Thursday, December 29, 2011

Compare and contrast

Admittedly its a target rich environment though in this instance it's our idiot governments determination to give away our cash to foreign governments which again has piqued my ire.
Mail. (usual caveats)
Taxpayers are funding aid to Brazil even though it has become richer than Britain, Whitehall officials admitted yesterday.
Millions has been handed over in development aid in recent years despite the rapid rise of Brazil to the top rank of world economies.
And money is still going to the Latin American powerhouse in the week it was revealed to have overtaken Britain in the world’s economic league table.
This is the same Brazil who wont allow Falkland flagged vessels entry to their ports anymore too. Yet it remains an enigma as to why we give money away to a country who is richer than we are, other examples are India (space program) and Pakistan (nuclear power) if they can do those, they don't need help!
Yet we have this going on at home.
Cuts to social care services mean that Britain’s elderly are facing an ‘absolute crisis’, according to the head of a leading charity.
Age UK’s director Michelle Mitchell said increasing numbers of older people with considerable care needs were ‘getting absolutely no support at all, or poor quality and limited support’ as a result of cuts to local authority provision.
She said research by the King’s Fund health charity showed that the number of older people who need significant care support but receive no assistance will reach almost 900,000 in 2012, rising to one million by 2015.
I think it's about time UK cash was spent on UK people, then (and only then) if there's any left over we can throw it at countries with real problems and Brazil does not seem to have a real problem.
How we treat the elderly in this country is an absolute disgrace, we let them freeze to death, starve, pile them into out of sight out of mind care homes and generally treat them with contempt or as an afterthought. They're generally people who have spent their whole lives paying into a system only to be slighted and shorted when they actually need it, many of them would actually be better off in prison.
Yet the overseas aid budget continues to rise above the rate of inflation and is ringfenced to protect it from cuts. Money that could well be spent on our people giving our pensioners a deserved happy retirement in comfort if that's what they desire.
Too many politicians are obsessed with the wrong things, perhaps an obsession to protect the weak vulnerable and elderly in this country would be no bad thing, rather than foreign aid and subsidising bird mincers by additional tariffs on fuel.
The priorities of our political classes are inhuman, selfish and an abomination in a supposed civilised society, yet there are fools out there who would still vote for them.

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Anonymous said...

Good post Quiet man!!

It is of fundamental importance to appreciate that we dont have any " British" politicians anymore. Anybody who actually cares about this country isn't allowed anywhere near the levers of power in this country. Normal decent sensible Britons are weeded out of the poltical selection process.

I am not quite clever enough to work out their secret agenda. Globalist stooges? EU appeasers, Frankfurt school Marxists? In a sense its academic whatever they are the British government does not govern in our interest. My political solution is to vote UKIP. Whatever happens I will never ever vote Lib/Lab/Con even if I live to be a thosand.

Anonymous said...

I think the trick is to figure out where that supposed 'aid money' actually goes. The old maxim of aid being 'Money taken from poor people in rich countries and given to rich people in poor countries' still holds true, although it now being given to rich people in rich countries is taking the 'P' a bit.

Follow the money, see who actually (as opposed to their claims, as with most of those alleged 'charities') benefits and then see who their 'friends' in government are. Amazing how many of these politicians and bureaucrats end up in cushy, well paid, jobs on retiring from 'public service' isn't it? (eg. Tony Blair)

If I get any more cynical I wouldn't bother getting out of bed.