Monday, June 2, 2014

The end result (so far) of pandering to extremism

It has been a truism of politicians and the political classes over the last two decades at least to give lip service to the false doctrines of multiculturalism and political correctness. Slowly over the years this poisonous fruit of placing the desires of the few ahead of the wishes of the many has caused a change in our nation where speaking your mind or advancing even mild criticism of certain groups and religions has led to arrests of the complainants and/or a torrent of abuse heaped upon them by the self loathing leftards and compliant idiots of the UK establishment.
Yet slowly the truth of their pandering to extremists who they placed above criticism and investigation has come to light via the grooming scandals, barbaric butchery of ordinary people and the attempt finally to infiltrate our education system...
The head of Ofsted is expected to reveal six schools have been placed in special measures following worrying evidence of religious interference in the classroom
Teachers are to be sent on training programmes to help them stop extremism entering the classroom, as damning reports show that some state schools have been imposing Islamic practices and attitudes.
The reports are due to be published by the education watchdog Ofsted next week, after inspectors carried out emergency checks in 21 schools in Birmingham following complaints of homophobia, the segregation of boys and girls in some lessons, refusal to teach sex education, bullying and invitations to extremists to speak at assemblies.
It is understood six schools, including Park View Academy, have been placed in special measures after inspectors found worrying evidence of religious interference in the classroom.
According to The Sunday Times, Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, will claim next week that children in Birmingham are being denied a “rounded education” to prepare them for life as British citizens.
The Ofsted boss is expected to warn the education secretary Michael Gove that his inspectors have found evidence of some governing bodies being dominated by individuals intent on changing the character of schools.
This sadly is what islam does, it attempts first to ingratiate itself in a society when a tiny minority and when it grows it seeks to bend said society to its ways first by persuasion and finally by violence and intimidation until it becomes a majority and the country involved is simply another islamic shithole that the people want to get out of as islam as a political concept is deeply flawed and highly unworkable. Yet that doesn't stop islamists from hating and wanting to destroy societies from without and within who don't bow the knee to their demonic demigod.
What Ofsted has found will turn out to be the tip of the iceberg as the first arrests in the grooming scandal were the tip in that particular islamic activity. The islamic communities either cover up or ignore the activities of their extremists and let them get on with destroying the society they live in.
This is why islam is incompatible with western civilisation, it seeks not to integrate, but to dominate and destroy, that's why it needs to be rooted out completely and expunged from our shores, if we do not, it surely will destroy the land we live in beyond all recognition.

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never60 said...

quote: '...... if we do not, it surely will destroy the land we live in beyond all recognition.'

it will? it already has.

Kath lissenden said...

these sort of incidents have been ignored for many years, and I really don't see it stopping any time soon especially when you consider the curious case of Tower Hamlets
How has this been allowed to happen inside our own boarders, ballot rigging, voter intimidation and a total turn around of votes within a matter of hours.
For me this is more worrying than the schools issue, because Tower Hamlets is now an Islamic state within the boundaries of our capital city. Lutfur Rahman is clearly guilty of something so why in gods name has the man not only not been arrested but been allowed to take a second term in this rotten borough.It's all a bit Blackadder only not very funny in this case.

Anonymous said...

Are we heading for "rivers of blood"?

Oldrightie said...

I fully endorse yet another to the point post. However, Never60 is not quite correct. In rural areas there is still a good semblance of Old Albion, warts and all. History has proven the efficacy of a "peasants" revolt!

James Higham said...

It's time right now for firmness but who will be firm with them?

Anonymous said...

The doctrine of PC has been dominant in the UK for 50 years.
The doctrine of Islam has been dominant over a third of the world for 1300 years.
I wonder which one will 'win'.

Anonymous said...

Churchill said it..." the appeaser is the one who feeds the crocodile hoping he will be eaten last"

john in cheshire said...

QM, well said. I posted something similar (though shorter) on HarrysPlace some time ago only to the told to fuck off by SarahAB.