Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Freedom of speech?

Now just who would you say deserved a ban from entering the UK, a Saudi Imam who has anti-Semitic and anti-Shia muslim views plus a very different view of domestic violence in that he argues that a man "may use beatings to discipline his wife", but he says, "he must beat her lightly".
Or would you say that someone who uses verses from the quran to justify their opposition to islam should be banned instead as their presence in the UK would not be conducive to the public good?
Well you probably guessed it, if you oppose islam, you don't get in very easily if at all.
Yahoo News.
Two US anti-Muslim activists who hoped to join an EDL march in Woolwich have been banned from entering the UK, the Home Office has confirmed.
Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who set up Stop Islamization of America and run the website Jihad Watch, have been forbidden from entering the country on the grounds that their presence would "not be conducive to the public good".
The far-right EDL is planning a march to mark Armed Forces Day on June 29, ending in Woolwich, south east London, where soldier Drummer Lee Rigby was killed in May.
Ms Geller and Mr Spencer were both set to attend.
A Home Office spokesman said: "We can confirm that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are subject to an exclusion decision.
"The Home Secretary will seek to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.
"We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form."
This is the same Home Office who had no problems allowing in a Hate Preacher Muhhamed al Arefe who was banned by Switzerland from entering their country because of his extremis views.
There's the usual MSM caveats about the EDL being a 'far right' organisation despite it being no such thing as it's a code word for 'racist' and appears these days that 'far right' simply means anything the left, MSM or politicians do not like.
Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz (muslim leftist Labour) welcomed the decision to keep two people who have never called for violence against anyone out of the UK. But has yet to comment on Muhhamed al Arefe in any shape or form.
Can't you just smell the whiff of hypocrisy in the air at the Home Office.

2 annotations:

Fahrenheit211 said...

There is not just a whiff of hypocrisy about this, but a foul and permeating stench. It does appear that violent Islamic psychos are acceptable to Cameron's conservatives, but those who peacefully speak up against what is a pretty appalling ideology are excluded.

I wonder just how many votes the Conservative party will have lost over this craven and appeasing action?

We now seem to have a 'Model T' version of free speech where you can say what you like, just as long as you don't criticise Islam or the undoubted problems this ideology brings.

DerekP said...

"We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values..."

Really? Condemn all who are different? Most of us would just condemn those who break or pervert the Law. The Home Office sounds Fascistically extreme to me.

"...and will not stand for extremism in any form."

Oh, and a bunch of liars, as well.

But if the Home Secretary and other Cameron Conservatives wish to associate themselves with the gangs of Islamic sex-slavers that flourished under New labour then I'm sure they know their own hearts better than I do.

Just never ever expect to get my vote, or even for me to listen to your politics.