Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not my history and not my country's history either

I suppose it was inevitable when the leftist infiltration of various charities, think tanks and public services becomes ever more removed from what ordinary people want, that we should end up with call for 'muslim' history to be taught as part of the national curriculum.
Huffington Post.
Faith campaigners have called on the government to include more Muslim history in the national curriculum, as a way of engaging young Muslim pupils, and educating non-Muslims about the contributions of the Islamic world to science and philosophy.
In February the Department of Education published a draft specification of a new history syllabus which is currently under consultation.
But campaign group Curriculum for Cohesion, backed by the Muslim Council of Britain, claims the draft curriculum " excludes all reference to Muslims and Islam" and are urging teachers and members of the public to appeal to the government before the consultation ends next week.
It apparently hasn't struck them that until the late last century apart from the odd slaving raid, there was no muslim history attached to the UK. Nor would I expect that if it were to be taught that the real history including the murders, thefts, barbarism, rapes genocides, racism, misogyny, genital mutilations that make up much of islamic history would be taught come to that.
No, there's no place for muslim history to be taught in the UK save as a specialist subject somewhat on the lines of the rise of the Nazi Party under Hitler. We (the majority) aren't muslims and have no desire to be either having too much self respect.
However don't expect this idea to go away, as far as muslims are concerned our history isn't important and will simply be erased if they ever get into a position to take over. They do have a 'history' of destroying any non islamic past after all. Even in Egypt there are some who would see the Pyramids and Sphinx as well as all the ancient temples and writings demolished.
I suspect the Curriculum for Cohesion is probably a Common Purpose front, it does appear to be following their modus operandi.
I may be wrong, but can see no place for islam in the UK either.

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Anonymous said...

You are not wrong - there definitely is no place for Islam here.

James Higham said...

It apparently hasn't struck them that until the late last century apart from the odd slaving raid, there was no muslim history attached to the UK.

In one.

Longrider said...

Don't forget the crusades. The Muslims haven't.

Andy said...

I dont know,I think its long past time that islams blood soaked history was more widely disseminated.

Anthem said...

Broadly speaking, I have no great desire to see Islam taught in schools but, as an atheist, I have no great desire to see Christianity or any other religion given much time of day (especially when there are still kids who leave school unable to read, write and do fairly simple mathematics to an acceptable level).

However, by studying something, it removes the ignorance. Let people judge it for themselves not just pretend that it isn't there (which is what you are advocating).

Several years ago (after 9/11, I suppose), I started to read the Koran myself. I wanted to know how many Muslims claim it to be a peaceful religion whilst some were using its teachings to commit... well... genocide, basically.

I had only read a few pages and I was already into the umpteenth war against infidels. I probably should have read on (perhaps there was a major plot twist later on?) but I felt that I had read enough.

It's a crock of shit just like any other religion but there does seem to be plenty in there to sanction the murder of anyone not of the same faith (and I, as an atheist, would be top of their list... they do seem to offer some leniency towards other "believers" - presumably if they convert and "see the light". Atheists are just stuffed.)

Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

Islam is already taught in most schools as art of RE along with Judaisim, Sikhism, Buddhism and Christianity. The proposals being made by the Common Purpose lot and the Musim Council of GB are that Muslim history be taught, in order that Muslim children 'can connect' with their heritage etc. It may sound reasonable, but Muslim history applies is relevant mainly to one ethnic group and has nothing to do with the history of these islands (unless you count the Crusades, which involved a small army of knights and footsoldiers led by Richard the Lionheart, hardly a major event in the lives of people living in Britain at the time). The thin end of the wedge grows thicker each time a 'reasonable' demand is made...