Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can someone please do something about this moron?

Why is it that politicians can't seem to grasp just whose money it is they are giving away with their ridiculous beliefs? Take Chris Huhne (please, please, somebody!) Who believing in the fairy story of man made climate change has decided that it's ok to give away £6 billion of our cash whilst our pensioners look forward to a bleak cold winter with the stark choice of eat or heat the house.

Climate talks hung in the balance last night with Britain pushing for a global deal to cut emissions in poorer countries which would cost British taxpayers £6billion.
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne told world leaders to commit to binding targets for greenhouse gases to keep global warming within 2c by the end of the century.
Yesterday he said he was hopeful that the ‘high ambition’ group would win out as talks continued late into the night on the last day of the United Nations climate summit in South Africa.
Britain and the rest of the EU want the world’s biggest polluters – the U.S., China and India – to agree for the first time to ‘legally binding’ caps as they account for nearly half the world’s emissions.
If they refuse to accept a ‘roadmap’ for a deal, the EU – which accounts for only 15 per cent of emissions – will not commit to a second period of the Kyoto Protocol which expires next year.
As well as a deal which Mr Huhne admitted ‘may go pear-shaped’, world leaders are expected to outline the details of a £64bn package to help the developing world cope with climate change.
The Green Climate Fund is set to cost Britain £1billion a year, or £6billion by 2020, to fund solar panels, flood defences and technology.
Imagine what the government could actually do with £1 billion? As in actually do something for the people in this country rather than give it away to kleptocratic dictators in foreign climes. But there seems to be no way of dealing with those in power who are fanatics in the green cause, the damned police wont even arrest Huhne over his alleged driving offences till after Christmas.
Instead we're left with the sickening sight of the imbecile doing his political posturing on the world stage for a failed, dis-proven, shambolic con trick foisted upon us by enviroloons, lying scientists and crooked politicians in another attempt to wreck our economy and give away taxpayers cash to the truly undeserving!
To paraphrase King Henry II "Will no one rid us of this turbulent politician?"

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Anonymous said...

I think we will lose all Liberal Democrat ministers very shortly.

There are surely VERY few Liberals or Democrats who support them now.

They have been declining for 90 years; soon they will be gone.

banned said...

On sunday morning BBC Radio were bigging up the "success" of the Durban climate change talks claiming that binding agreement has been found.

No it hasn't, all they have agreed is yet another round of talks in a year with view to establishing a roadway to a binding agreement in (insert year here).