Thursday, January 9, 2014


I don't use social media, I barely use my pc for blogging and my phone for texting come to that. Not that I'm a technophobe, few engineers are and I co-exist quite happily with various test equipment linked to pc's or with their own output/input monitors.
Yet even if I did, I certainly wouldn't announce to the world where I was or if I was going somewhere, were I to be so stupid as to be on the run from the police, doubly so.
There are some though...
A THIEF who went on the run for almost a year after stealing £8,000 from his workplace was arrested after positing his location on Facebook.
The 33-year-old stole thousands from the safe at a travel agents in Warrington before running off to Scotland for 10 months.
He was arrested after posting his location on Facebook and was jailed for a year at Chester Crown Court.
PC Graham Davies from Cheshire Police said: "I nearly fell off the chair when I saw that he had decided to not only leave his Facebook profile unprotected but also list his new employer. It was very rewarding to get this offender."
Initially I was wondering why the police are monitoring facebook rather than being out on the beat, however having seen what the police do take seriously on social media and some of the ridiculous arrests made because of faux outrage by various people I probably shouldn't have been wondering at all, it makes for easy arrests and boosts their figures, though sadly does little to stop actual crime other than childish insult. That said, it does strike me that this guy really should have known better because the police may have been informed by anyone looking at his page. You also have to wonder why the idiot didn't change his name or open a different account...
So what's happened is this numpty has justified the police trawling social media for crimes both real and imagined.
Clearly we are turning into a nation of dullards.

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Rickie said...

The problem is people think the tinternet is la la land, some of the posts i have read encouraging people to break the law with Lawful Rebellion hippy religion as an excuse is staggering.