Monday, October 21, 2013

So why not tow them away?

Political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism, health and safety gone mad... all phrases which can be used to describe the madness that the UK is slipping into courtesy of the EU, leftards and enviroloonies. Common sense appears to be not so common any more as witness the incident at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales.
HUNDREDS of NHS workers were blocked from parking at their hospital after French travellers set up camp in the staff car park.
Surgeons, doctors and nurses were turned away after 14 caravans moved onto the staff-designated car park at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales.
Hospital spokesman Julian Hayman said the 300-space car park would be closed to staff for three days after the travellers told them they will "move on shortly".
Mr Hayman said medical staff would need to make alternative arrangements for parking until the caravans moved on.
More than 3,400 staff work at the Royal Gwent, which has 750 beds and serves a population of more than 600,000.
"I hope they realise what a nuisance they are causing to the staff and move on soon." Newport City Council said the creation of permanent sites for gypsies and travellers in the region went out to consultation last month as part of their local development plan.

"I hope they realise what a nuisance they are causing to the staff and move on soon." Ye gods what a mealy mouthed politically correct inoffensive statement. I suspect a lot of the staff are wondering why a local towing agency accompanied by the police or a big forklift wasn't on hand to simply remove the buggers post haste from the site. After all, it's the hospitals gaff, it ought to be their rules.
However as we all know, the rights of criminals and trespassers far outweighs those of the native indigenous people and they can get away with stuff that would have the rest of us banged up before our feet even touched the ground. Never let it be said that 'police shortages' have ever stopped a fourteen man raid on an ordinary citizen... unless they are of course black, muslim, traveller, not English, male or generally anyone who pays taxes depending on your position in the league table of special interest groups where certain minorities trump all.
No, what happens is the local/national authorities let them get away with it and will even defend them if heaven forfend the locals get agitated.
Then they wonder why what they call racism is on the rise and why no one will elect them any more.
Truly we are doomed...

5 annotations:

James Higham said...

Dose of petrol and a match would do it too.

Rickie said...

I can't understand why the angry Hiz viz parking stormtrooper allowed 1 caravan in the car park let alone 14, normally they are situated by vauge or confusing parking instructions ready to pounce.

I don't know whose watch this happened on , he is going to need counselling after this outrage, the poor bastard probably had to endure dogs off leads on hospital grounds too.

The only way you will see caravans removed from the car park, is park an EDL caravan with the others then watch that one get towed away with a police helicopter overhead and riot shield police squad ready to attack before you have had chance to shove the Racasan toilet blocks down the caravan shithouse as soon as you park up.

microdave said...

"Dose of petrol and a match would do it too"

Think of the carbon that would produce...

Anonymous said...

Nice new caravans in the pictures. I wounder where they got the money ?

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. Being on hospital grounds, they won't be able to smoke!