Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So not the EDL then?

Not that I'm expecting anything like a retraction or an apology from the various leftard commentators who were determined that the one man race attacks in the UK which left a muslim grandfather dead were anything other than by the EDL, despite most so called attacks being eventually traced to other immigrants or indeed muslims themselves despite the lies put out by Tell MAMA etc.
A Ukrainian white supremacist murdered a Muslim pensioner and bombed three mosques as he waged a one-man race war in Britain.
Just five days after arriving in the country, Pavlo Lapshyn, 25, killed Mohammed Saleem by stabbing him three times from behind as the 82-year-old made his way home from evening prayers.
The ‘evil and calculating’ PhD student – who once posed with the British Ambassador when he was awarded the chance to work in Britain – also ordered bomb-making materials online as he plotted mass murder in a series of mosque attacks.
Shocking eh? Not even British and an immigrant to boot, guess the leftards will just have to go looking for something else to try and pin on the EDL despite all the other things eventually turning out to be either themselves or muslims.
The mosque attack after the butchery of Lee Rigby that had the words EDL spray painted outside... went very quiet on that one, mostly because it's being investigated as an insurance fraud.
The islamic school fire... went very quiet on that one after arrests were made, couldn't possibly be because the arrests were of pupils there now could it?
All the accusations by the pro islamic Tell Mama group that were held up as an example of an extremist reaction which were debunked by Andrew Gilligan... all fallen by the wayside.
Not that you'll convince a leftard or other that the EDL aren't dangerous extremists despite the alarming lack of evidence that they are no such thing. They know and if they keep digging they'll find the evidence... or make it up as they go along which is actually par for the course.
A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on is a well known saying. Something our politicians, media and the insane left practice daily as people usually read the headlines and never the retraction.
Then they wonder why tensions keep increasing...

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Kath lissenden said...

Of course we all knew it was never going to be the EDL, but yet another disgruntled foreigner with yet another axe to grind.
Seems to me the cultural enrichers of all nationalities are never happy unless they are screaming racism or trying to bump each other off in some vile and nasty way.
I am tired of reading the bullshit the press print about the EDL, I am even more tired of listening to the idiots who say EVERYONE inside the EDL is a nazi, fascist, racist. I am none of the above I am just an ordinary middle England housewife and mother who has spent her life dedicated to her family in a very quiet small seaside town. What changed me was A/ moving away from my protected cocoon to a big city dominated by Muslims who ARE the rudest most ignorant people on the planet (and that is from personal experience, and I have always been pleasant polite and very upper middle class English), and B/ when Islamic extremists beheaded a soldier in broad daylight on the streets of our capital city, I thought "My God that could have been my son" (A serving British soldier, 1st class army medic who saved Afghan lives in Afghanistan as well as those of British personnel not just once but twice)I realised that the things I had been hearing about Islam and Jihad was not rubbish but a very real threat. I have spent time on the EDL message boards and talked to all sorts of people NONE of whom are the fascist Nazis the press say they are, but rather concerned English residents of all creeds, religions, sexual, orientations and colours. It's about time more people STOPPED making judgment and assumptions and actually found out the truth for themselves like I did. Instead of listening to a wishy washy left wing biased press. After all Assume makes an Ass out of u and Me! The majority in the EDL are not dumb enough to go around further damaging the EDL's public image by this sort of behaviour because they know if they do no one will ever take them seriously. Of course like any organisation they attract an element but I have to say the UAF attract a far more extreme, fascist and violent following than I have come into contact with in the EDL.The trouble is so many in the UK today never look past the nose on their face and NEED to be told what to think by the so called great and good, mainly because thanks to our politicians society has been so dumbed down that these types are too stupid to think for themselves and too afraid they will offend some cultural enricher who see racism at the drop of a hat and have such a massive chip on their shoulders that they spend 99% of their time looking for Racism and are therefore bound to find it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Very, very well said Kath, an excellent post. I agree with everything you've said.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, isn't it. One of the left's pets (immigrants) killing another of their pets (muslims). It's a wonder that their empty little heads don't explode. Bwahahahaha

Ted Treen said...

QM, the expression "the insane left" is as fine an example of tautology as I've ever seen.