Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A classic case of islamism

Rarely a day goes by without a story coming to my attention about islamists being islamists. Most i just tend to passs on by as I have a life and this blog is written on a variety of interests of mine, not specifically as an anti islam one, even though I am very anti-islam. Still life's too short to trawl the depths of depravity that some muslims can plumb, although this one will take some beating.
Sky News.
A British man has been arrested by police in Florida who claim he flew to the US to have sex with an underage girl and then raise their children as sex slaves.
Shuhel Mahboob Ali allegedly made contact via the internet with an undercover investigator from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office in January.
He is said to have told the agent of his plans.
"As part of the relationship, the suspect allegedly wanted to impregnate the victim, whereupon he would be able to groom the children to be abused by the suspect from the time of birth," a police statement said.
The police said the 39-year-old travelled from London last Saturday and was detained as he went to meet the young girl.
Ali is currently in the custody of the US Marshal's service in Orlando, facing a charge of attempting to persuade a minor to engage in sexual activity.
If convicted, Ali faces life in prison with a minimum sentence of 10 years and a fine of up to $250,000 (£163,000).
I wonder if this is another one of those cultural things we're not supposed to notice? Or forgive?
Oh I'm sure there will be some out there that say that he's only as bad as the rest of us (meaning old whitey no doubt), though I rather suspect that the 'rest of us' would do no such thing nor even be tempted to do such a thing. Still this guy will be facing U.S. justice which is a whole world of difference from the weak UK justice meted out by our dhimmi judges whenever a muslim crosses their paths, an all to frequent occurrence as muslims make a larger proportion of the prison populace than their out of prison numbers would warrant (must be a cultural thing or we're all racist bigots)
Oddly enough MI5 seem to believe that muslims are the most serious threat facing the UK...
International terrorism from groups such as Al Qaida presents a threat on a scale not previously encountered. Drawing on extremist messages presented by figures such as Usama bin Laden, Al Qaida and its related networks seek to carry out terrorist attacks around the world, aiming to carry out "high impact" attacks causing mass civilian casualties.
Yet still our government let them in...

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Anonymous said...

Scumbag. Hope they keep him there and throw away the key. Americans have a proper justice system, here he'd get a slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

Or more likely a suspended slap on the wrist.

Anthem said...

Oh, I don't know. In the first picture, the man in the white cap is in a fairly open area. In the second, he is in a more crowded area and so may have taken his bag off as a courtesy to those around him.

Anyone who has worn a backpack will know how big them feel when you have them on in a crowd and every time you turn, you feel like you're going to knock someone over.

His arms in the second picture look quite unnaturally positioned as though he is holding something in them but it is obscured by the person in front of him.

That guy in the second picture looks well dodgy though but I presume that the shattered window to his left that the bomb has already gone off by the time the picture was taken?