Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An unlikely political prisoner

Tram woman Emma West is probably the most unlikely political prisoner in the UK, now world famous for her so called racist rant on a Croydon tram (11 million views so far) she has apparently been locked away on remand for her own protection after her magistrates appearance on Tuesday, in stark contrast to the Gravesend couple accused of child cruelty and abuse who had vigilante's outside their house and were oddly granted bail.

Eye witness account.
Up date on Emma West’s predicament, eye witness account, first hand from me , Frank.
Emma was advised by her council today to plead not guilty, much to the relief of the 30 odd people who had sat through the courts proceedings since 10 am this morning. This “racist woman” has elected to be tried in front of a jury, much to the frustration of the prosecution.
As a spiteful retaliation to her defiance, the crown opposed her bail, on the grounds that she has received death threats on fb. and twitter, so must remain in protective custody until her case comes up in the crown court in one weeks time. The prosecution also stated that the police were informed that Emma had received death threats on her mobile and her landline. Her family deny this.
Her defence argued that, even if her address was compromised by the media, her family, several of whom were present, could ensure her safety at any one of their homes.
The ethnic woman representing the crown insisted that fb. and twitter were a reliable source of evidence, and to the astonishment of the public witnesses, this was accepted as fact. Despite the magistrate in the middle, patronisingly informing the defence council that he was familiar with both media.
The defence then went on to say that even in the event that she was found guilty in the crown court, the maximum she could receive is a fine and a community service order, and that, after the week she has already spent in prison, she has already suffered more than her alleged crime prescribes.
The head honcho on the bench was not English, by his accent he was obviously north of the border, a Calvinist perhaps.
His annoyance at Emmas’ refusal to accept his judgement was ,,,, well you could almost taste it.
The magistrates then went out for a theatrical amount of time, and came back with the decision that was horribly predictable by now, That she be refused bail and remain in custody until her crown court appearance, for her own protection.
The press, her family, and many other interested parties arrived early to be sure to get admission to those proceedings today. We sat patiently through several cases, waiting for Emma to appear, including one of a white man in his 20s, early 30s, who was arrested out-side a primary school while he was masturbating. He was released on bail,with an exclusion order to stay 50yards from the school in Carshalton, and not to enter Short Lane, where the school is. I've not google earth it yet, but suspect that Short Lane is about 50 yards long. The magistrates were seemingly unaware of how many schools there are in the Croydon area.
So if I don’t sound like I’m more phukt off than anything I’ve ever been phukt off about before, then I’m proud of my self control.
There’s so much more to this, I trust you will be able to see it and point it out to me. I’m still partially blinded by a red mist.
The fiasco continues. I'll stay on the case. IT wasn't just to punish her, you can take this personally, it was done to cow the rest of us. Another own goal from the libtards. Every one who was there to witness that travesty just got out of their seats and walked out in contempt of those gutless dhimmis. None of that "The court will retire. All stand!" bollocks, we just walked out in disgust and left the class monitors sitting at the bench. Spontaneously.
I'm told on good authority that what started the rant was one of the other passengers spitting on the floor at her feet, there also appears to be a chunk missing from the middle of the video too, though we'll have to wait until the trial perhaps to find out what actually happened assuming the case isn't simply dismissed.
What the Crown Court will have to do is judge Emma's intent and that is the critical matter here, watching the video a few times it seems to me that for all the language, she never actually specifically targeted any one person and what the jury will have to decide is the intent of what Emma said and was it specifically racist. It is the intent that has to be judged. It may be that the jury will simply find her not guilty of intent, the full circumstances are still not known, but whatever happens a gross miscarriage of justice by the minions of the state is already in action, Emma will be denied a Christmas with her family all for a "crime" that would normally only have gotten a small putative fine under normal circumstances at worst and probably a simple ban from travelling by tram.
As it is Emma is now as far as I can see a political prisoner and this whole case has taken on a life of its own, get the popcorn in for January 3rd and lets see just what British justice is made of.

If you wish, you can send a Christmas card and personal support gift direct to Political Prisoner and English mother:

Emma West, c/o HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ

(Please remember the authorities open all post) 

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Anonymous said...


Antisthenes said...

In the UK racism has become a one way street. My observation is that non whites who are patently guilty of racism are ignored and authority looks the other way. Society needs fairness and harmony but instead is building up resentment.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Keep on the case QM. Nice post!

Road_Hog said...

Good informative info. Keep us updated, as I don't really visit the EDL forum anymore.

opsimath said...

Thank you for this, QM - I'll get onto it as a matter of some urgency.

Can you, through the offices of your excellent blog, tell us what is acceptable as a personal support gift, ie one that won't be stolen from out of spite by the PTB.

opsimath said...

Sorry - that should have read ... stolen from HER out of spite ...

DerekP said...

Thanks for putting the address up. I will, at the least, be writing in support.

I do have once concern though, based upon the irrational, and possibly criminal, Twitter reaction/frenzy.

Although I think the vast majority of postal workers are honest and dutiful, if post is openly addressed 'Emma West' I think there will be some who would steal or destroy the item.

It may be better to address an item to the prison, and then within address it specifically to Emma West.

I admit I'm becoming disillusioned with prejudiced people/actions within organisations and 'authorities', so this may be overly paranoid.

Is 'double-bagging' likely to prove a problem when sending to a prison, do you think?

Quiet_Man said...

Cheque or postal order is fine, she'll need money for phone cards and other toiletries on top of what the prison issues. Even if it's just a card to let her know your support for her or your disgust at the way she's been treated.

Road_Hog said...

Two things I came upon today. One, that originally the person who posted the Youtube video (Kelly Hollingsworth), had said on her Twitter account that she was trying to get advert revenue from it and has also contacted a company that specialises in it.

Secondly, if the prosecution want to use the video as evidence, the defence will be able to summon and cross examine the person who took the video and ask them to explain the gaps in the recording. It would be good if that is true.

Quiet_Man said...

Will Pop that on the EDL forum, it's a very hot topic there as you can imagine.

Road_Hog said...

From the England Calling blog,

This part posted article, points to some of the fallacies in the argument for locking up Emma West for her security in a category A type prison.

Bizarrely, Miss West is being held in what is to all intents and purposes a category A prison HM Bronzefield* in Middlesex. A Category A prison is the highest security prison and is reserved for “prisoners are those whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or national security”. For someone charged with an offence which could have been dealt with in a magistrates court to be remanded to such a facility is truly extraordinary.

The court’s excuse that she was being held in protective custody to protect her from attack is both sinister and absurd. Unless Miss West is kept in solitary confinement, she will be in more danger in the prison than she would be on bail because there will be black and Asian prisoners in the prison who will be violent because any category A prison will contain such prisoners . If she is being kept in solitary, that would be unreasonable because it will adversely affect her mental state and be a de facto punishment in itself. The general Category A regime is also severe . Both the imprisonment of Miss West and the use of a Category A prison suggest a deliberate policy of intimidation by the authorities designed both to undermine her resolution and send a most threatening message to every white Briton.

* Bronzefield is not technically a Category A prison for the simple reason that in 2004 the Government closed the only Category A women’s prison in England. That was the women’s wing at Durham Prison. The 100 or so prisoners in the wing – which number included the most notorious serial murderess in Britain Rose West – were reclassified so they could be moved elsewhere, viz:

” A Home Office spokeswoman said: “We are going to assess all the women in Durham and we hope that the Category As can be held as “restricted status” rather than Category A.

“Restricted status” is a security category between top level Category A and medium level Category B.

Prisons Handbook Editor Mark Leech said: “Durham female wing, as the chief inspector says, should be closed and I’m pleased to hear it will be – what happens to Rose West now though is another story.

“With the closure of Durham female wing there is no other prison in England and Wales which can take Category A female prisoners.” (

Rose West was transferred to Bronzefield.

Anonymous said...

I am just checking can we still send a card and gift to Emma West. I would love to know the facts and see as much publicity about what triggered her outburst, which anyone can see is an emotional reaction to an unseen event. She has my support even though I am not sure I agree with everything she said, but the one thing is for certain the MSM bias and that of our ruling liberal elite is creating more and more hatred.

Quiet_Man said...

If you send a postal order or cheque, make sure you make it out to "The Governor" and put Emma West's name on the back.

DerekP said...

Currently, using Google search for site

"Rhea Page" - zero references
"Emma West" - over 400.

This seems more than accidentally disproportionate, and reinforces suspicion of the use of the 'two minute hate' for ideological purposes.