Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rip off jihad...

One of the more annoying things about car insurance is that despite my ever increasing no claims 'bonus' means that instead of the amount going down yearly, seems to be remaining the same, year in year out, despite using several comparison websites to try and get the best deal possible. Now I discover that our racist islamic 'friends' have a scam going too which is adding to my costs...
The Sun.
A CROOKED businessman at the centre of a car crash insurance scam which costs honest drivers £400million a year can today be exposed by The Sun.
Raja Waqas and his brother Bilal boasted that they have staged more than 200 accidents in the last seven years.
They operate a “crash for cash” racket that adds about £44 a year to each UK motor insurance policy.
Last week the pair staged a deliberate smash with another vehicle to write off our investigator’s Mercedes in Slough, Berks.
Just minutes before the “accident”, Raja said: “There’s more money in this game than drug-dealing.”
He said: “We will arrange the accident with some white man or woman. They’re innocent but will be responsible. You will be with us, the other party will say sorry to you. When it’s two Asians in the crash the insurance companies get suspicious.
Gosh, what a surprise, two 'Asians' in which we know the word Asian means muslim are ripping off ordinary people by deliberately targeting white people  in a cash for crash scam. You have the feeling if anyone got stroppy with them that they'd immediately play the race card too.
Oh I'm sure there are other businessmen out there who can be pointed out to be white and ripping us off, yet it does seem odd that The Sun investigation can only find these guys, though the police admit they are looking into 60 other suspects.
Yet once again we have people who feel no loyalty, no sense of belonging to this country trying to rip off the indigenous people simply because of sheer racism on their part. Can you imagine the outcry if you or I tried to do this to 'Asians' we'd be facing hate crime charges along with fraud.
Add this to rape jihad, benefits jihad, armed jihad, diet jihad and you wonder just why the government haven't twigged that these people are incompatible with civilised values.
Must be the Saudi oil money lining their pockets...

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