Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nothing changes

Rochdale, the town where children of all genders were at risk because institutional blindness, corruption and fear of racism or the authorities had child abuse happening on almost an industrial scale.
In May 2012, nine men were jailed for horrific abuse committed against teenage girls in the town. It made headlines all round the world.
When the father of one of the victims called me to tell me how his daughter’s cries for help had been ignored by the authorities I started to make my own enquiries. I spoke to the director of children’s services, Cheryl Eastwood, and was staggered by her attitude. She implied that young girls who were being systematically raped were making lifestyle choices and said that this kind of abuse was ‘a new phenomenon’ on which they [social services] hadn’t received guidance. You don’t need guidance from central government to know that when someone is reporting being raped it’s seriously wrong, I told her.
A few weeks earlier, a police officer had told me fellow officers had suggested the victims on council estates should have been drowned at birth. It also emerged that when one of the girls reported her abuse to a police officer, the officer yawned.
The cover-up of abuse by Cyril Smith (former Rochdale MP), the failed police investigations into his crimes, had ensured the public cry of outrage that needed to be heard was silenced.
For Smith’s young victims it was because they were bad boys from troublesome backgrounds who needed disciplining.
For the young girls who were victims of grooming gangs it was because they were bad girls from troublesome backgrounds who were making lifestyle choices.
This is what happens when the people in power decide that they know best, this is what happens when dogma trumps decency. When protecting the perpetrators because of their position or religion or colour of their skin became far more important than protecting the victims of their abuse.
Yet not one single prosecution will be brought against the council, its social services department, the Liberal Democrat Party who connived with the police to cover up Smith's crimes, the police or anyone else connected to the wholesale abuse who ignored it or actually hid it deliberately because to them the victims were lesser breeds and deserved (somehow) what was happening to them.
Even today Rochdale and those in power there are in denial of what happened, there has been no apologies and there are still ongoing attempts to sweep things under the carpet. Those who ignored the victims were even allowed to leave taking golden handshakes with them and are still at work elsewhere in the same business.
These people ruined kids lives as much as their abusers did, yet they've gotten away scot free, the next scandal comes along and they hope we forget. The corruption goes all the way to the top and won't stop until we hang them all.

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Kath lissenden said...

and yet we are repeatedly told of this new Big Brother culture "if you have done nothing wrong and nothing to hide you have no need to worry"
And I still say "that rather depends on who's making the decisions of what is classed as "wrong" " because the people making the decisions currently are fatally flawed and morally corrupt liers.
I agree with you hang the bloody lot.

Anonymous said...

The big question is how the f**k did this once great country end up with these 650 grotesque MPs FFS?

Robert the Biker said...

This will continue until the WHITE children abused by the SHIT OF ISLAM (corrected that for you!) are avenged by putting bounty on the bastards, in or out of prison, and having them physically eliminated.
A clue, islam reveres strength and despises weakness; we are seen as weak, so correct that error for them and this will not occur again.
I have two teenage girls, should this happen to them, the perpetrators are dead, their families to the third male descendant are dead and the imam at their (burning) mosque is dead! I will happily sit in Pentonville with a big grin on my clock, at least I could look my girls in the face.