Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Warthog resigns

The governments attempts to be inclusive often mean they take on some unsuitable people, just last week Cameron took on several new faces because pressure groups were telling him he didn't have enough women, not that he didn't have enough competent MP's (debatable at best) Still there was one face left who probably should have been pushed and that was Baroness Warsi the Minister for Faith and Communities.
David Cameron has defended government policy on Gaza after outgoing Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi called it "morally indefensible".
The prime minister said he had been "consistently clear" in calls for peace, adding that he agreed the crisis in the region was "intolerable".
Lady Warsi resigned on Tuesday morning, arguing that the government was not doing enough to alter Israel's actions.
She said she had tried without success to shift the government's position.
Basically she wanted the government to support the terrorist group Hamas who are linked the the mass murdering ISIS against the Israelis. She then waits until a ceasefire is more or less in place and then resigns making a big fuss in the process.
Thing is, the government have got it pretty right about Israel and Gaza in that it's absolutely none of our bloody business. I know there are people out there who wish differently, but it isn't.
My problem with Warsi though is that she's not competent, she lost a by-election, got bumped up into the House of Lords and then is offered a cabinet post. Basically she was simply there because she was female, coloured and muslim which ticked three diversity boxes. But as Minister for faith and communities she was only interested in one faith and one community and the more stricter members of that faith hated her anyway because she was a woman.
Basically she was and is an islamopanderer,  a token muslim for the Tories to parade until she jumped before she was pushed probably after the next election. She was crap at her job and carried her prejudices into her work as well.
All in all, she won't be missed and I reckon Cameron thinks he's well shot of her.

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StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Good riddance to her, her commercial interests abroad (funded by you and me) and her Islamist agenda.....

Laurie -

Kath lissenden said...

I concur good riddance to bad rubbish. The woman was incompetent, racist and a nincompoop.
Ta ta Baroness wassail you wont be missed. I suggest a new career for her in Gaza as a spokes person for Hamas see how long she lasts in that job.

Mr. Morden said...


No, no ! Send her too ISIS. So she can enjoy the cultural enrichment that is FGM.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Baroness Token.