Monday, April 15, 2013

The evil amongst us

As a part response to yesterday's post, perhaps this is the islamic history we should be teaching...
TERRORISTS planned on bombing a Territorial Army (TA) centre in Luton using a remote controlled toy car to bypass security, a court was told today.
Zahid Iqbal and Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed spoke of making an improvised explosive device (IED) based upon instructions in an al Qaida manual.
The recordings played to Woolwich Crown Court revealed plans to attach a bomb to an RC car and send it under the gap of a gate at a TA centre.
In the recordings Iqbal said: "I was looking and drove past like the TA centre, Marsh Road. At the bottom of their gate there's quite a big gap.
"If you had a little toy car it drives underneath one of their vehicles or something."
Iqbal, Ahmed, along with Umar Arshad and Syed Farhan Hussain admitted one count of engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.
They pled guilty to the charge between January 1 2011 and April 25 2012 at a hearing on March 1 this year.
All good 'English' names of course...
This in part is why my blood boils at the mention of 'the religion of peace' by any media outlet, because I'm damned if I can see anything peaceful about this evil totalitarian thought control system masquerading as a religion. The evil leftist Labour government deliberately flooded our country with these scum and told those of us who objected that we were racists and bigots simply to ask why.
Well that's one of the reasons, another is the prevalence of islamic males grooming underage girls in our communities, homophobia, misogyny, female genital mutilation, first cousin marriage (aka incest) polygamy, the return of tuberculosis, child abuse, the teaching that anyone not a muslim is the descendant of pigs and apes, murder of apostates, animal cruelty, electoral vote abuse...
The list goes on and on and yet we are the ones expected to be tolerant of this as it's apparently 'cultural' according to lefty speak, which means whatever they do has to remain above criticism and those who do are the problem, not the barbarians in our midst.
Again and again we have been told we are the ones who must be tolerant when intolerance seems to be an islamic trait and encouraged by the evil left to try and undermine our society so that they can somehow take over. (They'll be the first victims of an islamic takeover, just look at what happened in Iran)
Yet it's getting to the stage where the English at least will no longer tolerate this poison in our midst. Sooner or later we'll snap and there will be a bloodbath, it's almost become inevitable and there are those of us who will make damned sure that those who caused the problem, as well as the problem face the consequences of their treachery.
Their time will come, mark my words...

2 annotations:

Anonymous said...

It is an interesting point that all educated people understand that all of us, Muslims included, share a common ancestry with apes and pigs. Educated people are amazed when they contemplate their kinship with every other living thing on their planet.

Then there are those who take their worldview from the seventh century.

DerekP said...

"...we are the ones expected to be tolerant of this as it's apparently 'cultural' according to lefty speak"

That behaviour we regard as criminal is to be excused when they do it because 'it's their culture'?

Well fine - if that is how the Left wish to define this issue, then not only should we get rid of such criminals, we should also get rid of the culture that supports them. This is not a racist attitude as we take the same attitude towards all paedophiles.