Thursday, July 25, 2013

So which communities would these be then?

Apparently our counter terrorism people are concerned over silent communities, believing that they are increasing the threat of terrorism.
Silence in communities over potential terrorists will lead to more atrocities in the UK, the outgoing counter-terrorism chief has warned.
Fanatics and “lone wolf” terrorists will be free to carry out more deadly attacks on Britain’s streets if the public do not come forward with more tip-offs, Metropolitan deputy assistant commissioner Stuart Osborne said.
He warned the attack threat is becoming smaller and less complex which means they are harder to detect but are still deadly. He said every major plot in recent years has involved innocent people who knew something about the plan but never tipped off the police. In a major foiled plot to attack the UK with eight suicide bombers, some sections of a community in Birmingham knew some members of the cell had gone to Pakistan for terror training but did not raise the alarm. Counter-terrorism police have also warned of a growing threat from far right extremism.
Aha! There we go, the terrorists went to Pakistan to train as suicide bombers. Yet completely fails to mention the fact that they were religiously fanatical of the worlds biggest threat to peace aka islam.
The mention of right wing or far right extremism is also thrown in there to try and tar groups like the EDL who are far more popular than the government would like us to believe. However as far right groups don't tend to be suicide bombers, fly off to terrorist training camps or behead people in the streets you have to wonder why they get a mention... other than the fact that the government live in fear of the growing reaction to their bringing in of an incompatible culture to the UK.
The interesting thing is that muslims are only mentioned when it comes to talk of a backlash against them. Whilst ignoring the events that led to the backlash as caused by muslims... indeed though the death of Lee Rigby is mentioned, there was no mention of who actually did it.
Essentially it's all the buzzwords of would, could and should with a remarkable dearth of actual facts to back up the fact that the silent communities are the muslim ones and the fact that groups like the EDL are feared because of this...
The far right aren't the problem, but try telling a government numpty that, they are determined to tar those who protest against extremism with those who actually do it.

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BlueEyesWhiteCelt said...

This is what patriotic and nationalist style movements are up against, professional academic anti-fascists. One of these is the Centre for Fascist Studies based at Teeside University. Dr Matthew Feldman, Professor Nigel Copsey and Professor Matthew Goodwin head up the department which offers students funded PhD scholarships. These arrogant self-righteous parasites trouser salaries of £70,000 each year plus book sales and speaking tours. Goodwin is also a lecturer at Nottingham University and a member of research centre Chatham House He has numerous publications to his name and is also a government advisor on the ’activities of the far right’. These are just three of the many anti-fascist careerists within British universities enjoying a comfortable lifestyle leeching of the taxpayer whilst spreading their poisonous deceitful hateful ideology throughout society.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago on BBC Radio4 10pm news, Kim Howells, former New Labour Security Minister, was talking about terrorism in the UK. After a few minutes of sensible chat about overstretched security services having to 'prioritise' threats, he suddenly picked up a loose ball & smashed thru' the BBC defences. With rising anger, he said that if the muslim community withheld information regarding potential terrorism, they should be considered guilty of 'treason'*, as 'in a time of war.' The onus was very much on them to clear out their own stables. The conversation was brought to a very abrupt end by a panicky lady beeboid, just as Howells was getting into stride. Given the BBC's abasement to all things Islamic, this was like a resounding, malodourous fart in a Hampstead delicatessen. It was, 'Oh, sooooo inappropriate.' Sadly, Howells has woken up far too late; his govt. carried the scorpion over the river.
Just where does muslim allegiance lie? To the British nation state, or to that which seeks to destroy it? (aided & abetted by Allah's indigenous little helpers, such as in comment above). Whisper, who dares?
*Yep, I know, Blair abolished treason. Wonder why?

JuliaM said...

"He said every major plot in recent years has involved innocent people who knew something about the plan but never tipped off the police. "

Isn't having knowledge of a crime and not raising a concern an offence? Not treason, necessarily, but something else?