Monday, June 24, 2013


There are several crimes which cause me to get very angry, one of them is child beating. I'm not talking about a smack perhaps done in anger or frustration, but the systematic and callous brutality of some adults who beat their children to the point of serious injury or worse. To deal with this we have the hopelessly inept social services of local councils, who try their best but are often hamstrung by their own political beliefs where certain ethnic and religious groups are allowed to get away with widespread abuse because it's deemed 'racist' to pursue them.
There are also laws which prevent justice being done too...
Mail (usual caveats)
An illegal immigrant who was jailed for beating his children cannot be deported because it would breach his right to a family life.
Antonio Alfredo Bazomba, 49, was sentenced to two years in prison for kicking and punching his two sons and a daughter.
But an attempt by the Home Office to have him deported following his sentence has been rejected.
At an immigration tribunal, a judge ruled he could not be sent back to Angola because it would breach Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees a right to family life.
Bazomba entered Britain illegally from Angola in 2001 to try and claim asylum.
His case was rejected but he was given 'exceptional leave to remain' for another three years. His bid to extend his stay was again rejected but he was also charged with three counts of child cruelty and one of actual bodily harm.
He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years at Snaresbrook Crown Court.
Yes, that's right, an illegal immigrant can't be deported despite beating up his kids because 'he has the right to a family life.'
One wonders just what rights his kids have to be put in a position where despite their fathers abuse they are the cause of him staying here, in prison, but coming out in less than two years time and having the 'right' to see them...
Figures released to Parliament show that 1,230 offenders have overturned their deportation since 2008, including three child rapists, three murderers, 13 rapists and a terrorist. More than 85 per cent of them claimed deportation would breach their right to a family life.
And yet there are some out there who believe that the Human Rights Act is somehow a good thing? Yes Labour and Lib Dem politicians we're looking at you...
Thing is though, other countries don't appear to have a problem ridding themselves of their monsters, just the UK and our weird judicial system which seems to be used by lawyers to cock a snook at the government by some very literal interpretation of the law.
And yet, despite claims that the current government were going to do something about it. They don't, they just waste money trying to get around it.
I sometimes wonder just when the madness will end.
But that's only on a good day...

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Anthem said...

The mind truly boggles.

As we live in a democracy, it will be argued by some that the majority voted for this but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that the majority would generally agree with your views on this "right" if asked to vote on it separately.

The problem is that it doesn't just "cock a snook at government", it is an affront to decent people not just in this country but all across Europe.

It all seems designed just to have us, as you allude to, throw our arms in the air and give up even trying to fight it.

It has now gone so far beyond the pale that even bringing the discussion back into the realms of the rational looks like it will take a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Yet they seem to have no problem deporting an Aussie bloke, whose British wife is pregnant - no human rights for him - because he went for a swim in the Thames near some boats! Is this rascist against whites?

BG! said...

Simple solution - deport him AND his family.

We'd be happy, he'd have his family life, and we'd not fall foul of the Article 8 tosh. If he really is a "changed man" as per the ruling, his kids have nothing to fear.

Hell, we could even send Mr Justice Underhill with him, just for good measure.