresponsible drinkers using existing laws, successive governments have taken to increasing the duty on alcohol (leading to smuggling and fake products) and talking about minimum pricing. They've used various fake charities and medical groups to support their methodology until we've reached the situation today where anything unusual involving alcohol immediately draws a response from so called do-gooders.
A LANCASHIRE school has been slammed for commissioning and selling a beer for two extra-curricular events as part of its centenary celebrations.
The Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School (BRGS) commissioned the special scholastic-themed brew to sell at a fireworks celebration and alumni reunion marking 100 years of the institute's history.
But a concerned resident lodged a complaint to the Portman Group, Britain's independent body in charge of promoting responsible drinking regulations.
No, they weren't selling it to pupils, but had aimed it at real ale enthusiasts who it was hoped would buy the bottles during school events. Instead some bigoted prodnose decided to complain that the school crest which was on the bottle was sending out 'the wrong message' they didn't complain or take it up with the school but complained to the Portman Group who then attacked the school for doing so...
Fortunately the school headmaster has taken the correct attitude...
"One unnecessary complaint - under a code which is not legally enforceable - will not be allowed to undermine the success of the year."
In other words he's telling the busybodies of the Portman Group where to get off, which is a good thing, though I suspect the Portman Group is just another fake charity using public funding from the government to tell the government what it wants to hear so they won't go quietly into the night. Expect more of these sort of stories as social engineering goes on apace with more and more attempts to get us to be good little drones.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrown to the wolves?

The baby P case was indicative of just how badly a bureaucracy of the state at local level can get things wrong. Peter Connelly - known as Baby P - was 17 months old and had been on the “at risk” register for months when he died at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend, and their lodger, after suffering more than 50 injuries back in August 2007, it emerged at the trial that Baby P had been seen by a string of social workers, police and health professionals who failed to take him into care.
Naturally heads had to roll and naturally this is where the state at local level bodged things up... again.
Sharon Shoesmith, who was director of children's services at Haringey Council when Baby P was killed, has been awarded almost £680,000 for her unfair dismissal claim.
The north London council’s accounts reveal that Ms Shoesmith, who earned £133,000 a year, was awarded £679,452 in compensation following an agreement between their legal teams.
The council has previously revealed it had spent £196,000 trying to fight Ms Shoesmith's case for unfair dismissal, which culminated in the Appeal Court ruling in 2011 that she had been unfairly sacked and “scapegoated” over the death of Peter Connelly.
Now it may well have been that Haringey didn't follow the rules when sacking her, but this sort of obscene payment is an utter abomination when you consider that it was with Shoesmith that the buck should have stopped. A more honourable person would of course have fallen on their sword so to speak, but in local government lala-land honour is an alien concept. Others of course should have followed her into oblivion, every single one of the string of social workers and police save perhaps the first ones (unless they visited more than once) should have been sacked or rigorously retrained.
Naturally of course lawyers got involved and Shoesmith ended up with an obscene amount of public money for her failure because she fought it on the grounds of wrongful dismissal. The judge agreed with her, but this is where the minimum of 1p could have and should have been awarded with costs not given. The Council however negotiated a secret deal and Shoesmilth got a small fortune.
There was no justice for Baby P, in the end even his memory has had its metaphorical face rubbed into a pile of poo by the likes of the legal system and Sharon Shoesmith, may god damn their souls to an eternity of suffering.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Only in the UK could we have a situation where we are linked to the EU and an open door policy where anyone in the EU can come here and immediately start claiming benefits. We even put up with claimants lying to get houses and then once the truth is known still allow them to stay even though they are demanding a bigger house.
THE scandal of “soft touch” Britain has been exposed by a migrant family of 17 living in a three-bedroom house.
The super-sized Toma family from Romania were so desperate for a new life they lied so their brood could live together in one of the worst cases of overcrowding ever seen.
They claim they stand to pocket £55,200 a year in benefits while dreaming of a bigger, taxpayer-funded home. But in a move that will be welcomed by millions of hard-working families, council chiefs have told them: “You’re not being housed by us.”
The Tomas, devout Christians, arrived here from Prahova in Romania in 2012, lured by the prospect of a better life for their children. Hard-working father Mihai, 47, says he earns £1,800-a-month as an electrician.
But turned away by two letting agencies because of the size of their family, they told a private landlord they were a family of six to secure the property in September 2013.
The Council at least have told them where to get off, but I doubt the private landlord is any too pleased. Any sane country wouldn't let them in unless they had a job first, nor would they allow a migrant access to benefits unless they qualified for citizenship say after being in continuous employment for 5 years. Why should the taxpayers and ratepayers of the UK pay for someone who wasn't born here? Oh yes, bit of a rhetorical question that, it's the EU, if you offer something to your own, you have to offer it to everyone else, though few other countries seem too...
Just another reason I'm glad I'm getting out as I'm sick and bloody tired of paying for this.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apologies not needed

I had a little bit of a grin on my face when Owen Paterson the former environment secretary laid into the enviroloonies last week saying stuff that I basically knew to be true in that groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth do very well for themselves by constant claims of trying to help when more often than not they are an utter hindrance to looking after the environment.
Owen Paterson is facing calls to apologise after claiming that he was “burnt in effigy” by green protesters when he was temporarily blinded from an illness.
The former Environment secretary said Greenpeace had set an image of him on fire in protest as his controversial plans to control TB in cattle by culling badgers.
Mr Paterson made the claim as part of an attack on professional environmental campaigners who repeatedly lobbied him when he was in office.
These were “the highly paid globe-trotters of the Green Blob who besieged me with their self-serving demands, many of which would have harmed the natural environment”, he said.
“I soon realised that the greens and their industrial and bureaucratic allies are used to getting things their own way.
Odd, they only want him to apologise about the effigy which may (or may not) have been burned, not the other claims he made which were far more serious. Still, I suppose if you can force someone to apologise for one part of a claim they can make it look like he's apologising for all.
The problem for the enviroloonies is that Paterson's tale is credible, it has the ring of truth about it as we've all seen the tales of the swampies breaking the law to try and prevent any kind of progress. We also saw the results of their efforts in the Environment Dept in Somerset with the flooding when EU directives influenced by the Green movement in Brussels caused rivers to silt up and the flood plains become water traps again.
So my first thoughts on what to do if I were Paterson would simply be to ignore Greenpeace, but after a few more minutes thought, I reckon a good 'f*#k you!' wouldn't go amiss either.
The Green movement like all leftard movements are not about saving the planet, they are about taking over and forcing us to comply to their will. They are dangerous because they hide their intent behind what appears to be good intentions.
Like all leftard groups through, they simply cannot be trusted.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jobsworths again

There are those out there who will hold to a rule no matter what, they cannot see outside it nor can they ever even contemplate that as with many rules there are exceptions. For some reason or other, they tend to be attracted to working for the state... Then again perhaps that's not such a surprise, private industry and businesses (unless working for the state) have to be flexible, it's good public relations after all.
The mother of a terminally-ill boy is fighting against being fined for taking him out of school for what could be his last holiday.
Maxine Ingrouille-Kidd has been threatened with a fine of up to £120 and possible prosecution if she takes her son Curtis out of school during term time.
Doctors have given Curtis, 13, who is a blind quadriplegic and has cerebral palsy, just a few years to live and warned he may only survive until his late teens.
“My son is 14 in October and this may well be his last holiday,” the mother-of-three said.
“He is never going to have a career, he is going to spend the rest of his life with us looking after him.
The family have my deepest sympathy, it must be heartbreaking for them, yet there will be a lot of moments to treasure too.
In this instance though I simply cannot see a reason for the school to object, Curtis is after all in a terminal condition and unless someone comes up with a miracle cure (unlikely) then he won't even make it to take exams, never mind find a useful niche in society. Whilst I can in part see some reasons for keeping kids in school during term times, mostly I wonder against the mentality that believes that going away for a couple of weeks in term time will make a difference to their education. It's probably more to do with it being inconvenient to the school or teacher.
To be honest I believe that Curtis' mother simply ought to take him and then ignore the fine and if summoned to a magistrate opt for a trial by jury as I do not believe that there is a jury in the UK who would convict. Not in this instance anyway.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oh this should be good.

Following on yesterdays post it appears that the leftard conspiracy of silence over the attempt by hardline islamists to turn schools into education centres for the brainwashing of muslim kids whilst alienating any others who came along and treating them like scum. Now those teachers who were forced out are being encouraged to sue the Council and its education Dept...
TEACHERS forced out of schools at the centre of the “Trojan horse” allegations in Birmingham could sue the council for failing in its “duty of care” towards them, an MP claims.
At least 12 senior staff, mostly heads, were banned from speaking out as part of their six-figure payoffs. Some say they were bullied, intimidated and threatened over extremists’ attempts to target state schools in the city.
Now Labour MP Khalid Mahmood claims the teachers deserve compens­ation after a report criticised Birmingham City Council’s poor protection for whistleblowers.
The report by independent adviser Ian Kershaw, published on Friday, was commissioned by the council following concerns raised in a letter of 2013, known as the “Trojan horse” letter. It suggested a number of schools had been “taken over” to ensure they were run on Islamic principles.
According to the report, the council “disastrously” failed to act when a group of Muslim men began to promote, sometimes illegally, a fundamentalist version of Islam in some schools, because officials were afraid of being accused of racism or Islamophobia.
Mr Mahmood told the Sunday Express: “There was a significant failure in the rights of individuals who needed the protection of their employer and wanted support with the very ­difficult issues they were facing.
Well I bet the council tax payers in Birmingham are going to love that and no doubt if the payouts are huge the UK taxpayer will have to step in and bail them out all because of 'community cohesion' and the lunatic thinking behind it. The political left has given the entire country a poisonous legacy of imbecilic laws and authorities who are either enablers of islam through fear of it because in their blinkered outlook criticism of it automatically equals racism (despite islam not being a race) or because they genuinely believe that muslims cannot do any wrong besides they also hate Israel as all proper thinking leftards do and the enemy of my enemy etc...
The Council's Education Dept has of course not helped with its Orwellian gagging orders on dismissed staff who were hounded out of their jobs. Indeed the originally Trojan letter probably came from one of these staff and was at first dismissed by leftards in the BBC and Grauniad as a forgery and a hoax, practically right up to the last moment when the report came out and demonstrated that the letter was quite likely a forgery, but not a hoax and the meddling of hard line islamics in schools was very, very real.
This I think is going to run and run...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This is why our society will fall one day

Islam, the biggest problem facing the civilised world today and a protected species in the UK as successive governments and the legions of libtards and leftards moved to place it beyond criticism and investigation, even to the extent as West Midlands Police did to prosecute a documentary maker (Channel 4) when they filmed Undercover Mosque rather than deal with the real problems the program unearthed. Then their were the grooming scandals where Social services departments went out of their way to blame the girls for having the misfortune to come into contact with predatory muslim males and their misogynistic all non-muslim women are whores for our use attitude and who covered up the scandal with police connivance for years. We have the burning of poppies which gets you a £150 fine for the perpetrator coupled with 12 months imprisonment for putting bacon on a mosque door handle for a Scottish man, dual standards if ever there were.. There are other scandals, Lee Rigby, Kris Donald and Charlene Downes, to name but a few and now of course we have the Trojan Horse scandal in our schools...
Children were taught that all Christians are liars and attempts were made to introduce Sharia law in classrooms as part of an alleged 'Trojan Horse' takeover plot of Birmingham schools, an inquiry has found.
The inquiry commissioned by Birmingham City Council found evidence of religious extremism in 13 schools as school governors and teachers tried to promote and enforce radical Islamic values.
Schools put up posters warning children that if they didn't pray they would "go to hell", Christmas was cancelled and girls were taught that women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be "punished" by angels "from dusk to dawn".
The report found that the extremism went unchecked because the council "disastrously" prioritised community cohesion over "doing what is right".
It concluded that there was a "determined effort" by "manipulative" governors to introduce "unacceptable" practices, "undermine" head teachers and deny students a broad and balanced education.
Ah yes, community cohesion a term loved by leftards and libtards as it enables them to ignore the excesses of islam and concentrate on the racism of 'ol whitey' if he even looks at them funny. yet even now there are those out there who tried to deny that the report was in some way compromised. Yet teachers were persecuted, hounded and bullied because they were not Muslim and many in the media (yes Guardian and Independent we're looking at you) tried to convince people that this was racially motivated islamophobia and that nothing really worthy of inspection was going on. Even yesterday BBC radio chose to frame the reports by running this as the headline: Birmingham City Council's report found no evidence of a "conspiracy" to promote "violent extremism or radicalisation" values. They've strangely changed their tune today.
The British people have been betrayed by successive governments and the sycophantic followers of left wing dogma to the stage where I doubt society can be fixed any more, they're simply too well dug in. Couple this with the EU and uncontrolled immigration then you can probably guess where the country will be in about twenty years time.
I'd be amazed if we don't have a full blown civil war on our hands.