Monday, July 29, 2013

No... it's not f___ing free!

What is it about teachers that produces so many utter thicko's where it comes to the real world? Is it to do with dealing with children leaves them in a childlike state? Or perhaps it's too much in the way of holidays clogging up the ability to keep critical thinking going?
Oh sure I know there are several great teachers out there and many who soldier on despite the activities of their unions, but surely someone needs to tell this idiot woman where to get off???
All children should be issued with tablet computers to stop young people from deprived backgrounds missing out on the latest technology in lessons, it was claimed.
Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said some schools were fuelling social class divisions by asking families to pay between £200 and £300 for high-tech devices to improve children’s education.
iPads should be given free to pupils – and maintained by school engineers – to make sure all children have the same opportunities without the “stigma” of coming from a poor family, she said.
The comments were made despite a squeeze on school budgets during the economic downturn.
It came after it emerged that a growing number of families were being asked to buy tablet computers for use in schools.
Basic economics here, someone has to buy the iPads, that someone is the taxpayer. That means the iPads aren't free at all save for the end user. So... why should I be buying kids free computers? It's not like anyone's going to buy me anything. It's the old leftist bleeding heart syndrome that sees the taxpayer as some sort of magic money tree. We now have a generation sponging from "the State" totally ignorant of where the money comes from and who is actually paying for it, i.e. the taxpayers, because they never get to see just how bloody hard it is for people to afford anything or save for anything because it's simply handed over to them!
Why iPads anyway? They're expensive bloody tat and there are far cheaper and more configurable alternatives around for parents to pay for, not the taxpayer.
Perhaps Christine Blower and the NUT would get a better grasp of economics if we were to take the cost of these iPads out of the unions funds?
I suspect that suggestion would go down like a lead balloon, they're far more free wioth other peoples money, it's what the moronic left do...

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squarepeg said...

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase: an apple for the teacher.