Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Faux Daily Mail outrage

The Daily Mail has a tendency to go off on one with articles that bear no relation to reality or over matters which aren't their business.
Who is the man with the mosque bomb tattoo? 'EDL member' poses brazenly with inking depicting explosion at Muslim place of worship
'EDL supporter' pictured with tattoo of a mosque being blown up
Picture taken at EDL rally in Birmingham at the weekend
Man can be seen lifting up his football shirt to reveal the image as he poses
Police arrested 20 demonstrators after officers came under attack
Do you know the man with the mosque tattoo? Call us on 0203 615 1605
Grinning brazenly as he lifts up his shirt to reveal an inflammatory image of a mosque being blown up, this man was pictured openly with his offending tattoo at a far-right rally.
The man, who is believed to be a supporter of the English Defence League, is understood to have been pictured at the group's rally, in Birmingham, at the weekend.
Since when has sporting a tattoo been a crime?
Anyone else think that the tattoo doesn't look particularly real?
It seems a bit odd for the Daily Mail to discover that the EDL don't really like islamists nor islamism, one would think that they'd already know this the amount of biased articles they produce on the EDL.
There are some out there who seem to believe this is pretty much the same as burning a flag. Doesn't strike me as being the same though, it's not like he damaged anything but himself if the tattoo is real and not just done with a marker pen.
The Mail also tries to give the impression (as usual) that all the trouble was caused by the EDL.
A 20-year-old woman has been charged with violent disorder and was due to appear in court earlier this week.
The woman is of Pakistani descent and attacked the police as they led her away for screaming abuse at the EDL whilst waving a Pakistani flag.
Two men were also charged with offences connected to the EDL rally and a counter-protest in Birmingham city centre.
Shockingly neither of the two were EDL, but the UAF numpties who were throwing bricks.
Officers made a total of 20 arrests, mainly for public order breaches, after being pelted with cans, bottles, stones and other missiles during sporadic disorder.
Two, I repeat two of the arrests were EDL for drunk and disorderly, all the rest were the counter-protestors.
Personally I think the idea of the tattoo is silly, however it's his body and his right (just) under civil liberties. There are a lot worse things going on such as the grooming of underage girls, arson, (dis)honour crimes, child abuse and terrorism going on in the islamic community.
Yet we have the Mail up in arms over a tattoo.
Priorities huh?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, it is a tattoo, a few inches square, usually hidden under his clothes.

I'd struggle to think of something less likely to "cause offence".

Fahrenheit211 said...

Mail-oid moral panic, created in order to get a segment of their readers to go 'tut tut'.

Whatever else the Daily Mail is, it knows its market very well.

BlueEyesWhiteCelt said...

The demonisation of EDL has reached panic and hysteria. The political establishment are desperate to silence any criticism and activity against Islam and Muslim behaviour. So desperate, that along with a media vilification campaign they then use their UAF street thugs and large numbers of their politicised police force to intimidate, attack and discredit the organisations supporters. My question is, where will it end? What further lengths will the state go to to silence what is a genuine grassroots movement were its supporters are self –motivated and independent minded. The Home Secretary is considering legislation against static protests. Activists are being targeted and Tommy Robinsons life and liberty is under constant threat. If the state strike what would be our response? I have a feeling that it will act prior to Tower Hamlets. They will attempt to bring the hammer down on us and test out their blanket ban on protests, moving and static. If that happens we have to respond and I am confident that we can defeat their repression and exercise our right of assembly and civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

There is only one way to defeat the establishment, the political classes and its 'benefactors', and that is by withdrawing your vote for any of them on any election.

Deprive them of the one and only thing that they care most about - POWER !!

BlueEyesWhiteCelt said...

Good point anon. Increasing numbers of people both here in UK and in Eurozone countries are realising that the parliamentary way is a fraud and deception which only benefits the political class and the financial system. Globalisation is destroying nation states across the world wiping out economies, traditions and cultures in pursuit of the World Bank and European Union goal of a one world no borders free movement consumerised monoculture. Greece for example has been crushed by austerity policies imposed by the EU bank and International Monetary Fund. Its economy has collapsed and unemployment has reached 26%.To counter this I believe the way forward is to campaign and agitate in our local communities to undermine their system even further. Voting is a blind alley. We have to de-legitimise political authority and state power. The future could be in hands of the many not the few. Street protests are taking place in many countries against their rulers
Greek nationalist Golden Dawn movement leading the fight back.