Friday, December 30, 2011

Multicultural, but not multi faith

Interesting event up in Scotland where a college head and his wife have been sacked for ostensibly being white Christians in a college which is supposed to have at the centre of its ethos a multicultural agenda.

A college which aims to promote multiculturalism has been thrust into a race row amid allegations that its principal and his wife were sacked for being white Christians.
Professor Malory Nye, 47, claims he was dismissed from his job at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland, because its hierarchy viewed his race and religion as a threat to its Muslim values.
His wife Isabel Campbell-Nye, 42, alleges she was also forced out of her position as head of the college’s English language centre because she brought in too many students who were not Muslims or Arabs.
The independent college, sponsored by the Dubai royal family, advertises itself as a research-led institution “that promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context, for the benefit of the wider community”.
However, the couple allege that its claims of multiculturalism were a charade and that Prof Nye was dismissed to make way for a Muslim replacement.
They are taking the college to an employment tribunal claiming racial and religious discrimination, and unfair dismissal.
Mrs Campbell-Nye is also claiming sex discrimination on the grounds that she was allegedly suspended and later dismissed because she is married to Prof Nye.
“Multiculturalism and respect for cultural and religious differences are, I had thought, core values of the college.
“However, I believe that such inclusive multiculturalism no longer fits the particular type of multicultural vision of certain managers and the chairman, that is accepting of different cultures, so long as the majority of students are Muslims and/or Arabs and the ethos is distinctly Islamic.
“My face and lack of Muslim faith no longer fit.”
Mrs Campbell-Nye claims Mr Abubaker also sought to remove her because she had attracted too many non-Muslim, European and Asian students to study English at the college.
Despite a waiting list to get on its English language courses, the college abruptly closed the department last month, leaving its two remaining tutors redundant at Christmas.
It's noticeable as usual there is yet again a Labour link with the Labour peer Lord Elder, Chancellor of the college and a close friend of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown having decided the couples fate, no doubt approaching it from the only whites can be racist and all other faiths are superior to Christianity. Islam itself is however multicultural, Muslim is not a race, however as far as Islam goes multiculturalism only goes as far as anyone within Islam, all others need not apply. Even then there's a hierarchy within the Islamic community, with Arabs, particularly Saudi Arabs dominating the top of the tree, after all, they have the major Islamic holy sites on their territory.
Islam may be one of the fastest growing religions, but that's mostly down to Muslims treating their women as brood mares, it does not cope well with criticism (often becoming violent) and the brighter the students the more enquiring the mind, the more likely the student will move away from Islam if they come across other religions or cultures. This is why Muslims often ghettoize areas and try to create separate communities as contact with other cultures is often corrosive to its beliefs. When it comes to winning converts, the Islamic record is far poorer often attracting the hard of thinking rather than intelligent smart people. I often think that's why the powers that be protect Islam, it's unlikely to ever be an intellectual threat to them after all. The fact that Islamists will behead or enforce conversion upon them matters not, so long as they remain in control.
So this will be a one to keep an eye on, I don't think the full story is out there by a long shot.

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