Saturday, December 31, 2011

Utterly mental

I often watch the antics of the pc brigade with a slightly amused if jaundiced eye as they frequently tie themselves in knots over certain phrases, blackboard, chairman etc, though it's not so amusing when it is applied in our legal system to discriminate against native whites. Still every so so often they break cover with something so stupid you just have to assume that the people behind it are utterly mental.
HE has been helping pedestrians cross busy main roads for more than 40 years.
But now the “green man” on pelican crossings seems to have fallen victim to the politically-correct brigade.
The light indicating when it is safe to cross the road has been renamed the “green figure” by road chiefs at Lincolnshire County Council.
Although some crossings retain the original labelling, the highways department has replaced many with the new gender-neutral version.
Yesterday, Lincolnshire’s decision to change the signs was described as “political correctness gone mad”.
Ossy Snell, a councillor in Boston, Lincs, said: “It seems a little bit like it’s seen as sexist.
Women might think men are controlling if a green man helps them to cross the road.”

Tbh, I don't know of any woman save the more rabid feminists in political parties and who haunt the pages and columns of the Guardian who might think such a thing. Most people will take a look at what you have just said Ossy and think you're having a laugh, at least until they realise that you aren't and then the view will sway to my God! The man's an utter moron. The thing is Ossy and I know you won't be reading this, but bear with me, the thing is, the green man isn't a real person, it's just a stylised image in a certain colour to tell people that it's safe to cross the road, there's no control factor at all, he doesn't leap from his flashing sign to actually prevent ladies crossing the road, that's a personal decision on their part, the sign itself just tells people that the lights for road traffic are at red and it may be safe to cross, not is safe to cross, only maybe, so stay alert and look both ways.
You have to wonder just what Ossy and his band of political lunatics have been smoking to come up with the following statement.
“There’s so many of these silly things that people are bringing up, which nobody has ever thought about being offensive to anybody when they were brought in.”
I wonder which people they are and how they've managed to get the ear of a lowly councillor in Lincolnshire. He's a Liberal Democrat according to Google, which I suppose makes him a pseudo socialist with delusions of bandwagon jumping (vote Lib Dem, a different policy for every household, at least until we get into power then we become mendacious little overspending Hitler's)
To my mind Ossy, most women have the sense not to be bothered over political correctness, most will think you're an idiot for even having the nerve to defend this.
About the only good thing about this is of course, if the likes of Ossy are doing this sort of thing, at least they're being kept away from the levers of real power...

Well we can hope.

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Captain Haddock said...

"He's a Liberal Democrat" = He's a complete & utter weapons-grade Fucktard ..

microdave said...

Why not go the whole hog, and get rid of the coloured lights as well? They must offend someone. Little green men from Mars, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The PC Frankfurt school marxists are trying to ban any positive imagery attaching to men. Its interesting to note that they never complain when the word "man" is used in a perjorative sense such as in Taxman, Middleman, Salesman. There have been a lot of stories in the media putting " the Taxman" in a bad light, how ironic that over 65% of employees of HM Revenue and Customs are in fact female!!

As ever these people are nasty and devious. They simply hate men and are even prepared to sleight female employees and label them as men in order to demonstrate their contempt for 48% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Dear Quiet Man

So much time, so little to do.

All the good laws were made over a hundred years ago.

All that's left for our politicians and public servants to do is play at being 'in charge'.

For the most part, they are bored. The devil and idle hands make life a misery for the rest of us.

And they do it all with our money and pay themselves handsomely for the privilege.

Time to stop paying taxes. Live your life instead of slaving for the state.

Happy New Year.


malpas said...

Pehaps you should not be so blase and tolerant. Considering the power obtained by the rather small group the gays - the feminists should be stamped into the ground as soon as possible.
After all they are vey much party to ensuring there are very few babies and yet the ensuing problem is blamed on 'anageing population' and that might well include you.

Quiet_Man said...

I have no problem with gays or feminists living their lives so long as they are not trying to dictate how I live mine. In this case it's not gays or feminists but idiot politicians pandering to political correctness by proxy.