Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's an app for that

There are people out there who value Apple products, comparing them to the (supposedly) inferior mass market products out there whom they claim are mere pretenders to the quality product that Apple produce.
And there are those like me who believe it's over-priced, over-hyped and under-supported compared to the mass market products out there. Which is why you'll never see me with an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. I prefer stuff that has 90% of the software market written for it and am prepared to deal with the odd glitch that comes my way.
The iPhone 5 is the slowest smartphone among the best selling brands on the market, consumer watchdog tests claim.
Technical tests to measure processing and memory speed ranked the Apple handset bottom of seven of the most popular phones on the market in the UK.
It is slower than both the main Samsung models as well as rivals from Google, Sony, HTC and Blackberry for popular tasks such as playing games, editing pictures or using apps.
And the top ranked phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost twice as fast, according to consumer champions Which? who carried out industry-recognised laboratory tests.
The findings will be a blow to those iPhone 5 fans who have wrongly assumed their trendy mobile, the best-selling in the world, is also the best.
My only experience of an iPhone was replacing the screen of my son-in-law to be's phone, which was rather simple, though the youtube video makes it appear to be far more torturous than it actually is. Essentially I couldn't believe how fragile the damned thing is compared to my old Samsung model which has survived 4 years in an engineering environment and still has the original bought screen protector on it despite being dropped, covered in grinding spatter and once dipped in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.
Still I doubt learning that the iPhone is a slow phone will deter the Apple fans out there, it's a bit of a status symbol after all. Same with the other products Apple produce at greatly inflated prices.
Just goes to show that the name is far more important than the price or performance...

4 annotations:

Mark said...

yes, its always nice to have your prejudices confirmed

Quiet_Man said...

Prejudices? Nope, just facts.

Dioclese said...

I don't have a smart phone, or an iPad - basically because I don't need one.

But I confess that I bought a MacBook Pro and have never regretted it - despite it being twice the price of the Windows machine I was going to buy. It just works better and faster and the display is excellent.

Mark said...

I stand corrected.

But you will permit me to piss myself laughing at eh same time.