Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bet this doesn't go down as a hate crime

One of the things I occasionally rail at is the double standards in the law in which if a violent crime is committed by a white person against someone of a different colour it's treated differently if the positions were revered. A case of if you're white you have to prove an attack against you was racist, whereas if you're the perpetrator you have to prove it wasn't, for as we all know, only white people can be racist..
A teenager has been viciously stabbed to death as he tried to flee a gang of youths.
Police launched a murder investigation after 18-year-old Danny O'Shea was found bleeding from stab wounds in Gill Avenue, Newham, east London last night.
A police spokesman said earlier that next of kin had been informed but formal identification had not yet taken place.
There have been no arrests.John MacDonald, detective chief inspector of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: 'We believe that the victim may have been chased from Butchers Road at the junction of Hooper Road down into Boreham Avenue, E16. The people chasing him comprised of a group of black males.
I'd also care to place real money that if the police do not catch the perpetrators, this poor young man will not be another Stephen Lawrence and have millions spent over him trying to prosecute again and again just to make yourselves appear not institutionally racist.
Danny O'Shea, if he were any colour other than white have a publicity campaign whipped up by a media frenzy if he had been stabbed by a group of white males. No stone would have been left unturned, public enquiries would have been instituted and the state would have spent millions on investigating the causes and trying to place the blame on the indigenous (racist) English.
I do hope the ones who did this are caught, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be almost impossible to prove this was a race hate crime, whereas if the colours were reversed, it would be almost impossible to prove it wasn't.
Such is the hypocrisy built into our social and legal systems, where only those who are not white English get the full benefit of the law and our legal system.

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JuliaM said...

Oh, well, at least we seem to have got over the MONA habit...

Antisthenes said...

I often wondered about this Eastern affinity for balance and harmony. Reading your article it suddenly struck me what they mean. What you have demonstrated that when something is out of balance in this case how racism is viewed where only one side of the scale has importance. Then harmony is not achievable and all that implies. It strikes me that humans nearly always achieve imbalances which tells me that we are not really an animal species that are equipped for survival. How we have made it this far has been more by luck than design and unless we change that luck is going to run out one of these days. I am not talking green here as the balance between Greens and sceptics is as much out of balance as everything else. In the Greens favour but to alls disadvantage.

DerekP said...

JuliaM said...

"Oh, well, at least we seem to have got over the MONA habit..."

I think those wanting to push political correctness were undermined in this tactic by the general response of the public living in the real world, i.e. if the description of observed violent attackers was omitted then people understood this must be code for some favoured group.

More and more, the world the MSM likes to report isn't matching peoples' real experiences. Something's going to give.

Senior said...

What evidence is there that this was a race hate crime?

Just because the attackers were one colour and the victim was another doesn't make the crime a race hate crime. For it to be a race hate crime, the gang would have had to attack him because of his race.

If you have evidence it was a race hate crime, you should pass it onto the police. If you don't, I wonder why you are so quick to conclude it was a race hate crime? I think you want it to be and hope it is a race hate crime.

Typical reaction of somebody who is obsessed with race. I don't care about the races of the criminals or the victims. It is sad that another person has been stabbed to death.

Anonymous said...


Oh for goodness sake, if this had been a white on black attack, it would have been classed as a race hate crime.

Do you live in this country? do you read the MSM?, an attack on a black or asian person in my country is taken as said, a race attack, when a white person is attacked, there's not a sound.

Quiet_Man said...


As I said, "it will be almost impossible to prove this was a race hate crime, whereas if the colours were reversed, it would be almost impossible to prove it wasn't."
That's the point I'm making, I'm not obsessed by race, just the hypocrisy of a system that's seemingly designed only to view things one way, by comparing the Lawrence case with this one.

The Machinist's Wife said...

Quiet man,

Glad you're not being quiet on this. It seems the same in all the western

"it will be almost impossible to prove this was a race hate crime, whereas if the colours were reversed, it would be almost impossible to prove it wasn't."

Same situation here in Australia. Not on such a large scale as Britain, but it will come...

JuliaM said...

@Senior: "Typical reaction of somebody who is obsessed with race. "

No, not really, Typical reaction of someone who knows well the tactics of the progressives...

Chris said...

What evidence is there that this was a race hate crime?

You seen to have forgotten McPherson's Rule: "the definition of a racist incident should be any incident which is perceived as racist by the victim or any other person."

Perception of racism is all the evidence required.

DerekP said...

Maybe MONA sometimes needs to be replaced with MONAM (Men Of No Apparent Motive)?

But it certainly looks like hate to me:
A gang of men openly and relentlessly pursuing a lone victim in broad daylight, chasing him for 300 yards to corner him, and when finally helpless, when a beating would have been bad enough instead using a weapon for a deliberate fatal strike.

Maybe for some others it will be 'self-defence' or some cultural 'respect' thing.

Or maybe it was a 'heat of the moment' reflex (a reflex which took more than the time to run 300 yards).

Hmmm. Nope, still looks deliberate and intentional to me. Have the MSM or police come up with any motive for such a deliberate attack and killing?

Anonymous said...

I was going to describe the standard method of dealing with cases when a white person is racially murdered, when I spotted this article which provides sufficient outline to illustrate the basic format.

Essentially, the family of the victim are contacted by the police and "advisors" from the "community cohesion" outfit, and persuaded that any allusion to racism as a motive would be "damaging" and might "prejudice" the case.
A "statement" is then drawn up and the family quoted as agreeing with the "advice" given.

The rest follows an observable pattern, which, when contrasted with the method of dealing with alleged crimes against enrichers by Whites, is seen to be the total opposite.