Monday, August 11, 2014

True, but you aren't supposed to mention the war...

One of the pitfalls in today's politics is that pretty much anything you say, or have said or indeed with much of the mudslinging which goes on what they think you said whether you said it or not is that certain words and phrases will get you crucified come what may. Say something about minorities and unless you're a minority, expect trouble. Men saying stuff about women, expect the feminazi's to be on your case. Pretty much the same with criticising the green religion. One big no, no is also mentioning Hitler in a 'good' context (unless apparently you're a muslim and don't think he went far enough)
A Ukip MEP has defended a seminar which taught young party members to emulate Hilter’s oratory style because the Nazi dictator was "evil" but “good at public speaking.”
Bill Etheridge, had been recorded encouraging students to “pick up little moments” of Hitler’s speaking style, describing him as a "magnetic and forceful" performer at a conference for the Ukip youth wing.
Mr Etheridge later dismissed criticisms of his comments as a “silly unpleasant attack”.
He told Sky News: “Hitler was an evil, monstrous tyrant but that doesn't mean he wasn't good at public speaking.
"I wish he hadn't been, but we must be able to discuss historical figures without being slurred as agreeing with them.
The remarks, condemned as "crass, offensive" and "really stupid", were made as the West Midlands MEP delivered a seminar on public speaking at Ukip Youth Wing’s Young Independence Conference in Birmingham.
Cue the usual suspects and the hints of he must be a Nazi as he said he liked Hitler etc by the Tories and Labour hoping to score political points despite the fact that Mr Etheridge also mentioned Churchill, Martin Luther King and Tony Blair. The truth is Hitler was a demagogue, a great public speaker who could inspire and enthral an audience. That he used his gift to promote and encourage a nation into collective madness is pretty much the case in point, the guy was for the first few years very popular and with military success had approval ratings most politicians would die for.
Part of the problem we have today with a lot of people is that they simply do not understand political speakers and will believe what politicians tell them because the education system has dumbed down to the point where tricks of speaking appear to be substance not fluff. That's why we have charlatans, rogues and thieves running the country because the gullible public believe what they say from the way they say it.
Bill Etheridge was right, Hitler was a great public speaker and that's pretty much all he said. yet the great Ukip witch-hunt carries on apace and the gullible out there will believe what they are told, not what actually was said.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thankful I went to school in the 1960's, although given the change in attitudes since then it might as well have been the 1850's. My poor geography teacher would have been crucified let alone pilloried for telling us, "The English believe the foreigners begin at Calais, but up here in Scotland we know the wogs start at Carlisle"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe get him to sort out the trains too!!!

Mark said...

Yes, we believe the wogs start at Carlisle too.