Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deciding before the facts are known

It was interesting going this morning as I checked over various bloggers out there both left and right. It wasn't so much what the actual blogger said, but what the commenters said or rather wanted to believe.
The Boston marathon bomb was a horrific act of terrorism, no one has yet admitted who did it or why, yet entrenched views came out in various places that blogged on the issue as well as the MSM. People jumped to conclusions in other words.
The bloggers to the right, were possibly a bit more cautious having been caught out by the likes of Breivik in the past when what appeared to be a standard islamic outrage turned out to be something else entirely. Yet still most commenters of a right bent assumed the bombing was islamic in nature.
The left however were convinced almost to a person that the bomber was a right wing nut influenced by the Republican Party of the USA. Though quite why they think a right wing nut was influenced by the Republicans is anyone's guess, but when it comes to muckspreading the left believe the wider the spray the better the results. Some out there still believe Breivik was an EDL member.
The fact though are, that we simply do not know and the investigation is currently getting under way. Precautions have been taken as in a couple of Arabic men were escorted off a plane, but again it might just have been passenger paranoia, a very understandable reaction though.A Saudi man was also arrested at the scene after acting suspiciously and had burns and wounds, but again he may just be an innocent victim.
In the USA it was also tax assesment day which occasionally triggers protests by right wingers who hate paying (too much) tax. However a marathon is not one of their usual targets, it's normally a government building.
Speculation is going to be rife over the next few days, you can read various comments online from people who are convinced they know who and why.
The facts however remain at variance with what's being said by the authorities. They don't know and if they have their suspicions, they aren't saying.
We should do the same.

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Bucko The Moose said...

The conspiracy theories are already out, too

Anonymous said...

... an0nymously..

Silly conspiracy theorists!

They think it's a false flag operation, some agency associated with US government, staging an excuse to manipulate public opinion. Hoping to produce a clamour from ordinary people, "Please, please, take away our existing freedoms, we don't want them, Keep us safe".

Silly conspiracy theorists, they think that because there's only one script about the Boston thing on every channel, it must all be controlled by the FBI.
They also point out silly things about the evidence, like the pressure cooker with no holes in it, and experts saying it was no amateur device that caused that pattern of damage.
And the lack of any real anger in the reporting, because that would break the spell. (v. Jon Rappoport)

Then they bring up this silly history of actual historical evidence, of proven or admitted false flag operations in the past by FBI, CIA & others.
And the obvious perpetrators killed before they could give evidence in court. As if any of those matters of record could actually be true. Ridiculous.

As if any govt would do such things. Even in pursuit of extreme wealth, power, control, corrupt influence, or merely staying in office. Unthinkable. Govts are there to keep us safe aren't they?

Why can't they just believe the official version like normal people?


be lie ve


I'm actually sorry for the mother of those two Chechen lads. Until properly proven guilty, maybe.