Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One of the biters bit

I cannot help but sympathise with the parents of Darren Deslandes who wish to know if the man scum sucking excuse for a human being serving 37 years for the murder of their son is actually an illegal immigrant. They've been told (of course) that they don't have a right to know as his details are protected by the odious Human Rights Act and its data protection addendum, which for ordinary folk is fine, though I doubt that most people would think it ought to apply to prisoners save only in the abstract of not revealing personal details about their families. But a wry smile was raised at the antics of their MP, Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks, a former Labour business minister, who was outraged at the Home Office and UKBA's decision not to tell the family whether the man was a foreign national  illegally resident or not.
A murder victim’s family who want to know if the man who shot their son is in Britain legally have been refused the information – to protect the killer’s privacy.
Wintworth and Lurline Deslandes are desperate to confirm suspicions that Saturday Hassan is a foreign national so they can ensure he is deported if he is released from jail.
But they have been told the killer – who shot their public schoolboy son Darren in the head after being thrown out of the family’s pub – must agree to details of his immigration status being handed over to their MP.
Last night Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks said: ‘The logic of that answer is that I should write a nice letter saying, “Dear murderer, would you give me permission to find out if you are a foreign national, so I can make sure in the future you are deported”.’
The former Labour business minister added: ‘It’s ridiculous. The family of the murdered man had a suspicion for some reason he might have been a foreign national and it didn’t come out in court.
‘My experience as an MP is that if you find out some criminal is a foreign national, I do my best to pressure the Home Office to check the person out. That’s one reason an MP should be able to find out.’
David Wicks, seems to be rather forgetting just exactly which government and which party actually foisted that odious bit of legislation upon us in order to give their leaders wife a nice little earner.He's also forgetting an old maxim that "common sense has nothing to do with the law or how rules are implemented." You give a bureaucracy a set of rules to work from and you can be pretty much sure that there will be unintended consequences, the more complex the rules, the more likely it becomes. Common sense tells us that someone serving 3 life sentences for murder does not need his immigration status shielded, but common sense and simple decency have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the way rules are applied. There's a lot of Hoo Hah in the Mail about the fact that Immigration Minister Damian Green wont give out the details, but Green's hands are tied as well, if he told the family, He would be likely to be sued by Hassan and frankly giving scum like that any money from the public purse goes completely against the grain too.
As for David Wicks, well, this is the result of your party when in government deciding that an overriding HRA was necessary to supersede the rights of freeborn Englishmen and women. Had your party not meddled with our vague constitution we would have known Hassan's status and we could have thrown him and others out without recourse to their right to privacy and a family life.
That you cannot find out Hassan's details is entirely the fault of your miserable excuse for a political party.

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Barnacle Bill said...

Never, ever, must we allow the sordid nuLabor government and all it's deeds to be forgotten.
They fecked up my country, blighted my children's lives, stole my grandchildren's futures; all for their own personal/political, petty gains.

subrosa said...

I was speechless when I read this in the Mail. Hopefully enough of the blogosphere pick it up and it takes legs. Bill's thoughts align with mine.

JuliaM said...

"David Wicks, seems to be rather forgetting just exactly which government and which party actually foisted that odious bit of legislation upon us ..."

No, he's banking on EVERYONE ELSE forgetting. And it seems he's right. He got re-elected, didn't he?

Quiet_Man said...

Sadly yes, I'm always amazed that people will still vote for Labour after what they did to us.

Captain Haddock said...

Ha ha .. Have some of your own back Wicks .. you Socialist retard ..

Anonymous said...

Never ever undersetimate the sheer boneheaded lying cheating scum that is the political class.
The moment they return to the opposition benches they all undergo some Dr. Who like re-incarnation process. Unlike the rest of humanity they are in no way bound by their past actions or decisions. They would even deny that they are even the same person that they were 18 months ago. They are complete filth!!

Bucko said...

If the British justice system was fit for purpose then his immigration status would not matter. He is serving 3 life terms so should therefore, die in prison.

The family only want to know if he is an illegal because they are concerned, quite rightly, that he may be released.

If life meant life then there wouldn't be an issue