Sunday, January 12, 2014


There have (as ever) been calls that owing to the current hoo-hah over the current Commissioner of the Metropoloitan Police over the Plebgate affair, corruption at Scotland Yard and questions over his own role as a former South Yorkshire officer in the aftermath of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.that the next Commissioner should be from an 'ethnic minority' background.
SCOTLAND Yard has a “diversity crisis” and should be forced to consider appointing a black or Muslim officer as its next commissioner, an influential MP urged last night.
Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, said trust in the country’s biggest force was being eroded and it was time for “dramatic” solutions.
He said a form of positive ­discrimination was needed to ensure at least one candidate on the next shortlist to run the Yard was from an ethnic minority background.
The country’s highest ranking ethnic minority officer is the Met’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan, meaning a black woman could soon become ­Britain’s top police officer.
Essentially they are saying that 'old whitey' needn't apply as they wouldn't be considered for the post should they get their way. Nor do I believe that Scotland Yard has a diversity crisis, I rather suspect that they have invented this as an excuse for their fifteen minuted media grab to try and push their racist agenda. (although their view is that ethnic minorities cannot be racist no matter what they do) Despite current statistics which show owing to their backgrounds and upbringing that certain minority groups are corrupt to the core because they always put their family/tribe/countrymen first.
Nor does the fact that certain minority (ex) officers scandalous behaviour such as Ali Dizaei who if not for some courageous whistle-blowers his meteoric rise through the ranks might have ended up with him being the Commissioner, was only halted after he was exposed as a liar and a crook by the Daily Mail.
Meaning that just because someone is from an ethnic minority shouldn't make them fit for any job, never mind a top one.
No, this is just another attempt at tokenism writ large by those who believe all whites are racist and that only ethnic minorities are fit to lead us.

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wiggia said...

The only crisis is Keith Vaz, Parliaments very own version of a bar of soap.

Mr. Morden said...

The Front Benches of both the Government and the Official Opposition look hideously white to me. may be they too need a bit of diversity ?

I mean, what's sauce for the goose etc..

James Higham said...

Old whitey's persona non grata.