Friday, July 26, 2013

My God a Tory gets it...

About legalities and lecturing hectoring the public about something that is no concern of the government whatsoever because it's 'legal' and remains for the moment a part of freedom of choice.
Unfortunately it's about porn, not taxation, alcohol, ciggies, health...
Tories should not lecture adults about their "private enjoyment of legal pornography", one of David Cameron's ministers has suggested.
Nick Boles, a Tory planning minister, intervened in the debate about pornography in the wake of the Prime Minister's crusade against children accessing sexual images online.
The senior Conservative MP strongly backed Mr Cameron's crackdown, saying the Government needs to help parents who seek to stop their children being exposed to "appalling risks and horrors" online. However, he suggested Tories should not go so far as to sound disapproving about legal pornography for adults. "As a Conservative, my starting point is that people should be free to live their lives as they choose," he said. "And I am not going to start lecturing consenting adults about their private enjoyment of legal pornography."
I don't know why politicians seem to feel they have a mandate to lecture those of us who simply wish to be left alone to enjoy our legal pastimes without having it taxed or made difficult to accomplish without jumping through some cretins hoops to obtain. I'm 54, I get asked by spotty teens in shops if I have proof I'm over 25 occasionally, because it's the 'rules' innit. It's usually the last time I visit said shop, anyone under 25 looking like me has had a hell of a hard life and would have my pity.
Yet not a day goes by without some sort of soundbite from a politician telling us what we should be doing, ban this, ban that, regulate this, regulate that. It's removing step by step personal liberty and personal choice. The fact that they are lecturing the wrong people never seems to occur to them either, they always opt for collective guilt/responsibility rather than target those who do abuse the pastime. Want to deal with drunks? Make it expensive for everyone to buy drinks. Want to prevent child abuse? Ban the internet rather than target pervs.
Whatever fixes politicians come up with it's always a blanket one and it always removes rights rather than enhances them.
Yet people still vote for the bastards...

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Anonymous said...

Forget about worrying whether kids will see dangerous images on-line. What about the dangerous 'grooming gangs' roaming our streets. Don't hear 'Call me Dave' going on a 'Crusade' there, do you.