Monday, July 22, 2013

A message from the EDL to the Archdruid of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he does not want to live in a "monocultural" society and condemned "unacceptable" and "inexcusable" attacks on Muslims over recent weeks.
Apart from the fact that there have been little or few attacks on muslims other than by muslims.
Of course he could be using the Tell Mama data which has been proven to be made up of course
Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.
I rather suspect the Archmoron is...
Perhaps he'd be better off looking at what the people he's defending are actually up too...

2001: "asians" behind most racist attacks:
2006: white people are the victim in half of racist murders ("political correctness stifling debate"):
Racist Murders of White Men/Women by Muslims
Lee Rigby (2013)
Kieran Crump-Raiswell (2013)
William McKeeney (2012)
Victor Parsons & Keith Needell (2012)
Rosina Waller (2010)
Christopher Folkes (2009)
Keith Brown (2008)
Vicente Delgado (2007)
Andrew Holland
Christopher Yates (2005)
Mary-Ann Leneghan (2005)
Kris Donald (2004)
Gavin Hopley (2003)
Charlene Downes (2003)
Ross Parker (2001)

Aaron Dugmore, 9 (2013)
Christina Edkins, 16 (2013)
David Ryding, 26 (2013)
Danny O'Shea, 18 (2011)

It makes quite a list of people attacked, missing or murdered by the none indigenous of this country.
Yet what does the Archdruid do? He attacks those who are exposing the barbarism in society by using figures which appear to have been drawn from thin air!
He even mentions attacks on mosques, most of which after some sensational headlines go strangely quiet after it turns out the perpetrators weren't white or English.
Basically he's attacking the majority for something they haven't even done.
Astonishingly he doesn't mention the bloodstained borders surrounding islamic states next to non islamic ones. He doesn't mention the plight of the Copts in Egypt, the terrorised Christian communities in Iraq and Syria the persecution of Christians in Pakistan ...
Basically the list of islamic barbarism is endless and the Archmoron chooses to attack some minor (if true) incidents!
What happened to Lee Rigby was unacceptable... What happened next whilst bad doesn't even come close.
The Archmoron ought to read the sign held up by the EDL member and perhaps contemplate that before opening his ignorant mouth to shove his foot in it!

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DerekP said...

Possible corrections and omissions:
"The ArchTwit of Canterbury has said he does not want to live in a "monocultural" society " which is part of why he and the other Bishops are not keen on martyring themselves trying to found a Christian Church in any Muslim country, and condemned "unacceptable" and "inexcusable" attacks on Muslims over recent weeks.

When asked for clarification on the last part of his statement implying that there might be some attacks on anyone which were "acceptable" or "excusable", he added after some consultation with the local Police Authority:
"Muslims attacking muslims is something we as non-muslims should ignore unless they ask us for money or weapons, when we should comply.
Non-muslims defending themselves and their families from muslim violence such as gang attacks, torture, rape and murder are bang out of order, and we are Unite to stand against that sort of freedom. Oh God, why was I born white?"

The Twit later asked for the last sentence to be expunged from history, which the Police & the NUJ and the rest of the MSM were quick to do.

The BBC, in what was for them a rather courageous stand, left the last sentence in on one unfindable webpage, but made sure to remove it from the other 534,263 webpages carrying the over-priviliged Twit's unhelpful ravings.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought it possible to feel nostalgic for the days of the Archbishop of Fantasia, Rowan Williams?
With Christian religous leaders like this new Archbishop is it any wonder church attendance is dwindling, & Christian faith becoming a private pursuit? The inability/refusal of the establishment to acknowledge the phenomenal levels of barbarity throughout Islam makes the ostriches of the 1930s, as Nazism rose, look like warmongers. But this time, the enemy is not across the Channel, but within the gates, aided & abetted by Quisling traitors in Westminster, Whitehall & the C of E. The uniformity of the suppression of the truth can only point to a plan to Islamise the UK, come hell or high water. Yep, that good old 'religion of peace'. Has there ever been a greater inversion of the truth? Thankfully, plenty of us infidels aren't buying it, Archbish. Our eyes are open, & you & your oily-tongued ilk can Foxtrot Oscar. Amen.

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a good list. How long did it take you to compile all those?

Quiet_Man said...

I wish I could claim it was my work, however the list comes from an EDL forum post

A lot of (but by no means all) the links come from this post by 4Freedoms.

Mark Wadsworth said...

QM ta, it's still a good list and well done to whoever had the patience to compile it.