Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pointless no, but liable to be sabotaged yes...

Labour appear to have come up with an idea that I've been in favour of in the past...
Actually no, they've come up with an idea similar in which rather than have teachers working as self employed on a fixed term contract by a school, they want them to be licensed with a licence coming under renewal every so often.
They believe it will make it easy to get rid of the teachers who can't or won't teach to a given standard...
Teachers would have to be licensed every few years in order to work in England's state schools under a future Labour government, the BBC has learned.
Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said regular re-licensing of teachers would allow the worst ones to be sacked whilst helping others to receive more training and development.
The last government made a similar proposal for what became known as "classroom MOTs" but then dropped it.
Unions criticised it as "pointless".
I suspect the teaching unions who think it pointless may just be a tad worried over their activists not getting a license renewal as many of them are 'Pilgrims' and don't actually teach at all and it might be a tad tricky getting a renewal approval from your head teacher if you don't actually do anything save sup at the taxpayer teat (well I can hope)
Personally I reckon my thoughts in that they should be self employed works a lot better and will require a lot less in the way of bureaucracy. After all, the choice would then be down to a headmaster (him/herself subject to a contract held by the school board) and they could choose to only allow the best to re-apply for the posts and get rid of anyone not up to scratch.
So... expect Labour to drop this if elected, have it torn to shreds by their union paymasters or put in a measure clogged with so much bureaucracy that it costs a fortune to run and means nicely paid jobs for the boys...
Probably the last knowing Labour.

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Ricke said...

I agree this will never happen to teachers, infact there are many things that I don't agree with Labour but I may still vote for them, and also Cameron speaks sense on some matters too.

This open minded approach to all thing political may seem odd to bloggers , out in the real world its really quite common.

The real issue of course in all this mularky with teachers is that you virtually can't sack anyone these days whatever job they are doing.

Infact the most of the people i know who have been sacked over recent years have been non union members who didn't put up a fight and just walked, clued up workers with union membership can take the piss for years, Muslims and Blacks are are almost untouchable.

Tarka the Rotter said...

I always find it amusing that unreformed unregulated politicians can't wait to reform and regulate everybody else...but I digress. As an former headteacher I have to say there is merit in Hunt's proposal (and indeed in the idea of freelance teachers working under fixed contract). What worries me about any such proposal from Labour is that this can also be a weapon to get rid of those teachers who find teaching about same sex marriage objectionable (or whatever the latest politically correct ukase happens to be). Who is going to certify teachers? Who watches the watchers?