Friday, December 9, 2011

Saying no

Well, as predicted, Cameron used the UK veto to prevent the UK from being drawn into negotiations on a new Eurozone treaty (there is no treaty as yet, despite claims by Cameron and the MSM), which from his point of view was probably the least worst option open to him. If he'd accepted the offer he would probably not be PM this time next year, if he'd called for a referendum, the Tory party would likely split down the middle (well more likely an 80/20 split) As it is, the only people he really upset were the Lib Dems and the odd few Tories who believe that some how or other being ruled by Brussels is better than actually doing their jobs.
As it is, Cameron opted for the only way to keep his job and keep himself marginally onside with the EU even if it huffed Sarkozy, still no doubt the EU will plan its revenge, though in this instance Cameron does hold a trump card in that if they pressurize him too much he can simply call an in or out referendum and ban any EU funding from being used for advertising.
What happens now though is anyone's guess, the rest of the EU have voted to start negotiations to hand control of parts of their economy to an EU regulator on financial services something which is unacceptable to UK interests and the financial centre of the UK in London if only because the way the EU does business is not the way we do and our model works very well creating massive profits and income for the UK. This essentially is at the nub of all EU attempts to regulate finance, the French and Germans want the "City" to play under their rules and transfer some of its business to France and Germany and so grab some of the profits for themselves. That was the reason behind the recent EU attempt to administer a Tobin tax on financial transactions, not because it would increase revenue for them, but because it would seriously impede the UK's financial markets where most of the financial transactions in the EU take place.
So, what's next?
Well Cameron is still under pressure from the EU and EUphiles, even if his popularity in his party has risen. Sooner or later the stresses this creates will force the Tories to decide if we really want to be in or out. Then they'll ask us or make an announcement to ask us and then, all hell will break loose.
To which I say, bring it on.

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Captain Haddock said...

Cameron needs to be kept under constant pressure, here at home ..

He needs to be made more afraid of ignoring his employers, we the voters .. than he is of ignoring his EU masters ..

Its the only way in which we'll ever get a say in our own futures ..

Anyone referring to Cameron as a "hero" .. clearly has absolutely no concept of what that word means ..