Sunday, April 13, 2014

Took their time didn't they?

The islamic republic of Tower Hamlets has been the centre of islamic extremism and electoral corruption in the UK for at least a decade now. Blogs like this and others have been repeating the allegations and news from the area for a number of years and even the MSM has disclosed a great deal of details on what's allegedly been going on.
As ever it seems to take a few years before the government and the political classes to catch on to what's going on with the concerns of the general public rather than back a losing horse in the name of multi-culturalism and diversity.
A London council at the centre of an investigation into alleged fraud is also under scrutiny over its links to Islamic extremism, according to a classified government document leaked to The Telegraph.
Ministers sent inspectors to Tower Hamlets council, in east London, last week to investigate the alleged abuse of public resources to reward supporters of Lutfur Rahman, its controversial directly-elected mayor.
However, the leaked document, classified “restricted”, makes it clear there may be another, publicly unstated motive for the action — deep concern among ministers and the Prime Minister over the council’s alleged support for extremist-linked bodies.
As early as last year, the document shows, David Cameron’s task force tackling extremism and radicalisation secretly drew up a special “Tower Hamlets action plan” to address problems with the council.
MI5, police counter-terrorism command, a number of other agencies and “senior local officers” from the council itself have “discreetly” provided information about the authority, it says.
Three community centres owned by the council or its housing agency, Tower Hamlets Homes, are named as venues for extremist activity in the area’s “counter-terrorism local profile”, according to the document.
Two are used by al-Muhajiroun, a group linked to dozens of convicted terrorists. Another has been the venue for weekly meetings of the racist and separatist party Hizb ut-Tahrir, and “may still” be, the document says.
Isn't it nice to know that those who hate the UK are being given cash, facilities and support in our communities? Now granted what an individual believes is none of anyone's business, save only if it impinges harmfully on others, which islam tends to do in spades. Misogyny, homophobia, intolerance, corruption and separatism are not of course unique to islam, other religions have their moments too, but only islam does not play by civilised rules and insists that its way is the only way and anyone disagreeing either has to pay protection money (Jews and Christians only) or dies (everyone else) in its most basic form. That there are a lot of decent muslims out there appears to be despite their religion rather than because of it.
Yet why do I have the suspicion if say the BNP had won control over a council and had managed to persuade people to elect a BNP mayor that had they created a mess in proportion to the one in Tower Hamlets would never have gotten so far and that arrests would have been made and politicians and councillors disbarred from standing in elections? I mean I might be wrong, but somehow I doubt it as 'ol whitey' either tends not to be so corrupt or when they do, different rules apply, save only if they are politicians of course.
I rather expect the dog and pony show that is the islamic republic of Tower Hamlets to roll and roll as any arrests made will only be replaced by further corrupt individuals, either that or they'll get off by playing the race card.
It's what they do after all...

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never60 said...

'that there are a lot of decent muslims out there......'
time and again the 'decent' moslems express shock AFTER the terrorist outrage has occurred. never before the outrage. and we are expected to believe that none of them had so much as a clue that there were evil plans afoot.
well I, for one, don't believe that no-one EVER has a clue. I think that lots of people know what's going on, but don't want to say anything.
and we are supposed to think of these people as 'decent'. I don't think they are decent. they are as complicit as the bomb making and planting person. the whole lot of them are complicit in murder. they are a disease destroying England, and should be cut out and the wound cauterised.