Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wonder how they'll blame this on the EDL?

Since the horrendous butchery of Lee Rigby there have been several attempts by media and politicians to try and shift the blame or ameliorate the circumstances around it, from the risible 'islam is a religion of peace' or 'this isn't the real islam' to the EDL (and other groups) are just as big a bunch of extremists and should be treated in the same way as the people butchering, bombing, abusing, calling for violence, raping our kids etc. Despite the facts that mostly the EDL has been on the receiving end of any such abuse and violence, still why let such a minor item like facts get in the way of the narrative. After all, it's much easier to blame the EDL for torching a mosque and print a very minor retraction weeks if not months later which no-one sees or remembers. Particularly as the most recent example had someone spray EDL next to it (It's looking more like an insurance job now, but no one is interested) Or casting aspersions that the EDL are suspected for burning down an islamic school (4 teens arrested, the locals however know that the teens are pupils of the school, not white English even though the MSM will not announce this)
So when this is announced...
Sky News.
Homes near to a mosque in Walsall are being evacuated following the discovery of a suspicious item, West Midlands Police say.
Army bomb disposal experts are currently at the scene and have this morning ordered the evacuation of around 39 homes in the immediate vicinity of the mosque.
The measure is precautionary while a further examination of the item is undertaken.
Police were called to the Rutter Street address at around 10.45pm last night following the discovery in the grounds of the building.
The item was then brought inside the building by a member of the public, police said.
The area has been cordoned off.
Now it's unlikely to be anything other than a hoax, but you can bet that out there the narrative is being prepared to somehow twist this into blaming it on those the state wishes to call extremists. Despite the fact that those 'extremists' have no history of bombing, burning or violence save only if being attacked themselves.
You can pretty much bet that if this is an improvised explosive device (IED) that the first real headlines will read 'Are far right extremists bombing mosques?' Despite the fact that the EDL and most of the groups they wish to label 'far right' are no such thing, or indeed far anything other than exasperated at the state and its minions pandering to an alien fascistic totalitarian violent control system masquerading as a religion.
The truth is getting out there though, it's even starting to percolate down into sections of the MSM and a few politicians. But don't hold your breath on anything changing yet. Expect a few more 'outrages' first before the state admits openly that there is a problem, even then I wouldn't expect them to admit said problem was caused by and exacerbated by the state.

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Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere on the web that has exposed the increasingly likely explanation of insurance fraud as the cause of the "mysterious fire". I think the red herring of graffiti edl next to a petrol soaked copy of 72 Virgins" would alert plod to the true perps. In my experience followers of the peaceful religion are dab hands at insurance scams, car crash whiplash is the usual. I would like to follow that to see what coverage it gets when the truth is confirmed

Quiet_Man said...

The con was exposed here

Kafircrusader is a good anti-jihad blog keeping people updated to the evil in our midst.

Budvar said...

Still, expect it wont be long until a WWII unexploded bomb spurs the headline..

Village evacuated in right wing Nazi EDL bomb threat.

The EDL connection being the bomb was manufactered in 1942 by munitions works Eberspach Dortmund of Liepzig.