Sunday, June 1, 2014

The idiocy of the easily offended

The are those out there who are easily offended, they are the type who can get a program suspended with one complaint, cause major offence to others by being offended in their name, even find offence where there essentially is none. They tend to be self loathing types who look for problems and issues where there are none and who seek the glare of publicity for their fifteen minutes of fame to highlight an 'issue' which essentially isn't...
Customers say the £3 St George's Cross, with the word "England" on the red cross looks like the hoods worn by the racist US organisation
Supermarket Asda has defended a "wearable England flag" it has launched for the World Cup after claims it resembles a Ku Klux Klan outfit.
The £3 St George's Cross, with the word "England" on the red cross, features a hood which Asda said was to allow fans to wear it and stay dry despite the unpredictable British weather.
But some fans took to Twitter to point out what they believe were similarities with the hoods worn by the racist US organisation, also known by its initials "KKK".
One user called Kieran posted a picture of himself at his @KieranCPhoto account, writing: "Asda are selling wearable England flags, they look dodgy to say the least ..."
Another user called Simon replied on his @HungryHatter account: "'ENGLAND RULES OKKK' Honestly, do Asda simply not bother to see how these things look when worn? *sigh*"
As the KKK aren't an English organisation, nor do they have much if any support in England clearly this is a case of morons with too much time on their hands. Nor as far as I can tell do the hoodie flags cover the face and have eye holes in them as the KKK outfits do.

England fan
KKK member

Rather easy to spot the difference you might think.
I'm rather surprised that local witches and wizards haven't come out of the woodwork to complain about associating to their beliefs by wearing a pointy hat, nor anyone who wore a dunces cap either complaining about the memories invoked either come to that.
I suppose you could even get complaints about the Guatemalan cucurucho garb being mocked if you really want to get down to some serious being offended.

Cucurucho style
You see its only a flag, not an outfit and not meant to offend anyone, though the easily offended will no doubt continue to believe that anyone who drapes themselves with the flag of St George is a racist (closet or otherwise) simply because their self loathing will not allow them to do anything else.
It's one of those things where if you go looking for something long enough and hard enough, you'll find it, even if no one else save a few of your fellow morons can see it or wants to see it.

2 annotations:

The Jannie said...

I'm more concerned that Asda's buyers think that England fans are daft enough to wear it . . . oh, hang on a minute . . .

Kath lissenden said...

We went to the ASDA site to try and buy one of these "offensive" T shirts just so we could offend a few people, sadly they had sold out.
So we have put in a request for them to notify us when they are back in stock.
We may even buy half a dozen and save them for a rainy day (ho ho) and the dog needs a new coat for the inclement weather.
I really despair of these idiots and you are of course right in everything you say.
But sadly the left wing have brain washed the younger generation with politically correct clap trap in schools across the nation for the last 20 years and so we have a generation of people who can make offense out of a soggy brown paper bag, a black cup of coffee, the word slope and black jelly sweets, when actually there is no offense just the desire to be offended.