Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sanctuary for monsters

There are some people out there who are in love with the Human Rights Act, they are usually lawyers, criminals or the left hard of thinking. What they have for the lawyers is a nice little sinecure making them millions off the backs of people we usually don't want here (the criminals) whilst being cheered on by the left hard of thinking because in some twisted way they see it as some sort of blueprint to bring down western civilisation and usher in the inevitable revolution despite evidence in all cases that socialism simply doesn't work... bit like a lot of socialists.
More than 800 people suspected of links to atrocities overseas have been identified since 2005 trying to secure shelter or settlement in this country.
Even though most have had their applications to stay rejected it is feared the majority are still here because human rights laws means it is unsafe to return them because they could face ill treatment.
Since January 2012 alone, immigration staff have made “adverse recommendations” in 115 cases of suspected war criminals, of which 99 were already in the UK.
Of those, just three have been deported.
The figure is in addition to the 702 suspected wear criminals identified either living in the UK or trying to enter the country between 2005 and 2012.
It has fuelled concerns that Britain is seen as a safe haven for those wanted for crimes against humanity.
Many of those hiding in the UK come from countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.
I often wonder just when some politician is going to have the balls to go with the undeniable fact that most people in the UK don't give a damn about what happens if we send these people back. If those states want to kill, torture or generally muck their exported criminal class about upon their return, then it's no business of ours. In fact automatic deportation within a fixed time limit for immigrants/asylum seekers ought to be in the statutes if they commit a crime in this country after being allowed to stay.
The UK should never be seen as a soft touch or a soft option for anyone wanting to come and live here. In contrast though once you've passed a rigorous medical and written examination then you ought to be free within certain limits to live your life in safety here, no one wants to kick out the legally here innocent, but those who are criminals feet shouldn't even touch the ground once discovered.
The Human Rights Act ought to be called the Criminals Charter as the only people who benefit from it are the criminals.

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Anonymous said...

Simple. Send them all too South Georgia. When they have had enough of shagging Penguins and being cold and wet, they can go anywhere in the world they like. Not here though.

Harsh ? I do not think so.

Anonymous said...

God how I weep for my country. What have the politicians done to us and how the hell can we make it stop.

James Higham said...

Complete overhaul of UKBA needed.