Thursday, December 1, 2011


We all know the MSM and the leftist National Union of Journalists suppress certain articles or alters them for the publics perception to fall generally in line with left = good, right = bad. Which is why when you know how to read media "code" you know that to tag right wing onto anything is to imply racism, fascism, or just plain evil in a way that to tag anything as left wing does not impute the amorality, greed, envy, corruption, evil and plain stupidity that that particular doctrine promotes as a matter of course. Which isn't to say that all left wingers are evil, simply that those who rise to the heights in the "left" (basically those on the extreme left as normal people really can't afford the time to do so having real lives) are generally corrupt mendacious control freaks and pretty much the mirror image of the authoritarian "right" those who would seek to control the general mass of humanity for their own selfish ends.
Still it's always interesting when someone in the media blurts out a home truth as opposed to the official line, which is what former Daily Star journalist Richard Peppitt did during the Leveson enquiry into press standards and ethics, which is currently being held in the High Court in London. ...

Seems the Daily Star deliberately suppressed information by which support for the EDL could be gauged with over 2,000 calls to an online survey (they usually only get 10) and 99% in favour of the EDL's (unstated) policies and this was deliberately suppressed by the MSM and the NUJ
As far as I'm aware other than the recent Demos survey (downloadable here), there has never really been any attempt to try and estimate just what level of public support an organisation like the EDL might have or just who or what their membership such as it is contains, even the Daily Stars heavily edited response to the poll was attacked from every angle.
No, I'm not suggesting that the EDL has 99% public support, but and it's a big but, there seems to be an active collusion in the MSM and government to cover up what level of support it has, along with increasing vilification in the press over its activities as well as attacks by the police when they weren't doing anything unlawful along with attempts to ruin its leaders business and wreck his and his families life.
The EDL are only one of a number of such groups who seem to have their activities misrepresented in the MSM by the NUJ and their infamous and insidious "guidelines" in which they seek to suppress the truth and the feelings of the general public to the previous governments attempts to rub the rights face in multiculturalism.

H/T Vlad Tepes blog for the find.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting "guidelines". I had never realised such things were openly published.

Notice the words true or truth dosn't appear in them at all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I found the guidelines reasonably balanced and fair. Surely, the use of the words "accurate" and "accuracy" is because they are synonymous with "true" and "truth"

The only thing that rankled was the section on racist organisations, specifically this: "Seek to publish or broadcast material exposing the myths and lies of racist organisations and their anti-social behaviour." What a massive leap to conclusions! Also, there was no guidelines of how to construe an organisation as "racist". One way to read between the lines could be to assume it has to be "white-centric" or even "English-centric" (heaven forfend that would be so, in England!)?


Anonymous said...

Fair point. You can, however, be accurate and untruthful for example by using omission to paint different pictures.

What gets me, though, is the openly racist things such as:
Press for equal opportunities for employment for black staff.

By all means ensure that there is no discrimination in the hiring process, but employ the best people regardless of their colour (or gender or sexual preferences). Anything else is racist and or bigoted.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you got me there, about accuracy and truth.

And I missed that bit about the equal opportunities; it is an accurate statement but does convey the message of "special treatment".


Quiet_Man said...

I would have thought it was the job of journalists to report the truth, not take sides as the guidelines seem to imply.

andy said...

Any White person who has to live in England`s culturally enriched cities knows the score as regards the media and their smear campaign of the EDL or indeed anyone who opposes the multi culti wet dream of the liberal left.