Friday, October 25, 2013

You think?

Apparently the police are becoming concerned that sections of society no longer trust them, though heaven knows why (sarcasm) But now it appears that even the middle class no longer trust them and this appears to have hit a nerve somewhere in the politically correct mendacious higher ranks.
In the wake of Plebgate Irene Curtis, the president of the Superintendents Association, admits that people from all walks of life, not just the working classes, mistrust the police
It is not just the working classes who fear the police, they are mistrusted by people from all walks of life, the president of the Superintendents Association has said.
Irene Curtis, Chief Superintendent of Lancashire police and a former Head of Professional Standards at the force, has admitted that officers have a long way to go to rebuilding the relationship with the community that is essential for the survival of the force. Discussing whether the Plebgate affair had damage the police’s reputation, Mrs Curtis told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think that there are people from all classes that have a mistrust of the police for all sorts of reasons, usually as a result of interaction with police.” Shaun Bailey, community worker and former government adviser, had argues that some good could come from the Andrew Mitchell affair as he is a “very senior member of our society”. It proven to sections of society that never deals officers that is possible for the police to be "lying" and therefore could increase the pressure on them to “tidy up their game”, he argued.
Having watched members of the EDL arrested, transported and then de-arrested for simply having a drink in a pub on Remembrance Day it's easy to see from my lowly point of view why the police aren't trusted by anyone. To put it simply the police have been infiltrated by the likes of Common Purpose and now have an agenda as advanced by their private company which runs them aka ACPO. The political correctness, the diversity drives which sidelined able officers due to their (white) skin colour, the pandering to the religion of hate, lies, obfuscation, innate anti-white racism when dealing with groups with legitimate concerns. All have led to various parts of the community as a whole to view the police as the enemy, not their protectors. The forces around the country used to be proud of what they termed as policing by consent and are now realising that by their own actions and the morons running them from the top that, that consent is being withdrawn. ales keep emerging of the police simply not doing what is considered their job, it took them twenty minutes to approach the butchers of Lee Rigby despite said butchers being confronted by 'endangered' members of the public. They lied about 'pleb' comments to get at the government. They arrest the then leader of the EDL for leaping a barrier to get at a man burning a poppy on Remembrance day.
Can they rebuild the trust? I doubt it, not without shedding all the diversity/multiculturalism/political correctness that infests the upper ranks and dribbles downwards. They need to police by consent, pandering to minorities is not policing by consent, lying is not policing by consent, arresting people for taking pictures of railway stations is not policing by consent, arresting people who are upholding the right to protest is not policing by consent, nor is ignoring counterprotestors violent conduct.
The police have fallen far from the ideals which set them up, it will be a generation at least before any trust can be rebuilt, assuming they can even put things right.

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Kath lissenden said...

I used to trust the police implicitly, raised as I was in an upper middle class family in the late 60's early 70's with my teenage years in the very early 80's I believed the police were my friends and there to protect me.
These days i laugh at that idea after my ex husband was arrested on firearms charges and the police told me (I swear this is a genuine quote) "hes a decent bloke don't ever let him get in trouble like this again" this was after the statement they elicited from me under false pretences in which I told them all about the domestic abuse situations at home (the first time I ever told anyone what went on behind closed doors) I turned to the copper he was a DI in CID and i yelled (lucky I was not arrested) I AM NOT HIS FUCKING MOTHER he got himself in this mess NOT ME. I never trusted a policeman again my husband got 2 years probation. Like you I have been further shocked by the underhanded tactics used by the police against the EDL, most notably Tommys continued harassment and the seizing of his bank accounts and the continual 5am knocks. The police are not to be trusted by anyone in any walk of life. I speak from personal experience, I would also add there is nothing they can ever do to reinstitute my belief in them. The damage is done and goodnight vienna. Funny how at the EDL demos the UAF are generally ignored despite the far higher level of violence within their ranks, in favour of the far more peaceful EDL I have seen the police deliberately attempt to ridle EDL supporters. But I guess if your in the UAF and a member of the leftist unwashed, with your society funded by the government you can do WTF you like.

Anonymous said...

No longer just the Police but the whole criminal justice system.

And as our form of law changes due to further integration with the EU, I think it is going to get worse.

Seeing the video of T. Robinson being arrested after he himself being assaulted disgusted me. They did not even try to arrest the perpetrator even though he did not flee the scene.

And the politicizing of the Police is now the last straw for me.

Ted Treen said...

There is a definite "them & us" attitude towards the police across most strata of society these days.

This is almost entirely down to the police - or rather ACPO.

'Twas a very sorry day when a private company, set up by fast-tracked sociology graduates was allowed to grant itself such powers...