Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't panic, don't panic!

The dark side of the political spectrum aka the Lib Dems have told the news media that Cameron is panicking over energy prices. Which might be true, he is a politician after all and power is the drug of choice for him. It does however strike me that he's panicking for the right reasons in that energy prices look like being his downfall and he really needed to realise that green taxation in particular was a millstone around his neck that he didn't really need.
The Liberal Democrats have accused David Cameron of making a "panicky U-turn" after he announced a review of green energy taxes.
The prime minister said household bills were at "unacceptable levels" and promised to "roll back" regulations introduced by Labour.
But a senior Lib Dem source said Mr Cameron had got "cold feet" on environmental policy promises.
Labour also criticised the PM, but he promised to help cut people's bills.
Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith said Mr Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband were "Muppets" in their attitude to energy policy.
Cameron said, said the government's focus was on dealing with the aspects of energy bills it could control. Green taxes, he said, accounted for £112 of the average annual dual fuel bill and should be reduced.
Oh a dastardly attack by Cameron on something invented for something which doesn't really exist other than in the minds of enviroloonies and greedy on the make politicians. I mean how dare he remove a massive barrier in the path of people who don't wish to freeze to death in their homes because energy companies have to increase their prices within their own and the governments greed?
For a lot of our elderly it's become a choice between heating your home or eating, indeed almost 9,000 winter related deaths in the UK happen because of the fact that our old simply cannot stay warm enough due to government interference in their bills. Sure it's not the only cause, but it is a major factor, something the government and the enviroloonies refuse to even admit is directly due to their meddling.
Green taxes kill our elderly and sick, they've pushed ordinary families into what is described as fuel poverty. Cameron may be panicking, but at least he's panicking in the right direction...

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Kath lissenden said...

For us it has become a choice between food and heat, last year we chose food, we had to wear 5 layers of clothing in bed at night and during the day even more. It was very difficult for my husband because he is disabled and broke his back 2 years ago so the cold makes him very ill. He spent most of the winter in bed under 4 duvets and 5 layers of clothing. We just could not afford to have the electric storage heaters on our electric was costing £50 a week with the heaters on for one hour a day, we had to switch off.
This year a new house and gas central heating but again I doubt we will be able to put it on as the prices have sky rocketed once more just in time for winter, my only hope is as we wont be using so much electric we can spread the cost across gas and electric to benefit from some heat some days. I am dreading it.

Quiet_Man said...

My sympathies Kath, it's a difficult choice for many and it can all be more or less laid at the doors of the government, environmentalists and the energy companies themselves. No one begrudges them the right to make a profit, but with all the 'extras' tacked on as well, greed not compassion along with ecological zeal and not common decency has put many in the same position as you.
People will die and their blood can be laid right at the feet of those above, but it won't make any difference at all to them really, not till we start stringing them up.

Kath lissenden said...

Agreed no one expects them to do it as a charity but to make it affordable would be nice. The amount we pay for fuel in the winter is 2/3 of our weekly income, my husband is only 50 and has worked full time since he was 13 up until he broke his spine. He worked for the civil service as a jobcentre manager for 12 years and also as head of debt for the RBS paid vast sums in taxes and is not treated like some kind of scrounger.
He has recently been told he is on the fit to work list so another battle ensues as he can not even take himself to the toilet. Some days I despair, but we have to laugh and count our blessings compared to others we are doing okay. I don't blame the energy companies after all they are there to make money I blame the politicians who say "I could live on £50.00 a week, easy said if you live in an Ivory tower wanting for nothing awarding yourself massive pay rises whilst cutting the rest of us off at the roots.
I would love to see them live as we do during the winter months they may just learn something. :)

Kath lissenden said...

*paid vast sums in taxes and is not treated like some kind of scrounger.*
Should read *is now* apologies.

Fahrenheit211 said...

The Lib Dems, probably one of the most untrustworthy political parties currently on the political scene. I've met loads of Lib Dems over the years and at best their members, representatives and activists are naive, at worst they behave like the Socialist Workers Party in sandals.

Turns my stomach to see on the one hand Lib Dems trying ever so hard to keep in place the worthless Green taxes that are sending people in to fuel poverty, whilst on the other screaming like stuck pigs about how 'cuts' are affecting the vulnerable.

Lib Dems? Sod 'em.