Thursday, October 24, 2013

For once I'm with the BBC on this...

I rarely agree with what the BBC allegedly puts out as news and opinion, they claim to be impartial, although the evidence gathered by such sites as Biased BBC clearly shows that they are anything but. Generally the BBC see themselves as impartial as they get equal complaints from both left and right or what the BBC consider to be 'right' if we're trying to be accurate. The evidence though tells us that left wingers such as the Labour Party get a far easier ride with the BBC and when reporting certain news stories the BBC will always slant them from a left wing viewpoint which is why they never report accurately on stories about muslims, Israel, the EDL or indeed the Tory party.
Still, when it came to the royal christening, the BBC appears to have got it right... admittedly from my jaundiced viewpoint.
The BBC has been criticised for its coverage of the Royal christening after relegating Prince George’s baptism to an “and finally” segment.
The Corporation’s flagship news shows both made Prince George’s christening the last item on their programmes.
BBC 1’s 6pm and 10pm news programmes devoted two minutes each to the event at the Chapel Royal of St James’s Palace.
A segment about the spread of false widow spiders was given greater prominence on one of the BBC programmes.
“I was appalled,” said Andrew Rosindell, the Tory MP for Romford. “The BBC is the national broadcaster.
“An event such as that should have been given greater prominence. People will be very surprised to see that it was an ‘and finally’ item bearing in mind that it is a slot usually reserved for non-serious items.”
Well to me it was an 'and finally' article and pretty much non-serious either, my interest in the royals begins and ends with how much money they bring into the country via trade and tourism, not their soap opera lives. It was a Wednesday and it was obviously a slow news day hence the inclusion of the christening I presume, otherwise why bother other than to pander to the diminishing royalist watchers.
As you can gather I've little time for most of the royals, I respect the Queen, like the Duke of Edinburgh's talent for speaking what's exactly on his mind and grudgingly respect Harry for at least sticking with the Army, although how much in danger he really was in is anyone's guess.
As for the rest, sorry not much time at all for them, not saying some don't do a good job, but if they do, it's not newsworthy or of interest to me.
So the BBC sticking the story right on the end of the news was fine by me, I don't watch it anyway and at least with my radio at work I can tune out the inanity of the presenters when they go a-gushing about trivia, which is essentially what most news about the royals is...

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