Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cry God for England and St George!

St George & England

  • St Adomnán, the Abbot of Iona in Scotland, provides Britain’s earliest recorded reference to Saint George in the 7th Century. He details the story of the Saint’s exploits, which had been told to him by a French bishop named Arcuif who had travelled to Jerusalem with the crusaders
  • St Bede the Venerable (c.a. 673-735) from Northern England, also made reference to St George in his writings
  • As the Crusaders returned to England from foreign shores, they brought with them tales of St George, and his reputation grew
  • A church in Fordington, Dorset, records the ‘miracle appearance’, where St George presented himself outside Jerusalem in 1099 and led the Crusaders into battle. The story is etched into stone over the southern door of the church which still stands today. It is the earliest known church in England to be dedicated to the patron Saint
  • English soldiers wore a sign of St George on their chest and on their backs in the 14th century, as the Saint was regarded as a special protector of the English
  • King Edward III (1312-1377) founded the Order of the Garter (1348), the premier order of chivalry or knighthood in England. The Order was put under Saint George’s patronage and the medal is awarded on the 23rd April by the reigning Monarch
  • The King’s predecessors Edward IV & Henry VII, oversaw the construction of the beautiful St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, which presented itself as the chapel of the Order
  • It was in the year 1415 AD that St. George became the Patron Saint of England when English Soldiers under Henry V when he won the battle of Agincourt
  • In 1497, during the reign of Henry VIII, the pennant of the Cross of St. George was flown by John Cabot when he sailed to Newfoundland and it was also flown by Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh
  • In 1620 it was the flag that was flown by the Mayflower when the Pilgrim Fathers arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is also the flag of the Church of England and as such is known throughout Christendom
  • In the year 1728 AD Maximilian II Emanuel, the Elector of Bavaria, established by Papal Bull The Royal Military Order of St George, as a means of honouring distinguished military service for it was clear that by this time, his name had become associated with the purity of spirit, selfless devotion to duty and boundless courage and valour in the face of adversity
  • In more recent times, St George was chosen as the patron saint of Scouting, because of the ideals that he represents and it is interesting to note that he is also the Patron Saint of Barcelona in Catalonia, Aragon, Russia, Bavaria, Beirut, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Lithuania and Hungary, to name but a few. Virtually every country in Europe and the Commonwealth has a church dedicated to St. George
  • During World War II King George VI established the George Cross for outstanding acts of Civilian Valour and one of the earliest recipients was the Island of Malta, for its outstanding courage in the face of the constant bombardment by the Italian and German Air forces. It is, coincidentally, the Island that was closely associated and governed by the Crusaders who arrived from the Island of Rhodes in the 14” Century, following their 200 year war with the Turks
  • In the 13th Century, there was a Guild of St. George to which the Honourable Company of Pikemen were related before evolving into the Honourable Artillery Company. Many regiments of the Army still celebrate St. George’s Day with great ceremony

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The St Crispin's Day speech from Henry V from whence the blog post title stems...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ah that 'must' word again

Must, could, should all often enough used by the media and politicians and in the end pretty much useless in the way of actions or results. There's a stark difference between you must obey the law and you will obey the law one implies the detail that you can ignore the request, the other implies a penalty for not acceding to it.
Schools with large numbers of Muslim pupils must respect British values, former home secretary Jack Straw said yesterday.
He spoke as a Muslim MP said a radical ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to take over state schools was operating in Birmingham.
Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, claimed a ‘small group of individuals’ was trying to change the ethos of schools by stealth.
It was also claimed that roving 'morality squads' have been instituted at the affected schools, and would censor talk of non-Muslim festivals and smash pupils' Easter eggs.
Mr Straw said more and more schools were mostly or entirely comprised of Muslim pupils, adding: ‘We have to accept and the schools with a majority of Muslim parents have to accept – as they do if they are Hindu, Sikh, Jewish or Christian – that we also live within the United Kingdom.
‘Alongside values which are religiously based, there has to understanding that this is the UK and there is a set of values – some of which I would say are Christian based – which permeate our sense of citizenship.’
To which those doing the 'Trojan horse' will ignore because what Jack Straw is telling them can be ignored as they don't share his multicultural values at all save only in using and getting away with their little schemes because the enablers in the system viewed it as 'cultural'.
As far as these people are concerned they are doing the right thing by their religion and their culture and so the current furore simply confirms to them that the will of their deviant god is being opposed by the infidel and so they must be doing something right.
Words simply have no effect on these people, they have a plan, they'll do their best to implement it as to them it's the will of their god, telling them no has no effect, you need to get in there and remove them root and branch before they establish themselves. Simply going to the press and saying they must respect us will only make them laugh, they don't and never will respect us, the best we can hope for is that they will fear us and our wrath if they do anything other than talk about or think about trying to promote their religion and culture.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Of chalk and cheese

People often look to make comparisons to make a point and often choose the most ludicrous examples, the classic amongst which is comparing the Palestinian treatment by Israel to the holocaust or apartheid, when a quick examination proves that they are no such thing which is not to minimise the issues, but simply make the point that exaggeration does nothing for your cause except make you look silly to an outside observer.
Church leaders renewed their stand-off with the Coalition over hunger in Britain using Easter sermons to speak of poverty and destitution, as one bishop claimed Government cuts were having “sinful consequences”.
The Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev Justin Welby singled out the experiences of people turning to food banks in the UK as an example of suffering in the world, alongside the crises in Syria and Ukraine.
He also said those who quietly man food banks were making a more powerful statement of the Christian message than figures such as himself who “shout” about religion on a national stage.
In his sermon, he spoke about sorrow and listed examples of people around the world shedding tears including bereaved mothers in Syria and people in Ukraine and Rwanda. He added: “In this country, even as the economy improves there is weeping in broken families, in people ashamed to seek help from food banks, or frightened by debt.
“Asylum seekers weep with loneliness and missing far away families.”
I'm sorry, but telling us the tears of families seeking help from foodbanks pale into comparison with what happened in Rwanda and what's happening in Syria. I'm also pretty sure that what's going on in the Ukraine doesn't really compare either.
The real trick about using comparison for effect is that you do not try and make yourself sound utterly ridiculous when you do it. The end result is to water down your point in a similar way the left watered down the terms fascist and racist to accuse anyone who didn't think like they did. By shutting down debate, they ensured that the problems got worse and people started to think about more extreme solutions.
Not that I think the Arch-Druid will shut down debate, just that he minimises the impact of his sermon by comparing chalk with cheese, I rather doubt anyone whose hobbyhorse isn't opposing benefits reform will take what he has to say seriously... assuming they even notice what he says anyway.
Telling us that those who shed tears of pride for using foodbanks in comparison to those who are losing or have lost their lives in Syria and Rwanda does himself and his cause no favours whatsoever...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Telling it like it is

It's often grimly amusing when the MSM discover what's actually going on with islamic extremism and seeks to present it as extreme rather than something that the quran actually advocates. The current 'Trojan Horse' scandal in Birmingham (and elsewhere) schools being a case in point where non-islamics are being forced out of majority muslim schools to make way for what the MSM and Ofsted call extremists or in my view actual muslims who believe what their paedophile prophet actually preached...
A Muslim hardliner who says adulterers should be stoned to death and that gay men and fornicators should be lashed 100 times has set up an Islamic school that has received almost £1million of taxpayers’ money.
Ibrahim Hewitt, one of Britain’s most prominent Islamic firebrands – who also heads a charity branded a ‘terrorist’ organisation by the US – is the founder and chairman of trustees of the Al-Aqsa school in Leicester, which teaches 250 boys and girls aged between three and 11.
He has vilified homosexuals as paedophiles and said a man can take on a second wife if his first fails to satisfy him sexually. Mr Hewitt has published his views in a book on Islam, which he claims has sold more than 50,000 copies in Britain.
The preacher is the author of a book called What Does Islam Say?, which spells out his vision of ‘true Islam’. In it he advocates the killing of adulterers by stoning. The book says: ‘Any act that destabilises marriage will also destabilise society. Hence the Islamic punishments for such acts are severe… Married men and women found guilty of adultery are to be stoned to death.’
The book also advocates 100 lashes for fornication and sodomy with both men and women, and condemns homosexuality as a ‘grave sin’.
Mr Hewitt says in the book: ‘Islam, like most other major faiths of the world, categorically forbids homosexual practices (sexual relations between two men or between two women), regarding them as a great sin. In a society under Islamic law, such would be severely punished.’
He then compares homosexuals to paedophiles or those who commit incest. The book says: ‘If people have such desires [homosexuality], they should keep them to themselves, and control their desires to avoid forbidden practices.
‘The advice would be the same as, say, to someone who had sexual desires for minors or for close family: that having the desires does not legitimise realising them.’
The book also argues that men and women are not equal, and men have a right to assume leadership over women. ‘Islam recognises the leadership of men over women, but it does not recognise the domination of one over the other.’
He adds: ‘If a woman is unable to satisfy the sexual or other needs of her husband he may consider taking another wife, rather than the common Western practice of secretly taking a mistress.’
Mr Hewitt has in the past said that ‘political Zionism is a threat to world peace’ and has objected to the setting up of Holocaust Memorial Day.
Thing is, he's absolutely correct in his book about what islam actually says, same as the barbarians who butchered Lee Rigby were doing exactly what islam said.
That is the problem we face with the powers that be in this country and their leftard enablers in local government and public services. They simply do not believe what islam say, you saw it with Cameron and his pronouncement that what the butchers of Lee Rigby did wasn't real islam when it bloody well was!
So what we have is a concerted attempt by islamists to infiltrate and take over certain schools and start teaching what the quran actually says and promote what the hadith's (interpretations of the quran) permit such as segregation, paedophilia, misogyny, murder, homophobia and hatred of Jews.
This isn't just in Birmingham though, it's anywhere in the UK we've allowed the blight of islam to thrive and multiply. Essentially we've allowed an intolerant, political, mind control, supremacist, expansionist, thugocracy masquerading as a religion to take root in towns and cities all over England and dictate to us via the morons in power how they are going to behave and only now do the morons in charge realise the problem they have on their hands even whilst trying to deny its there.
Thing is, we don't know what's being said in mosques, we don't know what's being said in schools they control, but we do know the results of seeing what happens to countries they control and people they don't like once they get into a majority.
There is no place for islam in a civilised country...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This is insane

What is it with public services that they now feel the need to share out our personal data, even with the proviso that it will be anonymous? You'd think they'd know that trust in them is at an all time low because of the low standards that they have maintained in recent years. Also there's the fear that with many things they do that this is the thin end of the wedge.
Taxpayers' personal data could be shared with private firms under plans drawn up by Revenue & Customs (HMRC).
If given the go-ahead it would allow HMRC to release anonymous tax data to third parties including companies, researchers and public bodies.
But former Conservative minister David Davis told the Guardian the plans were "borderline insane".
An HMRC spokesman said "no final decisions" had been taken, and it was committed to "confidentiality".
The newspaper reported that "charging options" were being examined by officials, suggesting that firms could pay to access the data.
But concern has been raised over the plans in the wake of the initiative - a proposed anonymous sharing of NHS medical records - which is currently suspended after fears were raised as to exactly what information would remain anonymous.
I don't think that whoever came up with this insane scheme realises what can be done and extrapolated in an electronic environment and I rather suspect that it's money making on the part of those seeking such data rather than statistical analysis. I also believe that somehow or other the headline that actual names and addresses have been  'accidentally' released will crop up sooner or later.
Simply put, whenever I see a headline that some public body wants to release private data to interested parties I want to opt out straight away, same as I did with my doctor and the 'Care Data' fiasco. What's mine is mine and whilst I have allowed those public bodies to hold it, they have no right to offer it to anyone else, simply because I can't trust them or know just exactly what it is they are selling and whether they are going to change the rules and assume consent once its given to be a permanent thing.
The answer is and always must be no!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Protecting their own

There have been various hospital scandals around, North Stafford springs to mind, there was the MRSA scandal in my own neck of the woods and only the other day Maidstone Hospital who had the MRSA scandal shut down its gastro-keyhole surgery department because it couldn't guarantee the safety of its patients after the op.
In every case there's been some sort of attempt at a cover up and in the worst cases rather than clean up their act, they've a tendency to go after the whistleblower.
A cardiologist sacked after blowing the whistle on shocking NHS failures was cleared of any wrongdoing yesterday – after a 13-year battle thought to have cost the taxpayer £10million.
Dr Raj Mattu, a leading heart surgeon, endured more than a decade of extraordinary bullying by his NHS bosses.
He was sacked after he exposed the fact that two patients had died in dangerously overcrowded bays at his hospital.
Instead of listening to his concerns over the shocking standards of care on the wards, bosses first suspended, then sacked him and then spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money pursuing him through an employment tribunal.
They also submitted more than 200 false allegations about him to the General Medical Council – all of which, he says, were rejected.
Dr Mattu wrote to the head of the NHS Sir David Nicholson – dubbed the Man with No Shame – about his treatment and the appalling care at the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, but received no reply.
Now, after the 13-year ‘David and Goliath’ battle, a tribunal yesterday found the surgeon had been unfairly dismissed.
This sadly is how things are done in the NHS, because managers back up managers and anyone rocking the boat is hounded out by the managerial clique running the place be they a doctor or a porter. They see it as faults = getting sued and in these days of no win no fee I sort of can see how the mentality developed. Though what I can;'t see is why they don't try to improve the problem rather than attempting to dismiss or sideline the whistleblower with false claims. Improving the bays would surely have cost a lot less than £10 million you'd think?
They very fact that they hounded this man through his career and into illness speaks volumes of the arrogance 'can do no wrong' attitude of the people running the HNS. Despite costing the NHS £10 million you can bet the next whistleblower will be treated in the exact same way in order to stop them lifting the lid on bad practices.
NHS the envy of the world? Don't make me laugh.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


How I am coming to loathe the Human Rights Act, it seems to contain a get out clause for any criminal looking to be deported and a license to make money for the legal establishment. Two cases caught my attention this morning, Haroon Aswat can't be deported to the USA on charges of setting up a terrorist training camp because he has paranoid schizophrenia and the court want to ensure he will be sent to a psychiatric facility, not a prison, paranoid schizophrenic being the default position for most jihadi's these days. And then there was this...
An illegal immigrant who stabbed a 15-year-old schoolboy to death less than a year after arriving in Britain cannot be deported because he claims to be gay, judges ruled yesterday.
The 29-year-old Jamaican was jailed for life aged 16 when he and another schoolboy knifed Abdul Maye to death over a £10 debt outside his school in east London.
A judge at the Old Bailey ordered that he be kicked out of Britain once he had served a minimum of eight years.
Judge Paul Focke told the thug, who cannot not be named for legal reasons: ‘You are a Jamaican national and within months of coming to this country you committed murder.
‘I am of the view that your continued presence in this country will be detrimental to its citizens.’
But yesterday, the Court of Appeal ruled that he could not be sent back to Jamaica because he could face degrading treatment for being homosexual that would breach his human rights.
In an extraordinary judgement which has provoked outrage, Lord Justice Kay said he believed his mother’s evidence that he was gay – even though the Home Office said he ‘had made no mention of it’ until his first appeal against deportation failed.
 Well wasn't that bloody convenient, he hid the fact that he was gay until he was about to be deported and was only believed because his mum said so
What a joke the Human Rights Act is, it's supposed to protect our rights and yet all it seems to do is allow murderers, rapists and thieves to remain amongst us often illegally and most definitely unwelcome by the population as a whole.
Frankly I don't care what the Jamaicans do to him if he's returned, I have a sneaking suspicion that if he managed to hide the fact that he's gay this long, he would manage OK in Jamaica. If not, who cares? (well his mum obviously)
The HRA ought to be renamed the Criminal Rights Charter as all it seems to do is allow those who we don't want to remain amongst us posing a threat to the individuals of this country and the vast mass of law abiding people here.
The only way to rid ourselves of it would be to leave the EU, what's not to like?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Apparently there has been a shocking rise in the number of people who are using food banks, though why this is shocking I don't quite know.
A food bank charity says it has handed out 913,000 food parcels in the last year, up from 347,000 the year before.
The Trussell Trust said a third were given to repeat visitors but that there was a "shocking" 51% rise in clients to established food banks. It said benefit payment delays were the main cause.
In a letter to ministers, more than 500 clergy say the increase is "terrible".
The government said there was no evidence of a link between welfare reforms and the use of food banks.
However, the Trussell Trust, the largest food bank provider in the UK, said benefits payments had been a particular problem since welfare changes were introduced just over a year ago.
Some 83% of food banks reported that benefits sanctions - when payments are temporarily stopped - had resulted in more people being referred for emergency food.
And more than 30% of visits were put down to a delay in welfare payments.
The second biggest reason, given by 20% of food bank users, was low income.
To paraphrase the film 'Field of Dreams' if you offer it, they will come.
I've been on benefits before, I've even had difficulties with the benefits office over missing payments, yet never has my family gone hungry, I've always managed to find a way and never been tempted by charities. Still, if someone were to offer free food then yes I'd take it, but I'd spend the money saved on something else because I'd have some spare cash after doing it, granted it might cover fuel costs to getting to an interview, but there would have been savings.
So when a charity giving away free food tells me that there's been a shocking rise in 'customers' I'm not surprised, people will use it if it's available and people have less pride these days in doing so, owing to benefits dependency lifestyles.
Fact is, these charities don't realise or factor in whose pockets the money to pay benefits comes from, they seem to think its the governments. We who pay taxes fund benefits and the benefits budget is far too high owing to government incompetency and the fact that some people will not work no matter what.
There are an awful lot of things wrong  with the country and benefits lifestyle is one of them and the government is right to tackle it. However offering free food and then bitching about the fact that people take it is not helping, if anything it's prolonging the problem...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I don't know what it is about western governments and their desire to appear good by spending taxpayers money on what they deem 'worthy' projects abroad. The evidence is out there that the majority of cash given is simply siphoned off into the pockets of kleptocrats and into their pension funds in various tax havens.
Britain hiked its aid spending by more than any other country in Europe last year, figures show.
Foreign aid soared by 28 per cent last year, meaning the UK hit its target of spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on overseas development.
It left Britain with the second most generous aid budget in the world, outstripped only by the United States, and it came as a series of developed nations cut back on their aid spending.
The figures will reignite concerns among Tory MPs that the aid budget is ill-directed and has ballooned at the expense of other Whitehall departments.
Britain spent £10.6 billion on official development assistance in 2013, up from £8.3 billion in 2012, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – a hike of 27.8 per cent.
You'll note that the MP's appear to be more concerned that spending on their departments is lagging, rather than the taxpayer is being stiffed for the bar bill so to speak. Even if we weren't spending the cash abroad, it would still end up being wasted by the government in other words.
The problem is, the government have no control over what the aid is spent on, oh they can stipulate that it must be used for stuff, but once it's out of their hands, that's it and the begging bowl is back in place with little to see for what it's been used for save a marked increase in banking funds elsewhere.
Politicians and the state are not the best people to decide what money should be spent upon, the only people who are, are ourselves. If we wish to give to charity, we should pick the charity, it really ought to be that simple. I rather suspect the government and politicians would be surprised what we spent it on... or perhaps not which is why they do it their way.
Charity begins at home and we should decide who it goes too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Closing ranks

One of the more noticeable things about the public services is their determination to to never admit to a problem, particularly in the NHS. Almost the first thing that happens is denial, followed by a cover up often enough followed by various professional bodies in that service letting the perpetrator of a mistake, error, or bad practice off with nary a slap on the wrist...
Public services still need to learn lessons from the Stafford Hospital scandal on how to handle complaints, says a committee of MPs.
Concerns about failings at the hospital - expressed by patients and local doctors - were ignored.
The Commons Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) wants changes including having a minister with responsibility for complaints handling.
It says there is a "culture of denial and failure" in public services.
The government said it was "committed to improving" services and the Stafford Hospital scandal had been a "turning point".
Committee chairman Bernard Jenkin said: "There needs to be a revolution in the way public services are run, and how the public perceives government.
"As things are, most people believe there is no point in complaining.
That's always been the perception when dealing with unelected officials wherever you go, even in some private companies where the company ethos seems to revolve around protecting the company no matter what and no matter who gets hurt or trampled upon. So you reach the point where you simply don't bother any more despite poor service because getting mired down in the system or being fobbed off just isn't worth your time save if it's very serious and then you get bogged down often waiting for years for it to be resolved and like as not, not getting an apology despite the failure of the service.
Indeed it does appear as if the rationale of the public services is to defend the public services no matter what.
The only way it will change is if the system allows transparency and we all know that simply will not happen as the culture of denial of blame goes right to the top.
Still, come the revolution, the list for stringing up grows ever longer...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Took their time didn't they?

The islamic republic of Tower Hamlets has been the centre of islamic extremism and electoral corruption in the UK for at least a decade now. Blogs like this and others have been repeating the allegations and news from the area for a number of years and even the MSM has disclosed a great deal of details on what's allegedly been going on.
As ever it seems to take a few years before the government and the political classes to catch on to what's going on with the concerns of the general public rather than back a losing horse in the name of multi-culturalism and diversity.
A London council at the centre of an investigation into alleged fraud is also under scrutiny over its links to Islamic extremism, according to a classified government document leaked to The Telegraph.
Ministers sent inspectors to Tower Hamlets council, in east London, last week to investigate the alleged abuse of public resources to reward supporters of Lutfur Rahman, its controversial directly-elected mayor.
However, the leaked document, classified “restricted”, makes it clear there may be another, publicly unstated motive for the action — deep concern among ministers and the Prime Minister over the council’s alleged support for extremist-linked bodies.
As early as last year, the document shows, David Cameron’s task force tackling extremism and radicalisation secretly drew up a special “Tower Hamlets action plan” to address problems with the council.
MI5, police counter-terrorism command, a number of other agencies and “senior local officers” from the council itself have “discreetly” provided information about the authority, it says.
Three community centres owned by the council or its housing agency, Tower Hamlets Homes, are named as venues for extremist activity in the area’s “counter-terrorism local profile”, according to the document.
Two are used by al-Muhajiroun, a group linked to dozens of convicted terrorists. Another has been the venue for weekly meetings of the racist and separatist party Hizb ut-Tahrir, and “may still” be, the document says.
Isn't it nice to know that those who hate the UK are being given cash, facilities and support in our communities? Now granted what an individual believes is none of anyone's business, save only if it impinges harmfully on others, which islam tends to do in spades. Misogyny, homophobia, intolerance, corruption and separatism are not of course unique to islam, other religions have their moments too, but only islam does not play by civilised rules and insists that its way is the only way and anyone disagreeing either has to pay protection money (Jews and Christians only) or dies (everyone else) in its most basic form. That there are a lot of decent muslims out there appears to be despite their religion rather than because of it.
Yet why do I have the suspicion if say the BNP had won control over a council and had managed to persuade people to elect a BNP mayor that had they created a mess in proportion to the one in Tower Hamlets would never have gotten so far and that arrests would have been made and politicians and councillors disbarred from standing in elections? I mean I might be wrong, but somehow I doubt it as 'ol whitey' either tends not to be so corrupt or when they do, different rules apply, save only if they are politicians of course.
I rather expect the dog and pony show that is the islamic republic of Tower Hamlets to roll and roll as any arrests made will only be replaced by further corrupt individuals, either that or they'll get off by playing the race card.
It's what they do after all...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nothing changes

Rochdale, the town where children of all genders were at risk because institutional blindness, corruption and fear of racism or the authorities had child abuse happening on almost an industrial scale.
In May 2012, nine men were jailed for horrific abuse committed against teenage girls in the town. It made headlines all round the world.
When the father of one of the victims called me to tell me how his daughter’s cries for help had been ignored by the authorities I started to make my own enquiries. I spoke to the director of children’s services, Cheryl Eastwood, and was staggered by her attitude. She implied that young girls who were being systematically raped were making lifestyle choices and said that this kind of abuse was ‘a new phenomenon’ on which they [social services] hadn’t received guidance. You don’t need guidance from central government to know that when someone is reporting being raped it’s seriously wrong, I told her.
A few weeks earlier, a police officer had told me fellow officers had suggested the victims on council estates should have been drowned at birth. It also emerged that when one of the girls reported her abuse to a police officer, the officer yawned.
The cover-up of abuse by Cyril Smith (former Rochdale MP), the failed police investigations into his crimes, had ensured the public cry of outrage that needed to be heard was silenced.
For Smith’s young victims it was because they were bad boys from troublesome backgrounds who needed disciplining.
For the young girls who were victims of grooming gangs it was because they were bad girls from troublesome backgrounds who were making lifestyle choices.
This is what happens when the people in power decide that they know best, this is what happens when dogma trumps decency. When protecting the perpetrators because of their position or religion or colour of their skin became far more important than protecting the victims of their abuse.
Yet not one single prosecution will be brought against the council, its social services department, the Liberal Democrat Party who connived with the police to cover up Smith's crimes, the police or anyone else connected to the wholesale abuse who ignored it or actually hid it deliberately because to them the victims were lesser breeds and deserved (somehow) what was happening to them.
Even today Rochdale and those in power there are in denial of what happened, there has been no apologies and there are still ongoing attempts to sweep things under the carpet. Those who ignored the victims were even allowed to leave taking golden handshakes with them and are still at work elsewhere in the same business.
These people ruined kids lives as much as their abusers did, yet they've gotten away scot free, the next scandal comes along and they hope we forget. The corruption goes all the way to the top and won't stop until we hang them all.