Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suspicions form

Two days ago I suggested we hang fire on our suspicions as to just who set off the bombs in Boston. Now it appears the FBI want to question two men with backpacks...
Pictures courtesy of Shariah Unveiled.
The FBI have confirmed that they wish to speak to these two suspects.
As you can see from the photo's they do not fit the wish list of the liberal left/ far left in being white republican tax evading isolationists. But do appear to be of middle eastern appearance and possible adherents to the religion of peace hate.
It will now be interesting to see whether the various socialist and other blogs of the left choose to rescind their suppositions. I rather suspect they won't, a bit like the BBC really who appear to struggle to give an informed and impartial point of view against anything which does not fit their worldview.
Of course it may be that these men are innocent and that the police and FBI are simply fitting the evidence to suit their prejudices as some have suggested.
However on the face of it, it does rather look like we have another violation of civilised behaviour by the followers of the islamic faith barbarism passing for a religion.
I wish the USA luck in finding them.

3 annotations:

Anonymous said...

One point to note: in the last photograph (planting the device in the doorway?), the window is already broken. Was this the case before either of the explosions?

Radical Rodent said...

open your eyes sheeple


From the Latin verb:

Guverno, Guvernare:

Meaning “To Control”


The Latin noun:

Mens, Mentis:

Meaning “Mind”

Government = “to Control the mind”

Think about it……

Quiet_Man said...

That must be why they are after Chechnyans...