Friday, January 10, 2014

Not really a surprise

The odious Keith Vaz made headlines last week greeting a Romanian jobseeker at Luton airport who was apparently one of the first of a veritable tidal wave of immigrants heading here to work/seek benefits.
So naturally it comes as no surprise that the guy who he greeted has done a runner...
Romanian migrant Victor Spirescu’s career at a car wash lasted just a day before he quit, it emerged last night.
Spirescu, 30, arrived in Britain on New Year’s Day to be greeted at Luton airport by Labour MP Keith Vaz – the chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee.
Spirescu was one of the first to arrive as controls on migrants from Romania and Bulgaria lapsed.
Earlier this week it emerged that Victor had a previous conviction for assaulting his former girlfriend in Bucharest in 2009.
Doesn't appear to be that nice a character so it's no wonder Vaz chose him.
Now as he's an EU citizen and not a criminal basically he can go where he wants and do as he wants so long as it's lawful in the UK. Which is probably why Viviane Reding the vice-president of the European Commission has told us all today that it's the fault of anti-immigration politicians who are going to wreck our future in the United States of Europe...
On top of that apparently Romania wants the term illegal immigrant banned and those who are illegals given access to the National Health Service...
Oh and Derby City Council have decided to spend £120,000 to fund a programme to help eastern Europeans find work at the same time it is sacking 350 staff.
And just to rub salt in the wound...
The British people must not be given a say on whether to leave the European Union because it is a ‘lottery’ which way they will vote, Lord Mandelson claimed today.
The former Labour Cabinet minister said Britain’s EU membership is ‘absolutely fundamental’ and must not be put ‘in the hands’ of an unpredictable referendum.
 So even if we don't like where all this is going, there are those out there in the pro-EU ranks who are hell bent on denying us a choice if we should stay or go because it might produce a result they don't want.
And yet they wonder why the EU becomes more unpopular by the day...

2 annotations:

Kath lissenden said...

And that is poetic justice it couldn't happen to a nastier man I detest Keith Vaz with a passion he is an odious nasty little criminal, full of double standards and the chief culprit in my humble view of the racism myth, he is the consummate hypocrite and an inveterate liar.
He is the man who would yell racist at someone eating a black jelly baby.
He is corrupt and unpleasant in a way that makes my skin crawl, the epitome of the double standard and repulses me more than any other being on the planet. In short I really don't like him and I hope he falls down a very deep hole and is never recovered.
So that something this funny happened to him is poetic justice and has made my day.
If we ever got a referendum fairly worded about EU choices it would be a flaming miracle, it just won't happen and if it did it would be so slanted it would not even be worth taking part and using the vote.

Anonymous said...

Lord Mandelson of Hypocrisy is another political prostitute in receipt of a substantial EU pension which he risks losing if he speaks ill of the EUSSR. He therefore repeats what his political paymasters says rather than what he believes. Like Clegg and his ilk, why should anyone believe what he says?