Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Doesn't add up

According to the "experts" the UK could be heading towards a water shortage by the end of the century, conversely we'll also be at greater risk from flooding, which of course prompts the question, which is it?

A QUARTER of Britons could be short of water by the end of the century if climate change is not tackled, experts said last night.
The UK could also be at three-and-a-half times greater risk of flooding by 2100, says a report by the Met Office.
Projections for the impact of global warming on 24 countries were revealed during talks in South Africa.
Around 160,000 more people could be at risk of coastal flooding due to sea level rises, while 18 million could face water shortages.
The warnings come as parts of Britain suffer the driest 12 months on record. Global warming already means the UK has 35 more warm days a year than in the 1960s.
The report says most agricultural land will be more suitable for crops due to fewer frosts.
These experts from the Met Office, the same Met Office which cannot predict the weather next week can't have it both ways, even rising sea levels wont exactly be flooding as it will be an accomplished fact. Yes, it has been a warmer drier year, but that as the ecoloons often claim is just "weather" not climate (though only it appears when it suits their cause)  And this warming? Well they've already admitted that the planet is going through another cooling phase like the one which lasted 300 or so years starting in the 1600's so what will it be like in 2100? Well, I don't know, I suspect they haven't got a clue either, but they're following an agenda which is not in yours or my interest anyway otherwise they'd not be doing what they're doing in squeezing us for money or adding additional taxation onto energy and fuel bills.
If they are worried about the possibility of a quarter of the UK population being short of water, then do something about immigration, reduce the population naturally rather than keeping the floodgates open and watching our population soar.
But then again, they wont get any cash from us for doing that.

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Captain Haddock said...

I think its called "hedging one's bets in order to protect one's job" ..

Not by pure coincidence are the Meterological Branch of the Royal Navy popularly referred to as "Weather Guessers" .. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Quiet Man

All these seers will of course be safely tucked up in their graves by the time 2100 comes around, so no risk of being called to account for any of their 'forecasts'.