Saturday, December 31, 2011

Damn, I should have had some money on this.

Last year I made some new year predictions, giving out the usual caveat of how crap I am at making predictions.

Politics will be riven by scandal (as ever) and at least one big name in the Tories will be forced to resign and the Lib Dem popularity in the polls will continue to nose dive though the coagulation will survive the year.
Liam Fox... Check
The EU referendum petition will get the required number of signatures and the government will be forced to debate the issue. The difference in opinion between what the government think and what the people want will become clearly apparent and Cameron will use the Tory whips to crush any motion for a referendum causing a massive party row and weakening his leadership though not fatally (unfortunately)
Check... Though the number of rebels was encouraging.
The EDL numbers will continue to grow as will the number of cases of Muslim Grievance Syndrome. Society tensions will also continue to grow as multiculturalism, diversity and equality prove to be hollow shells for keeping society happy.
Well, the EDL has not grown as well as I'd hoped they would, but the Islamic cat in the bag is well and truly out  and the failure of multiculturalism was shown up by the flagrant abuses of the law when it came to justice for Rhea Page and Emma West and the current ongoing media trial for the Stephen Lawrence murder.
Sport, haven't got a clue who will win the premiership, but West Ham will be relegated.
Global Warming and the mean Green environmental machine will finally be exposed for the charade it is, expect politicians to move onto the next biggest cash cow/tax raiser aka biodiversity, still green and still a charade.
Well, they are still hanging in there with global warming, but I suspect they know the games up.

So, not bad at all, though they were all very, very predictable.

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Anonymous said...

Predictions for 2012

West Ham will be relegated. Surely West Ham seem to get relegated every season but somehow they always seem to be in a high standard league. Strange but true.

Oh I forgot to mention that we will get another 12 months of anti-British treachery from our political class!!

Quiet_Man said...

Actually I suspect West Ham might just be promoted, The other part, yes, business as usual.