Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The enemy within

The Home Office is responsible for dealing with illegal immigration, unfortunately due to previous wishy washy legislation, the Human Rights Act and the indolence and corruption of the Borders Agency and its leadership it faces an uphill task. A task not made any easier by leftard moles working within its structure warning about raids on businesses employing illegals...
A Whitehall mole has sabotaged hundreds of raids against immigrants working illegally in Britain by leaking sensitive government documents to activists, it was claimed last night.
Small businesses suspected of illicitly employing foreigners were tipped off after a radical protest group was covertly handed the hit-list.
The Home Office launched a two-week crackdown – codenamed Operation Centurion – to target workplaces, including care homes, hotels and restaurants and construction sites that were believed to be employing illegal immigrants.
But the Anti Raids Network, a left-wing pressure group, said it had warned the companies to expect officials to bang on the door after being passed the paperwork by the mole, Channel 4 News claimed.
The leak threatens to scupper the crackdown by allowing illegal workers to escape capture. The Anti Raids Network said it was justified because the swoops were ‘racially-profiled and unfair’ – a claim the Home Office said was ‘abhorrent and completely without foundation.’ It said the raids were ‘intelligence-led’.
One can only presume the dearth of actual intellect in a leftard group who believe that going after illegal immigrants is racist as by definition they will be of another race/nation/culture/religion to which the current definition of racist  seems to cover like a wet blanket. Generally illegals are economic migrants and work under the radar of the system for slave wages and do not contribute generally to the economy save in the area of VAT on sales of whatever they produce for their employer. They don't pay tax, they leech off the system in general and take jobs from those who actually are entitled to them. Naturally leftards love them as they in a very small way destroy trust in the system by their presence though how the moronic left justify the profits made by an employer indulging in employing illegals demonstrates hypocrisy of the highest order.
Unfortunately the civil service is rife with people who lean to the left in extreme ways they constantly sabotage government programs and their unions are amongst the most hard core militants of the TUC and who use their membership to rob the public via the taxpayer to pay for benefits the private sector workforce can only dream of.
That some are traitors to their country is a given, it's what the left do...

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Mr. Morden said...

It has probably been said here many times before but, It is easier to define the Left, for what it stands against, rather what it stands for.

In this case, they stand against those that employ and pay their wages. People, mostly young, black and white, but probably mostly black, struggle to find employment because they are being priced out of work.

It all reminds me of those 'Animal Rights Activists' who, did not like the fur trade so, let out all the mink into the wild. Yes, they felt sorry for the poor mink, who wouldn't, but, not a thought was given to the impact on the natural wildlife on which these creatures would prey on. Such is their narrowness of views and thought. Backed up by an excuse, their is always one, to justify their stupid, damaging, and in some instances, illegal activities. They think they are some how above the law because they have some greater moral compass.

One day, a Psychology Professor might do a study on these people to see what makes them tick. There could be a Nobel Prize in it, as a cure from these people could be the next best thing to finding one for cancer.