Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thief quits because the pickings aren't big enough

It's always a pleasure to see a troughing MP go their merry way and in doing so confirm why they should never have been an MP in the first place.
A Government minister has quit politics claiming he cannot live in London on his salary and expenses of nearly £120,000.
Mark Simmonds said he was quitting as a Foreign Office minister and was standing down as an MP because he was unwilling to carry on staying in hotels while his family were hundreds of miles away in Lincolnshire.
Mr Simmonds is the second minister to quit the department in less than a week, after Baroness Warsi quit over the Government’s policy towards Gaza.
Labour said the double resignation had left the Foreign Office rudderless just as humanitarian catastrophes were unfolding in Gaza and Iraq.
Usual guff from Labour as Gaza and Iraq are really none of our business.
Simmonds is of course renowned as the MP who had his snout deepest in the trough in that his local paper discovered that he was the most expensive MP in the county and was employing his wife on his expenses as well as claiming the maximum in every area. Now it may not be possible to live in the manner in which you think you ought to be accustomed on a ministers salary and expenses, but it is possible to live well in London on the amount he was shoving down his trousers, plus a lot of MP's also have other interests too as well as non executive directorships and advisory roles in various businesses. In short it rather looks like Simmonds was incompetent enough not to make use of the various scams MP's use to get rich at the taxpayers account and so will not be a great loss either as an MP or a person in their own right.
I wonder what he'll do when he actually has to work for a living?

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ThomasBHall said...

I believe he is an estate agent by "profession"- surveyor first, then a Director and Strutt and Parker if memory serves...