Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aiding the recovery

Only an utter lunatic, leftard or EUphile will believe that picking peoples pockets by way of taxation will aid the recovery. By taking more away from us they believe the government will assist growth by spending it on projects they believe will be popular.
Brussels has infuriated ministers with a provocative series of proposals to boost economic growth in Britain – including higher taxes, new levies on expensive homes, and more free childcare.
The European Commission acknowledged the UK economy had roared back to life over the past year, but warned of ‘imbalances’ that required action from the Treasury.
In an assessment of the state of the main EU economies, the Commission identified ‘risks in the housing sector’ as a problem for the UK and backed calls from other international organisations for the state’s Help to Buy scheme to be reined in.
Considering that the UK's recovery even if a lot of us haven't noticed is racing away from our EU rivals you'd almost suspect that the EU was trying to trip us up to help said rivals regain some ground. It's the typical solution of the leftards though, the magic money tree economics that caused the recession to be even worse than it actually had to be by pumping masses of cash via quantitative easing into the economy only to cause problems with inflation and see no measurable results by the use of it either, other than saddling the taxpayer with enough debt to cause our great grandchildren to be in hock up to their eyeballs.
The UK electors rejected EU meddling in the last election even if the biggest winner was the can't be arsed to vote party. You'd suspect they'd try to keep their heads down for a while, well you might, but the hubris of those idiots knows no bounds. As far as they are concerned, they know best and the rest of us have to simply do as they say, or that's the plan and always has been...

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Bloke with a Boat said...

You think that's bad? Consider what they are talking about doing to Germany:


Kath lissenden said...

and still they don't learn all this on top of http://kathdoesitherway.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/and-still-eu-just-dont-get-it.html
this which came less than a week after the elections.
They just can't help themselves, it's like someone over in Brussels pressed a self destruct button and we are nearing t- 10 rapidly, yet still they belch out utter tripe like it's going out of fashion.

subrosa said...

We must get out because the consequences of staying in are too horrendous to imagine.