Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not our business

What is it with military commanders that demand we get into ever greater conflicts with areas of the world that we have simply no business being in? Take the middle east, (please) the whole area is a train wreck of competing tribes, factions and religious strife and that's just the muslims. Yet Col Tim Collins believes that somehow or other we should get ourselves involved despite the lessons of the past which tells us that it never works.
One of Britain’s most respected commanders has compared the massacres in Iraq with genocides carried out by Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot, accusing the Government of failing in its “moral obligation” to intervene.
Col Tim Collins, famed for his inspirational speech on the eve of the 2003 Iraq War, said that Britain’s politicians have “left for lunch” as he urged David Cameron to recall Parliament to debate the crisis.
He told The Telegraph that ancient civilisations will be “extinguished” unless Britain joins air strikes and provides arms to Kurdish forces, and suggested that troops should be stationed in Iraq to provide training and support.
Gen Sir Mike Jackson, Chief of the General Staff during the Iraq War, added his voice to calls for Britain to join the air strikes on “humanitarian” grounds and to bring an end to the “appalling” atrocities being committed in Iraq.
Sorry as I am to see ancient civilisations extinguished, it really is none of our business, we shouldn't even be wasting fuel on aircraft to drop aid, never mind drop bombs. In the end all we do is rile up our own barbarians that our government invited in and don't have the guts to remove root and branch from our own civilisation and so are heading us down exactly the same path as the middle east, civil war, until one side dominates the other. If it's islam then barbarism sets in, the religion itself more or less guarantees it in the way its written and interpreted.
There is no place for islam in a civilised society and we should not be helping any islamic groups. Evacuate Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists etc, but just fence the barbarians in and let them fight it out amongst themselves.

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